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1. 预测4:中国将成为世界第一大经济体▲资料图:中国上海1997年发表于美国《连线》杂志的一篇名为《长期繁荣》的合著文章中,未来学家彼得·施瓦茨和彼得·莱顿预测,到2020年,中国经济规模将跃居世界第一。
2. 2020年第一个工作日,雷军在其全员内部信中表示,未来5年,小米要在5G+AIoT上投入500亿元。
3.   Alph. De Candolle and others have shown that plants which have very wide ranges generally present varieties; and this might have been expected, as they become exposed to diverse physical conditions, and as they come into competition (which, as we shall hereafter see, is a far more important circumstance) with different sets of organic beings. But my tables further show that, in any limited country, the species which are most common, that is abound most in individuals, and the species which are most widely diffused within their own country (and this is a different consideration from wide range, and to a certain extent from commonness), often give rise to varieties sufficiently well-marked to have been recorded in botanical works. Hence it is the most flourishing, or, as they may be called, the dominant species, those which range widely over the world, are the most diffused in their own country, and are the most numerous in individuals, which oftenest produce well-marked varieties, or, as I consider them, incipient species. And this, perhaps, might have been anticipated; for, as varieties, in order to become in any degree permanent, necessarily have to struggle with the other inhabitants of the country, the species which are already dominant will be the most likely to yield offspring which, though in some slight degree modified, will still inherit those advantages that enabled their parents to become dominant over their compatriots.If the plants inhabiting a country and described in any Flora be divided into two equal masses, all those in the larger genera being placed on one side, and all those in the smaller genera on the other side, a somewhat larger number of the very common and much diffused or dominant species will be found on the side of the larger genera. This, again, might have been anticipated; for the mere fact of many species of the same genus inhabiting any country, shows that there is something in the organic or inorganic conditions of that country favourable to the genus; and, consequently, we might have expected to have found in the larger genera, or those including many species, a large proportional number of dominant species. But so many causes tend to obscure this result, that I am surprised that my tables show even a small majority on the side of the larger genera. I will here allude to only two causes of obscurity. Fresh-water and salt-loving plants have generally very wide ranges and are much diffused, but this seems to be connected with the nature of the stations inhabited by them, and has little or no relation to the size of the genera to which the species belong. Again, plants low in the scale of organisation are generally much more widely diffused than plants higher in the scale; and here again there is no close relation to the size of the genera. The cause of lowly-organised plants ranging widely will be discussed in our chapter on geographical distribution.From looking at species as only strongly-marked and well-defined varieties, I was led to anticipate that the species of the larger genera in each country would oftener present varieties, than the species of the smaller genera; for wherever many closely related species (i.e. species of the same genus) have been formed, many varieties or incipient species ought, as a general rule, to be now forming. Where many large trees grow, we expect to find saplings. Where many species of a genus have been formed through variation, circumstances have been favourable for variation; and hence we might expect that the circumstances would generally be still favourable to variation. On the other hand, if we look at each species as a special act of creation, there is no apparent reason why more varieties should occur in a group having many species, than in one having few.
4.   Now vouchesafe this day, ere it be night, That I of you the blissful sound may hear, Or see your colour like the sunne bright, That of yellowness hadde peer. Ye be my life! Ye be my hearte's steer!* *rudder Queen of comfort and of good company! Be heavy again, or elles must I die!
5.   Vance was in his element here, as Hurstwood would have been informer days. He ordered freely of soup, oysters, roast meats,and side dishes, and had several bottles of wine brought, whichwere set down beside the table in a wicker basket.
6. 只是,由于太超前,因此,无论是钉钉还是企业微信都没有广泛传播。


1. 外媒:小红书正寻求新一轮4~5亿美元融资,估值约为60亿美元据外媒报道,小红书据悉寻求4亿-5亿美元融资,估值约60亿美元。
2.   "Well, if I were you," he said, looking at her rather genially,"I would try the department stores. They often need young womenas clerks."
3. appearance
4. 不过,宫鹏始终坚持这个节目必须上,这是数据分析出来的东西,B站的人喜欢的是神人、能人。
5. 指定队员刘丁丁担任副组长,万一我倒下了,她还可以接上
6. "No," answered Sara.


1. 初创企业们选择的赛道不同于传统概念里的具象能源——用电管理、热电智能化、电池储能、智慧电池,大数据、AI、云计算、建模、物联网等概念贯穿其间
2.   My Lord Abbot, after hee had stayed within an indifferent while,sent forth one of his men, to see if the poore fellow was gone, or no.The servant told him, that he stayed there, and fed upon dry bread,which it seemed he had brought thither with him. Let him feede onhis owne (replyed the Abbot) for he shall taste of none of mine thisday. Gladly wold the Abbot, that Primasso should have gone thence ofhimselfe, and yet held it scarsely honest in his Lordship, to dismissehim by his owne command. Primasso having eaten one of his Loaves,and yet the Abbot was not come; began to feede upon the second: theAbbot still sending to expect his absence, and answered as he wasbefore. At length, the Abbot not comming, and Primasso having eaten uphis second loafe, hunger compeld him to begin with the third.
3. 国家移民管理局官方微博称,其实在西藏,驻地海拔比珠峰所(4480米)高的有亚热(5300米)、昌果(5370米)等30个边境派出所,其中就有世界海拔最高的派出所——普玛江塘边境派出所(5373米)。
4. 未来企业的发展方向是:加强与腾讯及腾讯产业互联网生态合作伙伴合作,加大对SaaS服务、智能化分析投入,加大对区域技术支持和服务投入。
5. 被执行人魔咒7月份香蕉文化的所有权被冻结,王思聪首次成为被执行人,但当时尚未引起外界注意。
6.   'What more have you to say?' she asked, rather in the tone in whicha person might address an opponent of adult age than such as isordinarily used to a child.


1. 天下第一泉景区和天下第一泉不是一回事,天下第一泉单指趵突泉,天下第一泉景区则指由一河(护城河)一湖(大明湖)三泉(趵突泉、黑虎泉、五龙潭三大泉群)四园(趵突泉公园、环城公园、五龙潭公园、大明湖风景区)组成的综合景区。
2.   The prince thanked him again and again.
3.   The First
4. Price growth in top cities was slower, however, with Beijing, for instance, reporting a rise of only 0.5 per cent from the previous month, compared to 4.9 per cent in September.
5. 我们的团队没有多少互联网的经验,几乎和微盟、点客同一时间开启项目,我们的多个产品开发领先于很多同行,但最终还是因为我们的“把握”不够,品牌、营销等方面没能跟上。
6. 由于出口型制造业处于全球价值链的底端,利润率微薄,因此为了提高利润率,企业必然会以压低工资标准,延长工作时间,加大劳动强度的措施来达到生产效率及利润的最大化。


1.   The chair chuffed slowly up the incline, rocking and jolting on the frozen clods. And suddenly, on the left, came a clearing where there was nothing but a ravel of dead bracken, a thin and spindly sapling leaning here and there, big sawn stumps, showing their tops and their grasping roots, lifeless. And patches of blackness where the woodmen had burned the brushwood and rubbish.
2. 针对业主的一连串质疑,新京报记者于12月18日来到江南府项目走访调查。
3. 这是为什么?一方面,对投资者来说,投资是一场赌博。

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