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1. 据悉,2019年生产的氢氧化钙根管消毒糊剂产品已销售300支(150盒,30元/盒2支)、参加某会展时赠送200支(100盒)。
2. 在游泳比赛中,前苏联-东德轴心掌握了比赛的风向,东德女子选手的表现尤其突出,其中最突出的是15岁的莉卡o赖尼施(RicaReinisch),她在100米仰泳比赛中3次打破世界纪录,并在200米仰泳比赛中打破世界纪录,最终获得了4枚金牌。
3.   A long time ago.'
4. 刻意隐瞒病情或接触史,不仅会耽误自身治疗,也会对他人的健康造成极大的风险。
5.   "Well?"
6.   And Jove answered, "My child, why should you ask me? Was it not byyour own arrangement that Ulysses came home and took his revengeupon the suitors? Do whatever you like, but I will tell you what Ithink will be most reasonable arrangement. Now that Ulysses isrevenged, let them swear to a solemn covenant, in virtue of which heshall continue to rule, while we cause the others to forgive andforget the massacre of their sons and brothers. Let them then allbecome friends as heretofore, and let peace and plenty reign."


1.   `Mr. Lorry, look once more upon the prisoner. Have you seen him, to your certain Knowledge, before?'
2. The annual rich list of China's movers and shakers gives a temperature check on where money is flowing in China, and underlines the growing financial muscle of the country's super-rich.
3. 美团点评曾被爆出正在招兵买马,有意入局共享汽车,如今也暂停了该项目
4.   'And you don't live at Gateshead?'
5. "Everybody congratulated me. The children all over the country were told to watch for that moth, if there were any more. I was shown the history of the creature, and an account of the damage it used to do and of how long and hard our foremothers had worked to save that tree for us. I grew a foot, it seemed to me, and determined then and there to be a forester."
6.   The eyes of moles and of some burrowing rodents are rudimentary in size, and in some cases are quite covered up by skin and fur. This state of the eyes is probably due to gradual reduction from disuse, but aided perhaps by natural selection. In South America, a burrowing rodent, the tuco-tuco, or Ctenomys, is even more subterranean in its habits than the mole; and I was assured by a Spaniard, who had often caught them, that they were frequently blind; one which I kept alive was certainly in this condition, the cause, as appeared on dissection, having been inflammation of the nictitating membrane. As frequent inflammation of the eyes must be injurious to any animal, and as eyes are certainly not indispensable to animals with subterranean habits, a reduction in their size with the adhesion of the eyelids and growth of fur over them, might in such case be an advantage; and if so, natural selection would constantly aid the effects of disuse.


1.   "Stand over there," he said.
2.   Mr. Creakle whispered, 'Hah! What's this?' and bent his eyes upon me, as if he would have burnt me up with them.
3.   'Thank you; now make haste with the letter to Hay, and return asfast as you can.'
4. 经区纪委监委主要领导批准,上街区纪委监委第一纪检监察室成立核查组,对赵某有关问题线索进行初核。
5. 听轻松的音乐可放松紧张的神经疏解烦躁的心情。
6.   IN the Proem to the Second Book, the poet hails the clear weather that enables him to sail out of those black waves in which his boat so laboured that he could scarcely steer -- that is, "the tempestuous matter of despair, that Troilus was in; but now of hope the kalendes begin." He invokes the aid of Clio; excuses himself to every lover for what may be found amiss in a book which he only translates; and, obviating any lover's objection to the way in which Troilus obtained his lady's grace - - through Pandarus' mediation -- says it seems to him no wonderful thing:


1.   "This, Sire, is the story which I was obliged to tell to satisfy your highness. It is now for you to say if we deserve mercy or punishment; life or death?"
2. 另外,在宏观思考时,我们需要考虑到,由人形成的社会,在不同的区域、不同的国度、甚至不同人种,所表现出来的需求是不一样的。
3. 在这同时,与欧亚大陆类似的发展正在非欧亚世界展开,只是其速度比较慢。农业和冶铁技术传入撒哈拉沙漠以南的非洲后,促进了当地经济、商业的发展和帝国的建立。在美洲,农业是独自发展起来的,而且非常成功,因为那里驯化、栽培了大量的植物。但是,由于美洲与世隔绝,冶铁技术从未象它从欧亚大陆传入撒哈拉沙漠以南的非洲那样,到达过美洲。不过,繁盛的农业为建立可与撒哈拉沙漠以南非洲的帝国相比的国家,提供了基础。
4. 由于像Node这样的Java环境的出现,以及可以在经济高效的Amazon服务器上运行的功能强大的可访问数据库语言的改进,如今SaaS的开发与部署不再依赖于企业,更多的个体开发者可以参与到这一过程中。
5.   "He made his way to Woking by the first train, and, havingexamined his booty and assured himself that it really was of immensevalue, he had concealed it in what he thought was a very safe place,with the intention of taking it out again in a day or two, andcarrying it to the French embassy, or wherever he thought that along price was to be had. Then came your sudden return. He, withouta moment's warning, was bundled out of his room, and from that timeonward there were always at least two of you there to prevent him fromregaining his treasure. The situation to him must have been amaddening one. But at last he thought he saw his chance. He tried tosteal in, but was baffled by your wakefulness. You may remember thatyou did not take your usual draught that night."
6.   `Touch then.' It was the turn of the mender of roads to say it this time, after observing these operations. They again joined hands.


1. 当时,我骑摩托车走到王家坪村发现钱丢了,根本没有想到钱在党家沟那个路段就丢了。
2.   Hence, also, we can see that when a plant or animal is placed in a new country amongst new competitors, though the climate may be exactly the same as in its former home, yet the conditions of its life will generally be changed in an essential manner. If we wished to increase its average numbers in its new home, we should have to modify it in a different way to what we should have done in its native country; for we should have to give it some advantage over a different set of competitors or enemies.
3.   "Yes, yes," signed Noirtier. Maximilian tried to speak, buthe could articulate nothing; he staggered, and supportedhimself against the wainscot. Then he pointed to the door.

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      3. This and the next eight lines are taken from the "Liber aureolus Theophrasti de nuptiis," ("Theophrastus's Golden Book of Marriage") quoted by Hieronymus, "Contra Jovinianum," ("Against Jovinian") and thence again by John of Salisbury.