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1. (六)彝族与云南诸族
2. 我们先来看看点数图和线图之间的基本差异,考察几个图例。
3. ▲自然疗法大师林海峰死于意外,但更可能是死于他自己的执拗。
4. 岳阳中院还认为,本案两个项目均属于商业项目,投资多少,何时投入、何时收回,都是市场主体自己判断的事。
5.   "My dear Franz," replied Albert, "when, upon receipt of myletter, you found the necessity of asking the count'sassistance, you promptly went to him, saying, `My friendAlbert de Morcerf is in danger; help me to deliver him.' Wasnot that nearly what you said?"
6. 《反垄断法》还规定:


1.   "First light me a fire," replied Ulysses.
2. 不能用信息流推到信息茧房,这是混淆了因果关系。
3.   "That's his bedroom," Holmes whispered. "This door opens straightinto the study. It would suit us best, but it is bolted as well aslocked, and we should make too much noise getting in. Come round here.There's a greenhouse which opens into the drawing-room."The place was locked, but Holmes removed a circle of glass andturned the key from the inside. An instant afterwards he had closedthe door behind us, and we had become felons in the eyes of the law.The thick, warm air of the conservatory and the rich, chokingfragrance of exotic plants took us by the throat. He seized my hand inthe darkness and led me swiftly past banks of shrubs which brushedagainst our faces. Holmes had remarkable powers, carefully cultivated,of seeing in the dark. Still holding my hand in one of his, heopened a door, and I was vaguely conscious that we had entered a largeroom in which a cigar had been smoked not long before. He felt his wayamong the furniture, opened another door, and closed it behind us.Putting out my hand I felt several coats hanging from the wall, andI understood that I was in a passage. We passed along it and Holmesvery gently opened a door upon the right-hand side. Something rushedout at us and my heart sprang into my mouth, but I could havelaughed when I realized that it was the cat. A fire was burning inthis new room, and again the air was heavy with tobacco smoke.Holmes entered on tiptoe, waited for me to follow, and then verygently closed the door. We were in Milverton's study, and a portiereat the farther side showed the entrance to his bedroom.It was a good fire, and the room was illuminated by it. Near thedoor I saw the gleam of an electric switch, but it was unnecessary,even if it had been safe, to turn it on. At one side of thefireplace was a heavy curtain which covered the bay window we had seenfrom outside. On the other side was the door which communicated withthe veranda. A desk stood in the centre, with a turning-chair ofshining red leather. Opposite was a large bookcase, with a marble bustof Athene on the top. In the corner, between the bookcase and thewall, there stood a tall, green safe, the firelight flashing back fromthe polished brass knobs upon its face. Holmes stole across and lookedat it. Then he crept to the door of the bedroom, and stood withslanting head listening intently. No sound came from within. Meanwhileit had struck me that it would be wise to secure our retreat throughthe outer door, so I examined it. To my amazement, it was neitherlocked nor bolted. I touched Holmes on the arm, and he turned hismasked face in that direction. I saw him start, and he was evidentlyas surprised as I.
4. 按照过去的情况,如果没有这个肺炎大家都去医院了,但是现在的情况就只能待在家里自行调养,因为确实去了医院也排不上,流感季加上肺炎两者叠加就导致治疗比较困难。
5. As for Dirk, nobody should ever go out the way they do, but it happens all the time. In some ways, maybe it's easier if the reckoning is this painful.
6. (应受访者要求,杨涛、林松、Jason,刘畅、林腾、贾博涵均为化名)。


1. 北京市气象台预计,今天白天晴,北转南风2、3级,最高气温1℃
2. 10.Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the US
3. 人之所以很难理解“想象的秩序”这种概念,是因为人觉得现实只有两类:客观现实和主观现实。所谓“客观现实”,就是事物的存在与我们的信念和感受无关。例如重力就是一个客观现实,早在牛顿之前便已存在,而且不论我们信与不信,都会受到重力影响。
4.   The two policemen got down and Hurstwood started to follow.
5. Willing! We were impatient and said as much, at which I saw a flickering little smile cross Moadine's face. Even then, with all those eager young things waiting to talk to us, a sudden question crossed my mind: "What was their point of view? What did they think of us?" We learned that later.
6. 两位曾与其打过照面的居民都称,孙英会主动同邻里打招呼,看着比较和善。


1.   Minerva answered, "Stranger, you must be very simple, or must havecome from somewhere a long way off, not to know what country thisis. It is a very celebrated place, and everybody knows it East andWest. It is rugged and not a good driving country, but it is by nomeans a bid island for what there is of it. It grows any quantity ofcorn and also wine, for it is watered both by rain and dew; itbreeds cattle also and goats; all kinds of timber grow here, and thereare watering places where the water never runs dry; so, sir, thename of Ithaca is known even as far as Troy, which I understand tobe a long way off from this Achaean country."
2. 其中的一些功能正在逐步添加或构建。
3.   `I know! I know! It should be so! You're frightfully good to me...' he cried miserably.
4. 而他们要搞内部提高效率、降低成本、创新服务的时候,他们没有这些技术支持做不了,所以说白了就是美国的企业在过去这些年率先遇到了市场红利枯竭的状态,因为遇到市场红利枯竭,它就要寻求自己的效率成本和创新,它要寻求自身的效率成本和创新的时候就对各种新式的能提高效率降低成本的各种工具开始产生兴趣。
5. 1944年10月,阿拉伯人组成了阿拉伯国家联盟,以协调它们的政策,充分扩大它们的势力。阿拉伯联盟在叙利亚和黎巴嫩首次获得了反法国人的成功。1945年5月,法国一支远征队在贝鲁特登陆,并着手轰炸大马士革,企图吓倒当地的民族主义者;这种战术早先在ZO世纪20年代很盛行,但此时却没有奏效。阿拉伯联盟理事会立即举行会议,并通过了一项决议,要求所有法国军队部撤走。丘吉尔支持阿拉伯人。尤其是因为战争尚未结束;他不想同中东已被唤起的阿拉伯民族主义相对抗。在英国的压力下,法国人撤走了他们的军队,1945年7月,同意结束他们对中东的统治。
6. The remaining of the top 10 were the University of Luxembourg (second), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (fourth), University of Geneva (fifth), ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (seventh), University of St. Gallen (eighth), National University of Singapore (ninth) and Imperial College London (10th).


1.   Spirit of contradiction! Lead! I'll follow straight! 'Twas wisely done, however,to repair On May - night to the Brocken, and when there By our own choiceourselves to isolate!
2. 开放紫外线灯时,人与宠物需回避,以免眼睛和皮肤受伤。
3. 国产品牌都集中于2000元以下,其中800元以上、2000元以下,接近20%,800元区间最拥挤,40%份额。

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