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1. "Exactly," answered Somel, nodding gravely. "Of course we know that among other animals it is not so, that there are fathers as well as mothers; and we see that you are fathers, that you come from a people who are of both kinds. We have been waiting, you see, for you to be able to speak freely with us, and teach us about your country and the rest of the world. You know so much, you see, and we know only our own land."
2. 随着时间的后移,要求的严苛度必然只增不减。
3. The Belty is great that it uses technology to track fitness, water intake, and posture, but for $395, you might be better off getting the same in a stylish smart watch or activity tracker.
4. 曹灿艺术学校开设的课程之一是朗诵艺术培训,目的是培养孩子能说话、敢说话、会说话的意识和能力。
5. 口头上是你不能再烧钱了,本质是再培养另外一个干儿子。
6. 武伟被黑龙江省纪委监委留置半个月后,哈尔滨市人防办原主任肖文东被立案审查调查。


1. We found a friendly nut-tree, those large, satisfying, soft- shelled nuts we already knew so well, and filled our pockets.
2.   Madam Lydia (upon a pretended sicknesse) keepeth her chamber, and aswomen can hardly be exceeded in dissimulation: so, shee wanted no wit,to seeme exquisitely cunning, in all the outwarde apparances ofsicknesse. One day after dinner, shee being visited by Nicostratus,and none attending on him but Pyrrhus onely: she earnestlyentreated, that as a mitigation, to some inward afflictions whichshe felt, they would helpe to guide her into the Garden.
3. 那时候,雕爷、黄太极、粉丝经济、众筹、O2O、C2B等一系列名词一直被各界热炒。
4. X
5.   Pedro di Vinciolo went to sup at a friends house in the City. Hiswife (in the meane while) had a young man whom shee loved, at supperwith Pedro returning home on a sodaine, the young man was hidden undera Coope for Hens. Pedro in excuse of his so soone comming home,declareth, how in the house of Herculano (with whom he should havesupt) a friend of his Wives was found, which was the reason of theSuppers breaking off. Pedroes Wife reproving the error ofHerculanoes wife, an Asse (by chance) treads on the yong mansfingers that lay hidden under the Hen-coope. Upon his crying out Pedrosteppeth thither, sees him, knowes him, and findeth the fallacy of hiswife; with whom (nevertbelesse) he groweth to agreement, in regardof some imperfections in himselfe.
6. 5.Paperpot Transplanter


1. 举个例子,原来一家企业它可能卖设备为生,现在行业变化了,如果继续卖设备的话,就面临被淘汰的危险。
2.   The ground was hard, the air was still, my road was lonely; Iwalked fast till I got warm, and then I walked slowly to enjoy andanalyse the species of pleasure brooding for me in the hour andsituation. It was three o'clock; the church bell tolled as I passedunder the belfry: the charm of the hour lay in its approachingdimness, in the low-gliding and pale-beaming sun. I was a mile fromThornfield, in a lane noted for wild roses in summer, for nuts andblackberries in autumn, and even now possessing a few coraltreasures in hips and haws, but whose best winter delight lay in itsutter solitude and leafless repose. If a breath of air stirred, itmade no sound here; for there was not a holly, not an evergreen torustle, and the stripped hawthorn and hazel bushes were as still asthe white, worn stones which causewayed the middle of the path. Farand wide, on each side, there were only fields, where no cattle nowbrowsed; and the little brown birds, which stirred occasionally in thehedge, looked like single russet leaves that had forgotten to drop.
3.   "'Come here,' they sang, 'renowned Ulysses, honour to the Achaeanname, and listen to our two voices. No one ever sailed past us withoutstaying to hear the enchanting sweetness of our song- and he wholistens will go on his way not only charmed, but wiser, for we knowall the ills that the gods laid upon the Argives and Trojans beforeTroy, and can tell you everything that is going to happen over thewhole world.'
4. 目前这款产品,足以对抗百事推出的佳得乐。
5. 据本报此前报道,学校发现季某某失联后,在校内及周边地区寻找未果,已第一时间通知学生家属并报警,警方也调取了监控查看。
6. 榜单评委认为,资本寒冬之下,以人工智能为代表的硬核行业更受资本青睐,ToB成明显趋势,成为今年榜单的最大亮点。


1. 红星新闻记者王雅林林容编译报道。
2. 为此包括iPhoneXR和iPhone11在内的多款新品都做了降价促销,这样就对华为Mate30Pro形成降维打击的作用,强行被苹果分流是最致命的。
3. 弗里希从丹麦乘火车渡轮过海而来。迈特纳先到,在西街伐斯特拉花园的一家安静的小旅馆登记住了下来。弗里希到后也住在了这里。
4. 原标题:美国独角兽环保鞋履品牌「Allbirds」将完成7500万美元D轮融资,主打羊毛编织休闲鞋据BrandStar报道,美国Allbirds即将筹集7500万美元D轮融资,由BaillieGifford和FidelityManagementResearch领投。
5.   "At last an embassy came from a king so rich and powerful that the King of China felt constrained to urge this suit on his daughter. He told her how important such an alliance would be, and pressed her to consent. In fact, he pressed her so persistingly that the princess at length lost her temper and quite forgot the respect due to her father. "Sire," cried she angrily, "do not speak further of this or any other marriage or I will plunge this dagger in my breast and so escape from all these importunities."
6. 要远低于“复活”的企业。


1. 口袋阅随身携带,不像电子产品,慢慢的翻页看看书,看看公众号文章。
2. “我为准备这次会见掉了七磅,总统先生……”
3.   "No, madam," returned he, "I became blind through a most surprising adventure, such as probably has never happened to anybody. After that I shaved my head and eyebrows and put on the dress in which you see me now."

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