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1. 它们的产品我们也可以用,主要是它们可以满足我们对产品的需求。
2.   新京报记者从社旗县警方获悉,警方曾接到家属报警,经初步了解,此事件不构成案件,遂没有介入调查。
3. 具体到网络游戏方面,Q3期间网络游戏总收入为115.35亿元,同比增长11.5%。
4.   This wife was not afeared nor afraid, But boldely she said, and that anon; "Mary! I defy that false monk Dan John, I keep* not of his tokens never a deal:** *care **whit He took me certain gold, I wot it well. -- What? evil thedom* on his monke's snout! -- *thriving For, God it wot, I ween'd withoute doubt That he had given it me, because of you, To do therewith mine honour and my prow,* *profit For cousinage, and eke for belle cheer That he hath had full often here. But since I see I stand in such disjoint,* *awkward position I will answer you shortly to the point. Ye have more slacke debtors than am I; For I will pay you well and readily, From day to day, and if so be I fail, I am your wife, score it upon my tail, And I shall pay as soon as ever I may. For, by my troth, I have on mine array, And not in waste, bestow'd it every deal. And, for I have bestowed it so well, For your honour, for Godde's sake I say, As be not wroth, but let us laugh and play. Ye shall my jolly body have *to wed;* *in pledge* By God, I will not pay you but in bed; Forgive it me, mine owen spouse dear; Turn hitherward, and make better cheer."
5. 如果口罩不够用,中国疾控中心副主任冯子健表示,普通大众的口罩不必用一次换一次,可根据清洁程度延长使用时间。
6.   WHEN folk had laughed all at this nice case Of Absolon and Hendy Nicholas, Diverse folk diversely they said, But for the more part they laugh'd and play'd;* *were diverted And at this tale I saw no man him grieve, But it were only Osewold the Reeve. Because he was of carpenteres craft, A little ire is in his hearte laft*; *left He gan to grudge* and blamed it a lite.** *murmur **little. "So the* I," quoth he, "full well could I him quite** *thrive **match With blearing* of a proude miller's eye, *dimming <1> If that me list to speak of ribaldry. But I am old; me list not play for age; <2> Grass time is done, my fodder is now forage. This white top* writeth mine olde years; *head Mine heart is also moulded* as mine hairs; *grown mouldy And I do fare as doth an open-erse*; *medlar <3> That ilke* fruit is ever longer werse, *same Till it be rotten *in mullok or in stre*. *on the ground or in straw* We olde men, I dread, so fare we; Till we be rotten, can we not be ripe; We hop* away, while that the world will pipe; *dance For in our will there sticketh aye a nail, To have an hoary head and a green tail, As hath a leek; for though our might be gone, Our will desireth folly ever-in-one*: *continually For when we may not do, then will we speak, Yet in our ashes cold does fire reek.* *smoke<4> Four gledes* have we, which I shall devise**, *coals ** describe Vaunting, and lying, anger, covetise*. *covetousness These foure sparks belongen unto eld. Our olde limbes well may be unweld*, *unwieldy But will shall never fail us, that is sooth. And yet have I alway a coltes tooth,<5> As many a year as it is passed and gone Since that my tap of life began to run; For sickerly*, when I was born, anon *certainly Death drew the tap of life, and let it gon: And ever since hath so the tap y-run, Till that almost all empty is the tun. The stream of life now droppeth on the chimb.<6> The silly tongue well may ring and chime Of wretchedness, that passed is full yore*: *long With olde folk, save dotage, is no more. <7>


1. 从文字的角度看,“国有资产”归全国人民所有,这样的产权界定白纸黑字,已经非常明晰;但从产权的角度看,这样的界定还很模糊,因为只要无法指出哪些人掌控了上述三权,就不能说产权已经明晰。要说明的是,能真正行使产权的只有活生生的个人。
2. 同年2月3日,小胡与妻子小红以230万元价格买下另一套滨江区的房子。
3. 在这个过程中,要给予恰当的陪伴。
4. 消灭中国煤矿的煤炭自燃
5. 许芯和朋友回到伦敦后,一边筹备店铺初期工作,一边委托丁大勇,将与林云美合作开美甲店的事以合同的形式固定。
6.   Thus sang the bard, and both Ulysses and the seafaring Phaeacianswere charmed as they heard him.


1.   He looked down at the floor on either side of him in the old manner, looked up in the old manner, and repeated in the old low voice:
2. This was what happened that day on both sides of the wall.
3. 今日(12月19日),新京报记者从乐山市卫健委医政医管科工作人员处获悉,存在异物的输液管及同批次产品将送往省级机构检测。
4. 让人生有意义、让人有身份认同的故事,虽然都是虚构的,但人类还是得相信这些故事。那么,怎样才能让人感觉故事是真的呢?我们已经知道人类想要相信故事的原因,现在我们得讨论一下让人相信故事的方法。早在几千年前,祭司和巫师就已经找到了答案:靠各种仪式。“仪式”是一种神奇的行为,能让抽象变得具体、虚构变得真实。至于仪式的精髓,可以说就在于它的咒语,中文念“天灵灵、地灵灵”,在西方则念“Hocuspocus”,似乎念了咒语,就能让A变成B。5
5. 身边的同事也多是90后的姑娘,汪俊经常鼓励大家一起加油打气、玩笑逗趣来缓解疲劳。
6. 一名姓苏的学生表示:“此外,大多数中国家庭只有一个孩子,所以为了和家人朋友离得近一些,大多数留学生都会选择回国。”他放弃了自己在英国的工作,回国照顾自己的母亲。


1. 中国野生动物保护协会一名工作人员告诉记者。
2.   It came to passe, that in the reporting of this discourse, there wasthen a Gentleman in the company, named Guillemino da Medicina, whoat the surprizall of the City, was present with Guidotto of Cremona,and knew well the House which he had ransacked, the owner whereofwas also present with him, wherefore taking him aside, he said to him.Bernardino, hearest thou what Jacomino hath related? Yes very well,replyed Bernardino, and remember withall, that in that dismallbloody combustion, I lost a little Daughter, about the age as Jacominospeaketh. Questionlesse then replyed Guillemino, she must needs be thesame young Mayden, for I was there at the same time, and in the House,whence Guidotto did bring both the Girle and goods, and I do perfectlyremember, that it was thy House. I pray thee call to minde, ifeverthou sawest any scarre or marke about her, which may revive thyformer knowledge of her, for my minde perswades me, that the Maideis thy Daughter.
3.   "Yes; you tell me to lay aside the mask, and I will do so,be satisfied! When you spoke to me at the cemetery, Ianswered you -- my heart was softened; when you arrivedhere, I allowed you to enter. But since you abuse myconfidence, since you have devised a new torture after Ithought I had exhausted them all, then, Count of MonteCristo my pretended benefactor -- then, Count of MonteCristo, the universal guardian, be satisfied, you shallwitness the death of your friend;" and Morrel, with amaniacal laugh, again rushed towards the pistols.
4. 那么对于瘦型的糖尿病患者,就适当控制主食就可以了,不是控制非常严格,因为他主要是胰岛功,出现了问题,所以糖尿病患者一旦是血糖升高,在做饮食治疗的时候,就要根据几个原则,根据他的身高、体重、体重指数,根据他的肥胖情况,还有腰围,要达到一个既能减轻体重,又能很好控制餐后血糖这个目标,如果能把体重减下来,那么血糖的控制是比较容易的,甚至有些病人在早期,通过饮食控制减重之后,他的糖尿病是可以逆转的。
5. 面对调查,嫌疑人供认道:我跟在那名女子后面来到房门前,打了她并绞住她脖子。
6. 随后,新京报记者联系上一名参与今日庭审的旁听人员。


1.   And therewithal there came anon Another huge company Of goode folk, and gan to cry, "Lady, grant us goode fame, And let our workes have that name, Now in honour of gentleness; And all so God your soule bless; For we have well deserved it, Therefore is right we be well quit."* *requited "As thrive I," quoth she, "ye shall fail; Good workes shall you not avail To have of me good fame as now; But, wot ye what, I grante you. That ye shall have a shrewde* fame, *evil, cursed And wicked los,* and worse name, *reputation <72> Though ye good los have well deserv'd; Now go your way, for ye be serv'd. And now, Dan Aeolus," quoth she, "Take forth thy trump anon, let see, That is y-called Slander light, And blow their los, that ev'ry wight Speak of them harm and shrewedness,* *wickedness, malice Instead of good and worthiness; For thou shalt trump all the contrair Of that they have done, well and fair." Alas! thought I, what adventures* *(evil) fortunes Have these sorry creatures, That they, amonges all the press, Should thus be shamed guilteless? But what! it muste needes be. What did this Aeolus, but he Took out his blacke trump of brass, That fouler than the Devil was, And gan this trumpet for to blow, As all the world 't would overthrow. Throughout every regioun Went this foule trumpet's soun', As swift as pellet out of gun When fire is in the powder run. And such a smoke gan out wend,* *go Out of this foule trumpet's end, Black, blue, greenish, swart,* and red, *black <73> As doth when that men melt lead, Lo! all on high from the tewell;* *chimney <74> And thereto* one thing saw I well, *also That the farther that it ran, The greater waxen it began, As doth the river from a well,* *fountain And it stank as the pit of hell. Alas! thus was their shame y-rung, And guilteless, on ev'ry tongue.
2.   "Good-morning," said Hurstwood. "You advertised, I believe, fora salesman?"
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