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    "Only attempted murder, so far as I can see," said Holmes. "Butthat's not our job. They take that at the next stage. What we wantedat present was just your sweet self. Please give the Yard a call,Watson. It won't be entirely unexpected."

    15. Kenelm succeeded his father as king of the Saxon realm of Mercia in 811, at the age of seven years; but he was slain by his ambitious aunt Quendrada. The place of his burial was miraculously discovered, and he was subsequently elevated to the rank of a saint and martyr. His life is in the English "Golden Legend."


    8. Arten: constrain -- Latin, "arceo."

  Over the past 10 years, the value of the top 100 brands has more than doubled — increasing by 133 per cent. That value (see box on page 3 for methodology) is calculated in terms of financial measures such as revenues and profitability combined with surveys of how consumers view brands.

  还 "Why no," she said. "Why should we? We are all descended from a common source--all one `family' in reality. You see, our comparatively brief and limited history gives us that advantage at least."


    A part developed in any species in an extraordinary degree or manner, in comparison with the same part in allied species, tends to be highly variable.

  `Such is the fact, certainly,' said Defarge. He had had it conveyed to him, in an accidental touch of his wife's elbow as she knitted and warbled, that he would do best to answer, but always with brevity.










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  "Indeed! You are a provident person, I see."[回复]

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  "I am by birth a Cretan; my father was a well-to-do man, who hadmany sons born in marriage, whereas I was the son of a slave whom hehad purchased for a concubine; nevertheless, my father Castor son ofHylax (whose lineage I claim, and who was held in the highest honouramong the Cretans for his wealth, prosperity, and the valour of hissons) put me on the same level with my brothers who had been born inwedlock. When, however, death took him to the house of Hades, his sonsdivided his estate and cast lots for their shares, but to me they gavea holding and little else; nevertheless, my valour enabled me to marryinto a rich family, for I was not given to bragging, or shirking onthe field of battle. It is all over now; still, if you look at thestraw you can see what the ear was, for I have had trouble enoughand to spare. Mars and Minerva made me doughty in war; when I hadpicked my men to surprise the enemy with an ambuscade I never gavedeath so much as a thought, but was the first to leap forward andspear all whom I could overtake. Such was I in battle, but I did notcare about farm work, nor the frugal home life of those who wouldbring up children. My delight was in ships, fighting, javelins, andarrows- things that most men shudder to think of; but one man likesone thing and another another, and this was what I was mostnaturally inclined to. Before the Achaeans went to Troy, nine timeswas I in command of men and ships on foreign service, and I amassedmuch wealth. I had my pick of the spoil in the first instance, andmuch more was allotted to me later on.[回复]

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She had to remember things quickly when she laid her book on the window-seat and jumped down from her comfortable corner.[回复]

  Now trust me kinde friend Bruno, replyed the Physitian, I likeyour advice exceeding well. For, if hee be a man, that takethdelight to converse with men of skill and judgement, and you have madethe way for his knowing me: he wil him thirst, and long to followafter mee, to understand the incredible eloquence flowing from me, andthe rare composition of my Musicall Ditties, out of which he maylearne no meane wisedome. When the matter was thus agreed onbetweene them, Bruno departed thence, and acquainted Buffalmaco witheverie circumstance: which made him thinke everie day a yeare,untill he might in the fooling of Mayster Doctoar, according to hisowne fancie. Who beeing also as desirous on the other side, to makeone in the Corsicane Voyage; could take no manner of rest either byday or night, till he was linked in friendship with Buffalmaco,which very quickely after hee compassed.
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