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1. The Bulls get the Kings' pick if it falls outside the top 10, so it's better for the Kings to be a bottom-10 team than to just miss the playoffs in terms of team-building.
2. 图为警方召开新闻发布会,现场展示犯罪嫌疑人的作案工具。
3.   "My friend," said he, "you are the first person whom I have met within this country; I salute you, therefore, and beg you to be willdisposed towards me. Protect these my goods, and myself too, for Iembrace your knees and pray to you as though you were a god. Tellme, then, and tell me truly, what land and country is this? Who areits inhabitants? Am I on an island, or is this the sea board of somecontinent?"
4.   Buffalmaco and Bruno, liked and allowed the counsell ofCalandrino, which when they had (by severall commendations) givenhim assurance of, Bruno saide. I doe not thinke it a convenient timenow, for us to go about so weighty a businesse: for the Sun is yetin the highest degree, and striketh such a heate on the plaine ofMugnone, as all the stones are extreamly dryed, and the veryblackest will nowe seeme whitest. But in the morning, after the dew isfalne, and before the Sunne shineth forth, every stone retaineth histrue colour. Moreover, there be many Labourers now working on theplaine, about such businesse as they are severally assigned, whoseeing us in so serious a serch: may imagine what we seeke for, andpartake with us in the same inquisition, by which meanes they maychance to speed before us, and so wee may lose both our trot andamble. Wherefore, by my consent, if your opinion jumpe with mine, thisis an enterprize onely to be perfourmed in an early morning, whenthe blacke stones are to be distinguisht from the white, and aFestivall day were the best of all other, for then there will benone to discover us.
5. 《乐高蝙蝠侠大电影》
6. 不易感≠不会感染,年轻是资本,可是也别拿命去赌。


1. 11. 另外26部我喜爱的影片——为什么不呢?其中很多影片本可以跻身我的十佳之列的。《迷失1971》(’71)、《艾米》(Amy)、《失常》(Anomalisa)、《骇客交锋》(Blackhat)、《芝拉克》(Chi-Raq)、《机械姬》(Ex Machina)、《实验者》(Experimenter)、《诉讼》(Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem)、《恐龙当家》(The Good Dinosaur)、《伟人》(The Great Man)、《头脑特工队》(Inside Out)、《奋斗的乔伊》(Joy)、《洛杉矶消逝的风景》(Lost Landscapes of Los Angeles)、《魔力麦克2》(Magic Mike XXL)、《办公室》(Office)、《结果》(Results)、《荒野猎人》(The Revenant)、《西默简介》(Seymour: An Introduction)、《小羊肖恩》(Shaun the Sheep Movie)、《女间谍》(Spy)、《冲出康普顿》(Straight Outta Compton)、《橘色》(Tangerine)、《廷巴克图》(Timbuktu)、《生活残骸》(Trainwreck)、《白色上帝》(White God)及《狼群》(The Wolfpack)。
2.  百度以及百度们的套路,你真看懂了?现在是新媒体时代了,这个大家都知道。
3. 俄罗斯实验人员希望,这种虚拟现实技术能有助于提高产奶量。
4. 本以为是板上钉钉的事情,吉陆怎么也没想到,投资机构竟然爽约了,合计近6000万的融资没有到账。
5. 第一,百度联盟是值得信任的大品牌。
6. 我们先来看看点数图和线图之间的基本差异,考察几个图例。


1. n. 校订,修正,修订本,复习
2. 现阶段这一小技巧可直接应用于金融领域的网络视频认证。
3.   "May it be even so," answered Penelope; "if your words come true youshall have such gifts and such good will from me that all who seeyou shall congratulate you; but I know very well how it will be.Ulysses will not return, neither will you get your escort hence, forso surely as that Ulysses ever was, there are now no longer any suchmasters in the house as he was, to receive honourable strangers orto further them on their way home. And now, you maids, wash his feetfor him, and make him a bed on a couch with rugs and blankets, that hemay be warm and quiet till morning. Then, at day break wash him andanoint him again, that he may sit in the cloister and take his mealswith Telemachus. It shall be the worse for any one of these hatefulpeople who is uncivil to him; like it or not, he shall have no more todo in this house. For how, sir, shall you be able to learn whetheror no I am superior to others of my sex both in goodness of heartand understanding, if I let you dine in my cloisters squalid and illclad? Men live but for a little season; if they are hard, and dealhardly, people wish them ill so long as they are alive, and speakcontemptuously of them when they are dead, but he that is righteousand deals righteously, the people tell of his praise among alllands, and many shall call him blessed."
4.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5.   How?
6.   'Mr. Steerforth has not seen it yet, I suppose?'


1. Shopify的收入继而一飞冲天,从1.05亿美元激增至10亿美元楼上。
2. 他们上商场卖1700元-2000元,我卖300元-500元。
3. 这位病人配合治疗,痊愈出院,与家中2岁女儿团聚。
4. 荔枝由此积累了大量的用户和内容创作者,形成了生机勃勃的UGC音频社区。
5. The 2013 World Happiness Report comes on the back of a growing global movement calling for governments and policy makers to reduce their emphasis on achieving economic growth and focus on policies that can improve people's overall well-being.
6.   When he regained his dungeon, he threw himself on his bed,where the turnkey found him in the evening visit, sittingwith fixed gaze and contracted features, dumb and motionlessas a statue. During these hours of profound meditation,which to him had seemed only minutes, he had formed afearful resolution, and bound himself to its fulfilment by asolemn oath.


1. 对此,圣尼卡家具官方旗舰店接受采访表示,卖给苏先生的是真皮,但不是牛头层皮革,而是二层贴膜革。
2. 原标题:治愈者|口述:确诊后12天,我如何摆脱恐惧战胜新冠病毒新冠病毒肆虐,与此同时有不少患者经过医护人员的治疗最终出院。
3. "Some have none at all," I put in mischievously.

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