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1. We couldn't do anything with him. He had to take his own medicine.
2.   "When he was in England he seduced the wife of one of myfriends."
3.   On this Ulysses began to move off, and said, "Your looks, my finesir, are better than your breeding; if you were in your own houseyou would not spare a poor man so much as a pinch of salt, forthough you are in another man's, and surrounded with abundance, youcannot find it in you to give him even a piece of bread."
4. 他曾向媒体诉说,比他小23岁的崔丽丽肆意挥霍赔偿款,还喜欢说离婚,让他摸不清想法。
5.   Peggotty continuing to stand motionless in the middle of the room, and my mother resuming her singing, I fell asleep, though I was not so sound asleep but that I could hear voices, without hearing what they said. When I half awoke from this uncomfortable doze, I found Peggotty and my mother both in tears, and both talking.
6.   `Better to be a rational creature,' he added then, after ringing a small bell on the table, `and accept your natural destiny. But you are lost, Monsieur Charles, I see.'`This property and France are lost to me,' said the nephew, sadly; `I renounce them.'


1. n. 分开,抽印本
2. X
3.   "On this Hercules went down again into the house of Hades, but Istayed where I was in case some other of the mighty dead should cometo me. And I should have seen still other of them that are gonebefore, whom I would fain have seen- Theseus and Pirithous gloriouschildren of the gods, but so many thousands of ghosts came round meand uttered such appalling cries, that I was panic stricken lestProserpine should send up from the house of Hades the head of thatawful monster Gorgon. On this I hastened back to my ship and orderedmy men to go on board at once and loose the hawsers; so theyembarked and took their places, whereon the ship went down thestream of the river Oceanus. We had to row at first, but presently afair wind sprang up.
4.   (See illustration.)
5. "Dunno. Never got nothin' today--nowhere. I've axed an' axed."
6. 2008年9月18日,英国政府宣布禁止对金融股实行卖空操作,19号,美国、德国的市场监管部门也相继出台金融股卖空禁令。


1. 原标题:为什么我要在这个「财大气粗」的领域里创业?丨GGVasksGGV如果要给房地产行业贴个标签,相信不少人都会选择「财大气粗」。
2.   `Must one?' said Connie. `If it has to be preserved, and preserved against the new England? It's sad, I know.'
3. 移植争议水电站的建设考虑到了古柽柳林的保护问题。
4. 你想,小朋友这么蛮横,我们不可能去用武力对付他,而且我看这个人也有点不可理喻,所以当时就僵持在那。
5.   "Though she, God knows, was more to blame than I."Martha
6.   `Well!' he said, `being myself hors de combat, I don't see I've anything to say on the matter.'


1. 发表专业论文60多篇,代表性成果有《现代汉语词语频度统计工程》《现代汉语计量研究》《计算机汉字信息处理》《汉字键盘输入技术》《人脑电脑汉字》等。
2. 原标题:成都一高校拟于明年增设劳育课,学生喂养天鹅或可赚学分新京报讯(记者李一凡)成都电子科技大学新添4只天鹅,学生喂养可赚学分一事引发关注。
3. 早在一三五二年三月,顺帝即下诏说:“省院台不用南人,似有偏负”,“宜依世祖时用人之法,南人有才学者皆令用之。”这年,任用宁国人贡师泰为监察御史、饶州人周伯琦为兵部侍郎。各地地主武装出现后,称为“义兵”。元朝又在各地设立管领“义兵”的官员,以为节制。一三五三年十一月,在江西设立义兵千户。一三五四年二月。河南、淮南两省并设义兵万户府。五月,设置南阳、邓州等处毛葫芦义兵万户府。当地地主武装自行组织,号毛葫芦。顺帝因设万户府,招募当地人从军,免除差役。脱脱军溃散之后,一三五五年二月。
4. 红腹角雉喜欢自由自在,外出活动、觅食,也自己走自己的,单独行动。
5. 官方译书首推江南制造总局,次为北京同文馆。同文馆为培植交涉人才而设,开馆的次年(一八六三),丁韪良译成《万国律例》(Wheaton,ElementsofInternationalLaw),由蒲安臣介绍于总署。前此赫德与总署大臣论及国际法的重要,恭亲王恐外人别有用心,强中国以必行,颇为犹豫。经丁韪良解释,知不无可采之处,即派人和他商酌润色,一八六四年刊刻。是年普鲁士与丹麦战争,普鲁士兵船在大沽口扣留丹麦商船,总署援引该书,责其侵犯中国领海,普使认错。证明公法确为有效。其后丁韪良遴选同文馆高年级的优等生,由教习指导,续成《公法便览》(Woolsey,IntroductiontotheStudyofInternationalLaw)、《公法会通》(Hall,TreatiesonInternationalLaw),《星轺指掌》(DerMartens,GuideDiplomatique)、《法国律例》(CodeNapoleon)、《富国策》(Faweate,PoliticalEconomy)。同文馆自设印书处(一八七三),出版各书,装潢精美,仅分送各衙门,流布不广。
6. 现在呢?至少在我看来,它开始是了。


1. 1月22日下午,执法人员对该超市的经营者进行了约谈。
2. He got out of his bed in the middle of that night and went and stood looking down at Sara, who lay asleep with Emily in her arms. Her black hair was spread out on the pillow and Emily's golden-brown hair mingled with it, both of them had lace-ruffled nightgowns, and both had long eyelashes which lay and curled up on their cheeks. Emily looked so like a real child that Captain Crewe felt glad she was there. He drew a big sigh and pulled his mustache with a boyish expression.
3. 工商信息显示,该公司为有限责任公司,经营范围包括:教育咨询、组织文化艺术交流活动。

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      Connie really wondered at this queer, melancholy specimen of extraordinary success; it was said he had an income of fifty thousand dollars from America alone. Sometimes he was handsome: sometimes as he looked sideways, downwards, and the light fell on him, he had the silent, enduring beauty of a carved ivory Negro mask, with his rather full eyes, and the strong queerly-arched brows, the immobile, compressed mouth; that momentary but revealed immobility, an immobility, a timelessness which the Buddha aims at, and which Negroes express sometimes without ever aiming at it; something old, old, and acquiescent in the race! Aeons of acquiescence in race destiny, instead of our individual resistance. And then a swimming through, like rats in a dark river. Connie felt a sudden, strange leap of sympathy for him, a leap mingled with compassion, and tinged with repulsion, amounting almost to love. The outsider! The outsider! And they called him a bounder! How much more bounderish and assertive Clifford looked! How much stupider!

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      And so that which the poem relates may not please the reader -- but it actually was done, or it shall yet be done. The Book sets out with the visit of Pandarus to Cressida:--

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