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1. I was good friends with all three of them but best of all with Ellador, long before that feeling changed, for both of us.
2. 自动体外除颤仪,也称自动体外除颤器,是一种便携式的、可供非专业人员使用的、抢救心源性猝死患者的医疗设备,因此被誉为救命神器。
3. 5G时代,区块链与AI将会会师,AI本质是处理数据,而区块链是数据共享的重要形式
4.   Ulysses looked sternly at him and answered, "If you were theirsacrificing priest, you must have prayed many a time that it mightbe long before I got home again, and that you might marry my wifeand have children by her. Therefore you shall die."
5. That, of course, is the keynote of the whole distinction-- their children.
6. 此时的客舱里,老人的病情突然恶化,体温下降到了35.7摄氏度,同时脉搏也变得越来越微弱。


1.   The Moone having past the heaven, lost her bright splendor, by thearising of a more powerfull light, and every part of our world beganto looke cleare: when the Queene (being risen) caused all theCompany to be called, walking forth afterward upon the pearled dewe(so farre as was supposed convenient) in faire and familiar conferencetogether, according as severally they were disposed, and repetition ofdivers the passed Novels, especially those which were most pleasing,and seemed so by their present commendations. But the Sunne beeingsomewhat higher mounted, gave such a sensible warmth to the ayre, ascaused their returne backe to the Pallace, where the Tables werereadily covered against their comming, strewed with sweete hearbes andodoriferous flowers, seating themselves at the Tables (before the heatgrew more violent) according as the Queene commanded.
2.   "Well, Watson, we seem to have fallen upon evil days," said he ina feeble voice, but with something of his old carelessness of manner."My dear fellow!" I cried, approaching him.
3. 韩世忠、刘光世、刘倚等军纷纷从前线撤回。刚从临安出发、领兵出泅上的淮北宣抚副使杨沂中,在宿州中金兵埋伏,军溃。
4. 法院一审认定怡口莲公司的行为构成侵害商标权及不正当竞争,判决被告赔偿243万余元。
5. 对于第二种说法的回答是:如果资本主义生产者可以随意提高他们的商品价格,那末,即使在工资没有提高的情况下,他们也能这样做,而且会这样做。在商品价格跌落的情况下,工资也就永远不会提高。如果资本家阶级在任何情况下始终可以象他们现在不过偶尔在一定的、特殊的、所谓局部的情况下所实际做的那样,利用工资的任何提高作借口,在更大得多的程度上提高商品价格,从而把更大的利润放进自己的腰包,那末,资本家阶级就永远不会反对工联。现代庸俗经济学不仅割裂事物之间的联系,也割裂其自身的理论体系,否则就应该将成本推动型通货膨胀理论引入其关于资本家与工会的工资博弈模型。参见张维迎著,《博弈论与信息经济学》,上海人民出版社1996年版,第197页。
6. 创始人介绍:龙华,飞骧科技董事长CEO。


1. 本轮融资将用于人才招聘,并且拓展国际化支付渠道,据TC,Finix在这轮融资后计划将团队人数增加一倍。
2.   The prince and princess were now entirely happy, and months slipped by unconsciously in the enjoyment of each other's society.
3. 第一个以嘉定区为首先的汽车产业,今年6900多亿,第二汽车所带动的重大装备业7000亿,带动了电子信息产业7000亿,上海市21000亿产业。
4. 之后在刘宇一步步引诱下,清清便用微信先转了520元红包给他,对方收钱后,又让清清再发几个红包,同时承诺收钱后会立即双倍返还,并用甜言蜜语哄骗清清开心。
5.   "Oh, you have?" said Hurstwood. "What was it?"
6. 政治家们在行动,科学家们也在行动。不过,他们不是按照玻尔所指示的方向,而正好相反,因为政治家那边有命令。


1. 展开全文图|地平线旗下公司体系(来源:天眼查)来自被裁员工的声音关于地平线优化裁员的话题,近期陆续在职场实名社交平台脉脉上引发了数百条评论,声音五花八门,DeepTech截取了几位有ID认证的员工评论。
2. ”人们总是会在帮助他人的时候感到更有价值,因此你可以召开会议之前准备一份清单,列出董事会成员能够有所帮助的事情。
3. 未来的经营,用户价值最大化是营销的重要方向。
4. 那一天,詹开豹的哥哥从早上6点事发,一直到晚上11点才漂到了湖对岸。
5. 这里立即表明两点:
6.   "But," said the abbe, "I would speak to you of a large sum,amounting to five millions."


2. 算上我,多个人多份力量护士张刚是95后,她几次请求护士长派她上前线,她说:护士长算上我吧,我虽然工作时间不长,但是多个人多份力量。
3.   Such a man came upon him, like a ghost, at noon in the July weather, as he sat on his heap of stones under a bank, taking such shelter as he could get from a shower of hail.

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