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1.   `Why, you're at it afore my face!' said Mr. Cruncher, with signs of angry apprehension.
2. —完—量子位QbitAI·头条号签约作者???追踪AI技术和产品新动态喜欢就点「在看」吧!。
3. 水池大小和设计都是为了便于游客观赏海豚,没有给海豚留下可以躲避公众视野的空间。
4. 北京核心区超甲级写字楼的企业复工比例相对较低。
5.   `So-ho!' the guard sang out, as loud as he could roar. `Yo there! Stand! I shall fire!'
6.   I will, however, give one curious and complex case, not indeed as affecting any important character, but from occurring in several species of the same genus, partly under domestication and partly under nature. It is a case apparently of reversion. The ass not rarely has very distinct transverse bars on its legs, like those of a zebra: it has been asserted that these are plainest in the foal, and from inquiries which I have made, I believe this to be true. It has also been asserted that the stripe on each shoulder is sometimes double. The shoulder-stripe is certainly very variable in length and outline. A white ass, but not an albino, has been described without either spinal or shoulder-stripe; and these stripes are sometimes very obscure, or actually quite lost, in dark-coloured asses. The koulan of Pallas is said to have been seen with a double shoulder-stripe; but traces of it, as stated by Mr Blyth and others, occasionally appear: and I have been informed by Colonel Poole that foals of this species are generally striped on the legs, and faintly on the shoulder. The quagga, though so plainly barred like a zebra over the body, is without bars on the legs; but Dr Gray has figured one specimen with very distinct zebra-like bars on the hocks.With respect to the horse, I have collected cases in England of the spinal stripe in horses of the most distinct breeds, and of all colours; transverse bars on the legs are not rare in duns, mouse-duns, and in one instance in a chestnut: a faint shoulder-stripe may sometimes be seen in duns, and I have seen a trace in a bay horse. My son made a careful examination and sketch for me of a dun Belgian cart-horse with a double stripe on each shoulder and with leg-stripes; and a man, whom I can implicitly trust, has examined for me a small dun Welch pony with three short parallel stripes on each shoulder.


1.   When Egano heard these Words, sodainely hee started out of Bed,saying. Doe I foster such a Snake in mine owne bosome? GramercieWife for this politicke promise of thine, and beleeve mee, I meaneto follow it effectually. So, on he put his Ladies Night-gown, herformall head Attire and Chin-cloth, going presently downe into theGarden, to expect Anichinoes comming to the Pine-Tree. But beforethe matter grew to this issue, let me demand of you faire Ladies, inwhat a lamentable condition (as you may imagine) was poore Anichino;to bee so strongly detained by her, heare all his amorous suitediscovered, and likely to draw very heavy afflictions on him?Undoubtedly, he looked for immediate apprehension by Egano,imprisonment and publike punishment for his so malapert presumption:and had it proved so, she had much renowned her selfe, and dealtwith him but as he had justlie deserved.
2. 摘要:霎时间,孵化器太多创业者不够用了! 从1978年改革开放以来,房地产行业已经轰轰烈烈的发展了近40年的时间。
3. 消息称,搭载华为自家HMS的Mate 30系列将会首先在西班牙登陆,接受来自海外用户考验。
4. 原标题:10年来媒体报道的295起伤医事件的背后近日,北京民航总医院女医生被扎伤致死一事引发了广泛的关注,26日,国家卫健委召开新闻发布会,宣传司新闻网络处副处长成义明确指出,这不是医患纠纷问题,这是非常严重的刑事犯罪。
5. P-Puropose就是目的,就像我们的屋顶,有向上的指向性。
6.   "I don't know how to play," said Carrie.


1. 虽然改进治铸方法后铁比过去坚硬了,但仍然很易生锈。不过,这一缺陷由于铁矿较之铜和锡分布远为广泛、制铁成本相应低廉,而得到补偿,而且,这种补偿已超过缺陷本身。这意味着,现在普通农民也买得起铁制工具。农业生产率提高了,农业范围扩展到从前石斧所无力对付的森林茂密区(见第七章第一节)。这种廉价的新金属对欧亚大陆的军事平衡也具有重大影响。从前,贫穷的游牧民不能象城市中心的统治者那样,以大量昂贵的青铜武器装备自己。但现在,铁矿几乎每个地区都可得到,每个村子的铁匠都能锻制比旧武器更优良、更便宜的新武器。因而,游牧战士现在不仅在灵活机动性上占有优势,而且和守卫文明地区的士兵一样,拥有同样优良、大量的铁制武器。
2. 研发上,蔚来不再一味地强调用户体验,而是开始在它和成本控制之间寻找一个平衡点。
3. 年三十当晚,外公知道外孙女第二天要走,把她叫到身旁硬塞给了她一个红包,叫她自己在外面好好工作,注意身体。
4.   I had some shadowy idea of endeavouring to evade the question, by replying that I thought him a very nice gentleman; but my aunt was not to be so put off, for she laid her work down in her lap, and said, folding her hands upon it:
5. She said: 'Bobbi's like a little Beyonce, a little madam really.'
6. 四、混合销售模型有些公司已经成功地采用低接触和高接触模式销售同样的产品,这在SaaS业务中是比较少见的。


1. 二、本会认为,艺人张云雷、杨九郎辱程事件,绝非仅仅是个别相声艺人和一个京剧流派的形象与名誉之争,本会与相声艺人张云雷、杨九郎以及他们所属艺术机构之间,也无丝毫利益关联和利益纠葛。
2. 所以XX早期的一期基金能推的那么快、回报那么好、项目那么准。
3.   But, there remained a broken country, bold and open, a little village at the bottom of the hill, a broad sweep and rise beyond it, a church-tower, a windmill, a forest for the chase, and a crag with a fortress on it used as a prison. Round upon all these darkening objects as the night drew on, the Marquis looked, with the air of one who was coming near home.
4. 记者在天猫3M品牌旗舰店看到,此前最受关注的KN95口罩处于预售阶段,现在下单,得从新加坡进口,31日陆续发货。
5. 比如说我现在所从事的芒果,实际上是一个网红商品。
6. 庭审记录显示,检方认为,枪支属于危险品,不可以拿到法庭。


1.   A moment of profound silence followed. Defarge and his wife looked steadfastly at one another. The Vengeance stooped, and the jar of a drum was heard as she moved it at her feet behind the counter.
2. 说到这,我有点心疼圣贤。
3. 2019年即将远去,2020年这个非凡的年头疾步走来。

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      I had leisure to think, before the kitchen fire, of pretty little Emily's dread of death - which, added to what Mr. Omer had told me, I took to be the cause of her being so unlike herself - and I had leisure, before Peggotty came down, even to think more leniently of the weakness of it: as I sat counting the ticking of the clock, and deepening my sense of the solemn hush around me. Peggotty took me in her arms, and blessed and thanked me over and over again for being such a comfort to her (that was what she said) in her distress. She then entreated me to come upstairs, sobbing that Mr. Barkis had always liked me and admired me; that he had often talked of me, before he fell into a stupor; and that she believed, in case of his coming to himself again, he would brighten up at sight of me, if he could brighten up at any earthly thing.