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1. Those born after 1995 tend to make more varied choices and are likely to combine work with their hobbies.
2.   'Generally thought? But what do you think?'
3.   "Good, good!" cried the calm voice of Athos, from the other sideof the door, "let them just come in, these devourers of littlechildren, and we shall see!"
4.   `Were you travelling alone, Mr. Lorry, or with any companion?'
5. "I don't want you to give me anything," said Sara. "I want your books-- I want them!" And her eyes grew big, and her chest heaved.
6. 样一来,他不仅要在工资上预付新的资本,而且要在劳动资料上预付新的资本。不过他也可以使原有的100个工人不是劳动8小时而是劳动12小时,这样,现有的劳动资料就足够使用了,只是损耗得快一些罢了。可见,由提高劳动力的紧张程度而获得的追加劳动,没有不变资本部分的相应增加,也可以增加剩余产品和剩余价值,即积累的实体。


1. 据不完全统计,截至目前,已经有23个海外国家共确诊129例新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎病例。
2. 展开全文蒙牛集团总裁卢敏放表示:蒙牛始终致力于为国人提供世界品质的乳品,诞生至今,蒙牛实现了超1600倍的业绩增长,成为世界乳业十强,未来蒙牛将继续发挥全球产业链优势,以最优质的产品为国人的乳品营养作出贡献。
3.   "Of warning. Mr. Holmes?"
4. 编辑:戴玉玺王晓琳校对:陆爱英责任编辑:瞿崑SN117
5. 其受1名自称为Z老板的网友出资制毒,两人通过网上认识,对方承诺在冰毒制造出来后,给她一笔不菲的报酬。
6.   "Now is the time to perform your promise. I am so impatient to see my beloved princess once more that I am sure I shall fall ill again if we do not start soon. The one obstacle is my father's tender care of me, for, as you may have noticed, he cannot bear me out of his sight."


1. ['k?midi]
2. 特朗普还表示:我看着拜登,还真不知道该怎么说
3. 目前物资还是一天一领,比较短缺,我们已经将需求报了上去,相信后续通过协调能有效解决。
4. 原标题:乐视网开致歉会:尚无重组计划,会员还能用,希望贾跃亭还债澎湃新闻记者揭书宜公司目前没有增资、实施债务重组计划。
5. 她认为,建立工会能使公司的各项规章制度有法可依,把纠纷预防在先、协商在前,使企业与职工共享发展。
6. 爱奇艺同样修改了超前点播规则,VIP可在提前观看6集的基础上,以每集3元的价格再多看6集。


1. 王某又是烧衣服,又是砸案板,闹得越来越凶。
2. 北京盲盒玩家程先生表示,盲盒有点类似赌博的感觉,是吸引客户入坑为主的一个东西。
3.   "Plague stifle you and your Latin!" said D'Artagnan, who began tofeel all his patience exhausted.
4. 要理解供求之间的不平衡,以及由此引起的市场价格同市场价值的偏离,是再容易不过的了。真正的困难在于确定,供求一致究竟是指什么。
5. However it came about, we all three at length achieved full understanding, and solemnly faced what was to them a step of measureless importance, a grave question as well as a great happiness; to us a strange, new joy.
6. 火锅自然是冬季饮食的一大标配。


1. 常德遇害司机陈师傅的妻子田女士,已收到常德中院下达的出庭传票。
2. 不管海森堡的思绪有多么混乱,但有一点他是明确的,那就是他一定向玻尔谈原子弹的问题。
3.   The queen anon for very womanhead Began to weep, and so did Emily, And all the ladies in the company. Great pity was it as it thought them all, That ever such a chance should befall, For gentle men they were, of great estate, And nothing but for love was this debate They saw their bloody woundes wide and sore, And cried all at once, both less and more, "Have mercy, Lord, upon us women all." And on their bare knees adown they fall And would have kissed his feet there as he stood, Till at the last *aslaked was his mood* *his anger was (For pity runneth soon in gentle heart); appeased* And though at first for ire he quoke and start He hath consider'd shortly in a clause The trespass of them both, and eke the cause: And although that his ire their guilt accused Yet in his reason he them both excused; As thus; he thoughte well that every man Will help himself in love if that he can, And eke deliver himself out of prison. Of women, for they wepten ever-in-one:* *continually And eke his hearte had compassion And in his gentle heart he thought anon, And soft unto himself he saide: "Fie Upon a lord that will have no mercy, But be a lion both in word and deed, To them that be in repentance and dread, As well as-to a proud dispiteous* man *unpitying That will maintaine what he first began. That lord hath little of discretion, That in such case *can no division*: *can make no distinction* But weigheth pride and humbless *after one*." *alike* And shortly, when his ire is thus agone, He gan to look on them with eyen light*, *gentle, lenient* And spake these same wordes *all on height.* *aloud*

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      "You said that Porthos had received a sword cut.""Yes, but he has forbidden me so strictly to say so.""And why so."

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      The young Gentleman, is the Sonne to Landolfo di Procida, theonely Brother to Lord John di Procida, by whose meanes thou becamestLord and King of this Countrey. The faire young Damosell, is theDaughter to Marino Bulgaro, whose power extendeth so farre, as topreserve thy prerogative in Ischia, which (but for him) had long sincebene out-rooted there. Beside, these two maine motives, to challengejustly grace and favour from thee; they are in the floure and pride oftheir youth, having long continued in loyall love together, andcompelled by fervency of endeared affection, not any will to displeasethy Majesty: they have offended (if it may be termed an offence tolove, and in such lovely young people as they are.) Canst thou thenfinde in thine heart to let them die, whom thou rather ought tohonour, and recompence with no meane rewards?When the King had heard this, and beleeved for a certainty, thatthe Admirall told him nothing but truth: he appointed not onely,that they should proceede no further, but also was exceedingsorrowfull for what he had done, sending presently to have themreleased from the Stake, and honourably to be brought before him.Being thus enstructed in their severall qualities, and standing induty obliged, to recompence the wrong which he had done, withrespective honours: he caused them to be cloathed in royallgarments, and knowing them to bee knit in unity of soule; the likehe did by marrying them solemnly together, and bestowing many richgifts and presents on them, sent them honourably attended home toIschia; where they were with much joy and comfort received, andlived long after in great felicity.

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