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1.   She making a modest courtesie to her Father, and answering soloude as every one might her, There is not any one in this assemblythat more willingly would give him all expression of a joyfullwelcom home and thankefull gratitude for such especiall favoursreceived, then in my heart I could affoord to do, but onely inregard of those infamous speeches noysed out against me, on the daywhen we wept for him, who was supposed to be Theobaldo, whichslander was to my great discredit. Go on boldly, replied Aldobrandino,doest thou think that I regard any such praters? In the procuring ofmy deliverance, he hath approved them to be manifest lyars, albeit Imy selfe did never credit them. Go then I command thee, and- let mesee thee both kisse and embrace him. She who desired nothing more,shewed her selfe not sloth full in obeying her father to do but herduty to her husband. Wherefore being risen, as all the rest haddone, but yet in farre more effectuall manner, she declared herunfained love to Theobaldo. These bountifull favours ofAldobrandino, were joyfully accepted by Theobaldoes brethren, asalso to every one there present; so that all former rancour and hatredwhich had caused heavie variances betweene them, was now convertedto mutuall kindnesse and solemne friendship on every side.
2. 在这一点上,改进的工作依然任重道远。
3.   'Do you read your Bible?'
4. 想一想再看
5.   (He seizes Siebel by the nose. The others reciprocally do the same, and raisetheir knives.)
6.   An hour before daybreak Dinarzade awoke, and exclaimed, as she had promised, "My dear sister, if you are not asleep, tell me I pray you, before the sun rises, one of your charming stories. It is the last time that I shall have the pleasure of hearing you."


1. 与传统的搬家公司不同,Shyft的定位是为企业及其员工提供美国本土搬迁一站式服务。
2. 王细梅表示,单就代还利率来看,有的低于信用卡分期,但有些代还平台除利率之外,还收取服务费和手续费,综合利率可能明显高于银行信用卡分期手续费,因此持卡人在选择信用卡代偿服务时,应仔细阅读相关条款。
3. 拿联想来说,它开发过一个配置器功能,可以帮消费者、渠道商自行订制CPU等电脑组件,但梳理业务的时候联想发现,不同部门里,竟然散落着5、6个相似的配置器。
4.   "Ah, sir, forgive me!" cried the merchant.
5. 距离截止日期不到两周,数十家公司尚未遵守。
6. "Will he come? Will he come?" she whispered.


1. 30
2.   "You can forget it or remember it, just as you like. I don't see youin the witnessbox. Quite another shaped box, my good Holmes, Iassure you. It matters nothing to me that you should know how mynephew died. It's not him we are talking about. It's you.""Yes, yes."
3. 一、社会经济生活
4. 1. The 2012 Ig nobel Psychology Prize
5.   "The which that I Learn'd at Padova of a worthy clerk, As proved by his wordes and his werk. He is now dead, and nailed in his chest, I pray to God to give his soul good rest. Francis Petrarc', the laureate poete, Highte this clerk, whose rhetoric so sweet Illumin'd all Itaile of poetry. . . . But forth to tellen of this worthy man, That taughte me this tale, as I began." . . .
6. 飞书则宣布视频会议服务将免费开放三个月,并且提供线上办公室功能,支持最多50人同时在线。


1. 而唯一能够和宜居抗衡的,就是资源,包括人文资源和自然资源。
2. 被告人束昱辉作为权健公司实际控制人,对公司组织、领导传销活动起决定作用,其他被告人分别按照束昱辉的授意参与组织、领导传销活动,或作为权健公司经销商,发展会员参与传销活动。
3. 街头,一位被骗入传销组织的女孩逃出来。
4.   "They're going to give a performance in the Lyceum, upstairs,"she reported one day, "and I'm going to be in it."
5.   HITHERTO I have recorded in detail the events of my insignificantexistence: to the first ten years of my life I have given almost asmany chapters. But this is not to be a regular autobiography: I amonly bound to invoke Memory where I know her responses will possesssome degree of interest; therefore I now pass a space of eight yearsalmost in silence: a few lines only are necessary to keep up the linksof connection.
6. 拥有7000多名会员的英国导演协会(DirectorsUK)主席安德鲁·肖恩斯(AndrewChowns)提出:从下一届开始,所有单元的初选阶段都该采用评审团制度。


1. 据《消息报》介绍,今年10月,引进上述技术的莫斯科航天博物馆被评为外国游客最喜欢参观的地方之一。
2.   'A careless girl!' said Mr. Brocklehurst, and immediately after-'It is the new pupil, I perceive.' And before I could draw breath,'I must not forget I have a word to say respecting her.' Then aloud:how loud it seemed to me! 'Let the child who broke her slate comeforward!'
3.   "This dream, Madam," replied Ulysses, "can admit but of oneinterpretation, for had not Ulysses himself told you how it shall befulfilled? The death of the suitors is portended, and not one singleone of them will escape."

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      "Alas, alas!" said he to himself, "misfortune is over my head; mywife must have committed some frightful crime. They believe meher accomplice, and will punish me with her. She must havespoken; she must have confessed everything--a woman is so weak!A dungeon! The first he comes to! That's it! A night is soonpassed; and tomorrow to the wheel, to the gallows! Oh, my God,my God, have pity on me!"

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