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1. 但是,代官役所的霍乱防治措施仅限于传达预防和治疗方法,并无免费发放药品、建立医疗设施等举动。
2.   At the same time, and in our City of Florence also, there wasanother man, named Blondello, very low of stature, yet comly formed,quicke witted, more neat and brisk then a Butterflye, alwaieswearing a wrought silke cap on his head, and not a haire staring outof order, but the tuft flourishing above the forehead, and he suchanother trencher-fly for the table, as our forenamed Guiotto was. Itso fel out on a morning in the Lent time, that hee went into theFishmarket, where he bought two goodly Lampreyes, for Messer Vierode Cherchi, and was espied by Guiotto, who to Blondello) said. What isthe meaning of this cost, and for whom is it? Whereto Blondello thusanswered. Yesternight, three other Lampries, far fairer and fatterthen these, and a whole Sturgeon, were sent unto Messer CorsoDonati, and being not sufficient to feede divers Gentlemen, whom heehath invited this day to dine with him, hee caused me to buy these twobeside: Doest not thou intend to make one among them? Yes I warrantthee, replied Guiotto, thou knowst I can invite my selfe thither,without any other bidding.
3. Of astronomy they had a fair working knowledge--that is a very old science; and with it, a surprising range and facility in mathematics.
4. 通讯员朱光远黄树兰图再苦再累也要咬紧牙关,今天我们的目标是生产8000瓶。
5. 正如另一位同样在中国赫赫有名的企业家张瑞敏所言,没有成功的企业,只有时代的企业。
6. 许芯和朋友回到伦敦后,一边筹备店铺初期工作,一边委托丁大勇,将与林云美合作开美甲店的事以合同的形式固定。


1. 出行篇疫情期间,年轻人可以通过网络进行社交、消遣,而老年人爱走动,容易坐不住。
2.   'Mrs. Crupp?' I returned, reddening.
3. ▌人工智能前沿语音算法及芯片提供商互问科技获得1000万人民币战略投资近日,互问科技宣布获得1000万人民币战略投资,投资方为力源信息。
4. 我们的财政状况已经步入正轨,在国际奥委会的管理和奥运会的运作上同样如此。在过去的两年中,我们通过很多合理化措施,比如重新整合国际奥委会和奥林匹克博物馆,每年都节约了不少成本。我的目标是在8年的任期内巩固萨马兰奇主席21年来所建立的一切。我们需要建立财政储备来应对一切危机。2001年我当选的时候,有1.1亿美元的储备,而现在我们拥有1.45亿美元,我们可能需要2亿美元。至于奥运会,我们希望缩减运动场所和成本规模,以及减少奢华技术的应用。比如,为什么田径主赛场的大屏幕要比击剑和帆船赛场的好呢,这需要花费很多钱。我们必须裁减运动员,在比赛项目数量不变的情况下,我们的运动员数目已?从1992年巴塞罗那的13万人上升到1996年亚特兰大的19.5万人。
5.   "No," she said to herself, "he can't come here."
6.   "How did it come about?"


1. 团队方面,创始人费浙平毕业于复旦大学,是arm中国的第一位员工。
2.   `You cannot do your friend a better service.' The Doctor gave him his hand.
3. 当此时刻,纾解压力很有必要,但保护好自己、确保生命健康安全才是第一位的,切不可因一时纾解了压力,却给了病毒传播可乘之机。
4. 笮融本人崇信佛教,他擅断三郡钱粮,大造佛寺。《后汉书?陶谦传》说:初,同郡人笮融,聚众数百,往依谦,谦使督广陵、下邳、彭城运粮。遂断三郡委输,大起浮屠寺,上累金盘,下为重楼,又堂阁周回,可容三千许人。《三国志?吴志?刘繇传》记载笮融乃大起浮图祠,以铜为人,黄金涂身,衣以锦采,重铜盘九重,下为重楼阁道,可容三千许人,悉课读佛经.并且告示天下,举凡愿意信仰佛教的,一律免去其徭役。当时,由于北方的洛阳、关中一带连年军阀混战,战乱连年,人民纷纷逃亡来到这里,笮融用信佛免役的方法前后招来远近民户五千多。他还举行盛大的浴佛会,多设酒饭,布席于路,经数十里,民人来观及就食且万人,费以巨亿计.汉献帝初平四年(公元193年),曹操率兵攻打陶谦至彭城,杀男女数十万口于泗水。兴平元年(公元194年),曹操复攻陶谦,略地至琅邪、东海,所过残灭。不久,陶谦病死于丹阳。这时,笮融将男女万口、马三千匹走广陵,广陵太守赵昱待以宾礼.(《三国志?吴书?刘繇传》)笮融却见利忘义,恩将仇报,将太守赵昱杀死,放兵掠抢。兴平二年(公元195年)又南逃长江,杀死豫章太守朱皓。笮融终因作恶多端,最后被扬州刺史刘繇打败,笮融走入山中,为人所杀①。
5. 如果有官员最近出差,审批文件一时半会拿不到签字,心急的她就特别难理解为什么不可以用email给他、传真他。
6. 云贵方面云贵是吴三桂军的基地。清军夺取湖南、四川,即对云贵发动总攻。命贝子彰泰代替安亲王岳乐为定远乎寇大将军,统率军队进攻云贵,总督蔡毓荣为绥远将军,率领绿旗兵从沉州出发,作为先头部队;王进宝留守四川,赵良栋为勇略将军兼云贵总督,从四川进军;赉塔为平南将军,从广西进军。康熙帝颁诏招抚吴军将领胡国柱、马宝、郭壮图、夏国相、吴应麒等人说:“尔等本系吴三桂藩下之人,曾受世职”,若即归顺,既往不究,“不特保全家口,亦可建立功名”。(《圣祖实录》卷八十五)


1.   The baroness then thought of M. de Villefort. It was M. deVillefort who had remorselessly brought misfortune into herfamily, as though they had been strangers. But, no; onreflection, the procureur was not a merciless man; and itwas not the magistrate, slave to his duties, but the friend,the loyal friend, who roughly but firmly cut into the verycore of the corruption; it was not the executioner, but thesurgeon, who wished to withdraw the honor of Danglars fromignominious association with the disgraced young man theyhad presented to the world as their son-in-law. And sinceVillefort, the friend of Danglars, had acted in this way, noone could suppose that he had been previously acquaintedwith, or had lent himself to, any of Andrea's intrigues.Villefort's conduct, therefore, upon reflection, appeared tothe baroness as if shaped for their mutual advantage. Butthe inflexibility of the procureur should stop there; shewould see him the next day, and if she could not make himfail in his duties as a magistrate, she would, at least,obtain all the indulgence he could allow. She would invokethe past, recall old recollections; she would supplicate himby the remembrance of guilty, yet happy days. M. deVillefort would stifle the affair; he had only to turn hiseyes on one side, and allow Andrea to fly, and follow up thecrime under that shadow of guilt called contempt of court.And after this reasoning she slept easily.
2. 奶奶苏晓卿因与爷爷的恋爱关系,不被爷爷在西安的封建大家族所接受,被迫与我父亲骨肉分离,大约于1927年绝望投江。
3. 而且这些低线城市的用户往往都是比较年轻的人群,他们的消费频次也是在未来也会不断的攀升,或者是追上高线城市。
4. Everybody heard it--saw it--for miles and miles, word flashed all over the country, and a council was held in every town and village.
5.   That was the very evening when the abduction of Mme.Bonacieux took place. D'Artagnan trembled; and he likewiserecollected that during the past half hour the poor womanhad passed close to him, without doubt carried away by thesame power that had caused her disappearance.
6. 不管一种产品是不是作为商品生产的,它总是财富的物质形式,是要进入个人消费或生产消费的使用价值。作为商品,它的价值观念地存在于价格中,这个价格丝毫不改变它的现实使用形式。但是,某些商品,如金和银,执行货币的职能,并且作为货币专门留在流通过程(也作为贮藏货币、准备金等等留在流通领域,虽然是以潜在的形式),这纯粹是生产过程的一定社会形式即商品生产过程的产物。因为在资本主义生产的基础上,商品成为产品的一般形式,绝大部分产品是作为商品生产的,从而必须取得货币形式,因为商品总量,即社会财富中执行商品职能的部分不断增大,所以,执行流通手段、支付手段、准备金等等职能的金银量也不断增大。这些执行货币职能的商品,既不进入个人消费,也不进入生产消费。这是固定在充当单纯的流通机器的形式上的社会劳动。除了社会财富的一部分被束缚于这种非生产的形式之外,货币的磨损,要求不断得到补偿,或要求把更多的产品形式的社会劳动,转化为更多的金和银。这种补偿费用,在资本主义发达的国家是很可观的,因为一般说来被束缚在货币形式上的财富部分是巨大的。金和银作为货币商品,对社会来说,是仅仅由生产的社会形式产生的流通费用。这是商品生产的非生产费用,这种费用,随着商品生产,特别是随着资本主义生产的发展而增大。它是社会财富中必


1.   "Well, Holmes, I must confess that when I consider that this is aman who would certainly brush any obstacle from his path, and when Iremember that his wife may have been an obstacle and an object ofdislike, as that man Bates plainly told us, it seems to me-""Exactly. And to me also."
2. 刘作虎认为2020年的5G就像2014年的4G。
3. 于某今年26岁,其供述,2014年8月,她在兼职中认识比自己大11岁离异的陆某,半年后开始恋爱。

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