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1. 中南医院医护人员救治新冠肺炎患者。
2.   "I feared that you would find it beyond you."
3.   "As regards the generality of mankind it is; but not foryou, my dear viscount, who are one of my most intimatefriends, and on whose silence I feel I may rely, if Iconsider it necessary to enjoin it -- may I not do so?"
4.   "You will do me honor, monsieur," said D'Artagnan."Well, then, off to the nearest goldsmith's, and sell thatdiamond for the highest price you can get from him. However muchof a Jew he may be, he will give you at least eight hundredpistoles. Pistoles have no name, young man, and that ring has aterrible one, which may betray him who wears it.""Sell this ring, a ring which comes from my sovereign? Never!"said D'Artagnan.
5.   "Madam," replied the pilgrim, "I should ill repay the hospitality you have shown me if I refused to answer your question. The three things of which I have spoken are all to be found in one place, on the borders of this kingdom, towards India. Your messenger has only to follow the road that passes by your house, for twenty days, and at the end of that time, he is to ask the first person he meets for the Talking Bird, the Singing Tree, and the Golden Water." She then rose, and bidding farewell to the princess, went her way.
6. 12321举报中心短信举报网页截图。


1. 4、中共中央关于全面推进依法治国若干重大问题的决定,(2014年10月23日中国共产党第十八届中央委员会第四次全体会议通过)。
2. 孩子获救之后,消防员把其手指放进提前找来的冰块进行间断冷敷,缓解疼痛。
3. 这批N95口罩将通过菜鸟绿色通道,今日运抵武汉。
4.   At last, however, Ulysses said, "Wife, we have not yet reached theend of our troubles. I have an unknown amount of toil still toundergo. It is long and difficult, but I must go through with it,for thus the shade of Teiresias prophesied concerning me, on the daywhen I went down into Hades to ask about my return and that of mycompanions. But now let us go to bed, that we may lie down and enjoythe blessed boon of sleep."
5. 现有的研究表明,有氧和无氧运动都具有促进心血管健康和控制血糖的作用,也就是说有氧运动与无氧运动结合对2型糖尿病患者的血糖控制效果更好。
6.   Carrie laughed.


1.   We can clearly see this in the case of animals with simple habits. Take the case of a carnivorous quadruped, of which the number that can be supported in any country has long ago arrived at its full average. If its natural powers of increase be allowed to act, it can succeed in increasing (the country not undergoing any change in its conditions) only by its varying descendants seizing on places at present occupied by other animals: some of them, for instance, being enabled to feed on new kinds of prey, either dead or alive; some inhabiting new stations, climbing trees, frequenting water, and some perhaps becoming less carnivorous. The more diversified in habits and structure the descendants of our carnivorous animal became, the more places they would be enabled to occupy. What applies to one animal will apply throughout all time to all animals that is, if they vary for otherwise natural selection can do nothing. So it will be with plants. It has been experimentally proved, that if a plot of ground be sown with several distinct genera of grasses, a greater number of plants and a greater weight of dry herbage can thus be raised. The same has been found to hold good when first one variety and then several mixed varieties of wheat have been sown on equal spaces of ground. Hence, if any one species of grass were to go on varying, and those varieties were continually selected which differed from each other in at all the same manner as distinct species and genera of grasses differ from each other, a greater number of individual plants of this species of grass, including its modified descendants, would succeed in living on the same piece of ground. And we well know that each species and each variety of grass is annually sowing almost countless seeds; and thus, as it may be said, is striving its utmost to increase its numbers. Consequently, I cannot doubt that in the course of many thousands of generations, the most distinct varieties of any one species of grass would always have the best chance of succeeding and of increasing in numbers, and thus of supplanting the less distinct varieties; and varieties, when rendered very distinct from each other, take the rank of species.The truth of the principle, that the greatest amount of life can be supported by great diversification of structure, is seen under many natural circumstances. In an extremely small area, especially if freely open to immigration, and where the contest between individual and individual must be severe, we always find great diversity in its inhabitants. For instance, I found that a piece of turf, three feet by four in size, which had been exposed for many years to exactly the same conditions, supported twenty species of plants, and these belonged to eighteen genera and to eight orders, which shows how much these plants differed from each other. So it is with the plants and insects on small and uniform islets; and so in small ponds of fresh water. Farmers find that they can raise most food by a rotation of plants belonging to the most different orders: nature follows what may be called a simultaneous rotation. Most of the animals and plants which live close round any small piece of ground, could live on it (supposing it not to be in any way peculiar in its nature), and may be said to be striving to the utmost to live there; but, it is seen, that where they come into the closest competition with each other, the advantages of diversification of structure, with the accompanying differences of habit and constitution, determine that the inhabitants, which thus jostle each other most closely, shall, as a general rule, belong to what we call different genera and orders.The same principle is seen in the naturalisation of plants through man's agency in foreign lands. It might have been expected that the plants which have succeeded in becoming naturalised in any land would generally have been closely allied to the indigenes; for these are commonly looked at as specially created and adapted for their own country. It might, also, perhaps have been expected that naturalised plants would have belonged to a few groups more especially adapted to certain stations in their new homes. But the case is very different; and Alph. De Candolle has well remarked in his great and admirable work, that floras gain by naturalisation, proportionally with the number of the native genera and species, far more in new genera than in new species. To give a single instance: in the last edition of Dr Asa Gray's 'Manual of the Flora of the Northern United States,' 260 naturalised plants are enumerated, and these belong to 162 genera. We thus see that these naturalised plants are of a highly diversified nature. They differ, moreover, to a large extent from the indigenes, for out of the 162 genera, no less than 100 genera are not there indigenous, and thus a large proportional addition is made to the genera of these States.By considering the nature of the plants or animals which have struggled successfully with the indigenes of any country, and have there become naturalised, we can gain some crude idea in what manner some of the natives would have had to be modified, in order to have gained an advantage over the other natives; and we may, I think, at least safely infer that diversification of structure, amounting to new generic differences, would have been profitable to them.
2.   "You are not my father, but some god is flattering me with vainhopes that I may grieve the more hereafter; no mortal man could ofhimself contrive to do as you have been doing, and make yourself oldand young at a moment's notice, unless a god were with him. A secondago you were old and all in rags, and now you are like some god comedown from heaven."
3.   'What have you done?' retorted Traddles. 'Hurt his feelings, and lost him his situation.'
4. The birthday was to be celebrated by great festivities. The schoolroom was to be decorated, and there was to be a party. The boxes containing the presents were to be opened with great ceremony, and there was to be a glittering feast spread in Miss Minchin's sacred room. When the day arrived the whole house was in a whirl of excitement. How the morning passed nobody quite knew, because there seemed such preparations to be made. The schoolroom was being decked with garlands of holly; the desks had been moved away, and red covers had been put on the forms which were arrayed round the room against the wall.
5. 说600万镑会立即流回,这是什么意思呢?如果600万镑是在英国支出,那末,它们就会以铁轨、机车等形式存在,这些铁轨、机车等要送到印度去,但不会再从那里流回,并且它们的价值只能分期偿还,就是说只能非常缓慢地流回,而600万镑贵金属也许会非常迅速地以实物形式流回。如果这600万镑在工资上支出,那末,它们就被消费掉了;但是用来预付工资的货币,照旧在国内流通,或者形成准备金。生产铁轨的资本家的利润和600万镑中补偿不变资本的部分,也是这样。因此,纽马奇用“流回”这种含混不
6. 5块钱能在菜场买一大袋大米,她把白米饭和水放在碗里,微波炉一转,偶尔配点榨菜、萝卜干,熬下去。


1.   The travelers had chosen crossroads in the hope that they mightmeet with less interruption; but at Crevecoeur, Aramis declaredhe could proceed no farther. In fact, it required all thecourage which he concealed beneath his elegant form and polishedmanners to bear him so far. He grew more pale every minute, andthey were obliged to support him on his horse. They lifted himoff at the door of a cabaret, left Bazin with him, who, besides,in a skirmish was more embarrassing than useful, and set forwardagain in the hope of sleeping at Amiens.
2. 改革在各条战线都取得了伟大成就,但在经济学教育这条战线恐怕是个例外。如果我们不能解放思想,依旧墨守成规,因干部不
3. [犹太教]犹太教(Judaism)是世界三大一神信仰中最早而且最古老的宗教,也是犹太民族的生活方式及信仰。犹太教的主要诫命与教义来自《托拉》(妥拉),即圣经的前五卷书。犹太教信奉的是耶和华神,希伯来语称“????”。托拉广义上指耶和华神启示给以色列人的真义,亦指耶和华神启示给人类教导与指引。狭义上指《旧约》的首五卷(犹太人不称旧约),又称律法书或《摩西五经》即《创世记》、《出埃及记》、《利未记》、《民数记》和《申命记》。犹太教(Judaism),旧称为挑筋教、蓝帽回回,是在公元前2000年西亚地区的游牧民族希伯来人中产生的。犹太教最重要的教义,在于只有一位神,即无形并且永恒的上帝。他愿所有的人,行公义,好怜悯,因为上帝按照他的形象造人,所以人都应该有尊严且受到尊敬地对待。犹太人以学习及祈祷来侍奉上帝,同时遵行摩西五经上所指引的诫命。与世界上其他宗教不一样,犹太教不欢迎外族信仰犹太教,不主动到外族人中···更多
4. 资料来源:兴业证券研究所、菁财资本互联网技术的发展使得数据和信息流通加快,并且趋向透明化、公开化。
5. 单词urban 联想记忆:
6. 有消息称,孙文斌的母亲,年过九旬的患者孙某氏,是一名征地超转人员,即建设征地农转居超转人员,住址为朝阳区定福庄附近的一处平房。


1.   在事故现场的围墙外,一位附近印染厂的工人因好奇跑来一探究竟。
2.   By this time, Madame Philomena sate silent, and the wit ofFrancesca, in freeing her selfe from them whom she could not fancie,was generally commended: as also on the contrary, the bold presumptionof the two amorous suiters, was reputed not to be love, but meerelyfolly. And then the Queene, with a gracious admonition, gave way forMadam Eliza to follow next; who presently thus began.
3. 爆炸时的那一刹那,劳伦斯在康帕尼亚山上刚刚从他的汽车迈出腿来,他后来记录说:

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      In matters of speculation, however, though "man proposes,""money disposes." From some such difficulty the newly namedstreet died almost in birth, and the purchaser of thekitchen-garden, having paid a high price for it, and beingquite unable to find any one willing to take his bargain offhis hands without a considerable loss, yet still clinging tothe belief that at some future day he should obtain a sumfor it that would repay him, not only for his past outlay,but also the interest upon the capital locked up in his newacquisition, contented himself with letting the groundtemporarily to some market-gardeners, at a yearly rental of500 francs. And so, as we have said, the iron gate leadinginto the kitchen-garden had been closed up and left to therust, which bade fair before long to eat off its hinges,while to prevent the ignoble glances of the diggers anddelvers of the ground from presuming to sully thearistocratic enclosure belonging to the mansion, the gatehad been boarded up to a height of six feet. True, theplanks were not so closely adjusted but that a hasty peepmight be obtained through their interstices; but the strictdecorum and rigid propriety of the inhabitants of the houseleft no grounds for apprehending that advantage would betaken of that circumstance.

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      I reared it up, and it grew fond of me. After my father's death it saw the day;We gave my mother up for lost, she lay In such a wretched plight, and then atlength So very slowly she regain'd her strength. Weak as she was, 'twas vainfor her to try Herself to suckle the poor babe, so I Reared it on milk andwater all alone; And thus the child became as 'twere my own; Within my armsit stretched itself and grew, And smiling, nestled in my bosom too.Faust