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1. 我也理解,你在有病毒的病房里边,有可能接手机吗?2月4日那天,有记者来采访我,要求我跟她联系一下,我说我不敢。
2. 随后公园管理方发布调查通告,农夫山泉在沉默数天后也发布公告进行回应。
3.   "Then we had a talk as to what we should do, and Frank was all foropenness, but I was so ashamed of it all that I felt as if I shouldlike to vanish away and never see any of them again-just sending aline to pa, perhaps, to show him that I was alive. It was awful tome to think of all those lords and ladies sitting round thatbreakfast-table and waiting for me to come back. So Frank took mywedding clothes and things and made a bundle of them, so that I shouldnot be traced, and dropped them away somewhere where no one could findthem. It is likely that we should have gone on to Paris to-morrow,only that this good gentleman, Mr. Holmes, came round to us thisevening, though how he found us is more than I can think, and heshowed us very clearly and kindly that I was wrong and that Frankwas right, and that we should be putting ourselves in the wrong ifwe were so secret. Then he offered to give us a chance of talking toLord St. Simon alone, and so we came right away round to his roomsat once. Now, Robert, you have heard it all, and I am very sorry ifI have given you pain, and I hope that you do not think very meanly ofme."
4.   I replied that such was the fact.
5.   "What loveliness! What charms! Oh, my heart, my soul!" he exclaimed, as he kissed her forehead, her eyes and mouth in a way which would certainly have roused her had not the genie's enchantments kept her asleep.
6. 而随着播客兴起的热潮来临,荔枝顺势喊出了人人都是主播的口号。


1. That moment she saw something and pounced upon it. It was Ermengarde's red shawl which lay upon the floor.
2. 但是,因变瘦而来的赞美很快消失了。
3.   We all drank the toast, and all shook hands with Mr. Jack Maldon; after which he hastily took leave of the ladies who were there, and hurried to the door, where he was received, as he got into the chaise, with a tremendous broadside of cheers discharged by our boys, who had assembled on the lawn for the purpose. Running in among them to swell the ranks, I was very near the chaise when it rolled away; and I had a lively impression made upon me, in the midst of the noise and dust, of having seen Mr. Jack Maldon rattle past with an agitated face, and something cherry-coloured in his hand.
4. 我们强烈谴责杀害杨文医生的凶手,凶手置他人性命于不顾,杀人手段之残忍令人发指,社会影响极其恶劣。
5. 在此基础上,钉钉又陆续拓展了客户拓展、客户服务和客户维护等强大功能,一个完整的企业协同管理和工作平台,已然成型。
6.   Telemachus approved of what his father had said, so he callednurse Euryclea and said, "Nurse, shut the women up in their room,while I take the armour that my father left behind him down into thestore room. No one looks after it now my father is gone, and it hasgot all smirched with soot during my own boyhood. I want to take itdown where the smoke cannot reach it."


1. 去年年底真格基金组织了一次赴美文化创业之旅,联合创始人王强老师带着Papi酱、芬享传媒CEO王利芬、熊猫直播、新榜、即刻等真格系内容创业公司的骨干,和赫斯特中国、爱奇艺、站酷网的高管一起,来到美国向当地顶尖的媒体和科技公司取经。
2.   While they were thus busy getting their dinner ready, Rumour wentround the town, and noised abroad the terrible fate that hadbefallen the suitors; as soon, therefore, as the people heard of itthey gathered from every quarter, groaning and hooting before thehouse of Ulysses. They took the dead away, buried every man his own,and put the bodies of those who came from elsewhere on board thefishing vessels, for the fishermen to take each of them to his ownplace. They then met angrily in the place of assembly, and when theywere got together Eupeithes rose to speak. He was overwhelmed withgrief for the death of his son Antinous, who had been the first mankilled by Ulysses, so he said, weeping bitterly, "My friend, thisman has done the Achaeans great wrong. He took many of our best menaway with him in his fleet, and he has lost both ships and men; now,moreover, on his return he has been killing all the foremost men amongthe Cephallenians. Let us be up and doing before he can get away toPylos or to Elis where the Epeans rule, or we shall be ashamed ofourselves for ever afterwards. It will be an everlasting disgrace tous if we do not avenge the murder of our sons and brothers. For my ownpart I should have no mote pleasure in life, but had rather die atonce. Let us be up, then, and after them, before they can cross overto the mainland."
3. 座椅则参考经典车型以全新的蓝色皮革相搭配,呈现出极为精致的手工效果
4. 17年后,3M中国有限公司注册成立,成为在经济特区外成立的中国第一家外商独资企业。
5. According to a newly amended Chinese Criminal Law, those who organize, assist or are involved in cheating during national exams could be sentenced to three to seven years in prison.
6. 就全球范围来看,携程2018年GMV已赶超Booking、Expedia两大巨头,同时GMV增速达到30%,是二者的两倍之多。


1. Europe is finally recovering. Japan is also making significant progress. And emerging economies like India, China as well as Indonesia and others, their economic growth rates is likely to be maintained at high levels or likely to accelerate,” he said.
2.   "Certainly, it was most interesting. Has this woman only been hereonce, constable?"
3.   "They're back in New York now," Carrie went on. "She did look sonice."
4. Theinverserelationshipbetweenquantitydemandedandpriceisthecorepropositionineconomicscience,whichembodiesthepresuppositionthathumanchoicebehaviorissufficientlyrationaltoallowpredictionstobemade·Justasnophysicistwouldclaimthat“waterrunsuphill”,noself-respectingeconomistwouldclaimthatincreasesintheminimumwageincreaseemployment·Suchaclaim,ifseriouslyadvanced,becomesequivalenttoadenialthatthereisevenminimalscientificcontentineconomics,andthat,inconsequence,economistscandonothingbutwriteasadvocatesforideologicalinterests·Fortunately,onlyahandfulofeconomistsarewillingtothrowovertheteachingoftwocenturies;wehavenotyetbecomeabevyofcamp-followingwhores·
5. 这基本属于电影范畴,或者电视剧内容范畴。
6. 没有作案工具,也无任何能够锁定李建功杀人的客观证据,就连封在被害人口鼻处的胶带上,也未检出李建功的指纹。


1. 一旦一名策略谈判者发现,外部机会越好,他能从讨价还价当中得到的份额也越大,他就会寻找策略做法,希望改善他的外部机会。与此同时,他还会留意到,真正影响大局的是他的外部机会与他的对手的外部机会的相对关系。他即便作出一个承诺或威胁,导致双方的外部机会同时受到损害,也还是可以从讨价还价中得到更好的结果,前提是相比之下,他的对手的外部机会受到更严重的损害。
2. )高以翔(左)饰演的角色原型为吉喆刚刚,北京首钢篮球俱乐部通过官微发布了这则令人痛惜的消息:吉喆走了。
3.   This speech was delivered in the presence of a vast multitude of people, who had gathered from all parts on the first hint of what was happening, and the news was passed from mouth to mouth in a few seconds.

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