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1. 张耀之称2008年自己曾参与救援汶川地震,这次能参与支援武汉,都是应该做的。
2.   Thus spoke the stockman, and Ulysses struck the son of Damastor witha spear in close fight, while Telemachus hit Leocritus son of Evenorin the belly, and the dart went clean through him, so that he fellforward full on his face upon the ground. Then Minerva from her seaton the rafter held up her deadly aegis, and the hearts of thesuitors quailed. They fled to the other end of the court like a herdof cattle maddened by the gadfly in early summer when the days areat their longest. As eagle-beaked, crook-taloned vultures from themountains swoop down on the smaller birds that cower in flocks uponthe ground, and kill them, for they cannot either fight or fly, andlookers on enjoy the sport- even so did Ulysses and his men fallupon the suitors and smite them on every side. They made a horriblegroaning as their brains were being battered in, and the groundseethed with their blood.
3. "He wants me to read them," said Ermengarde, a little discouraged by this unexpected turn of affairs.
4.   "At me?"
5. 客户通过装店易开店,不仅可以省心,还可节省20-30%的整体成本,缩短接近一半工时。
6.   Good, If I have my choice, the Rhenish I propose; For still the fairest gifts thefatherland bestows.


1. 在未核查的情况下,将该信息语音发送到其他微信群,导致引发社会恐慌
2. 从录音笔看AI硬件趋势搜狗录音笔,是我们去年3月份发布的一款产品,这款产品从3月份发布至今,线上平台不管是单品销量还是销售额都是第一名。
3. 放慢改变的速度,或许能让我们有时间创造足够多的新工作机会来弥补大部分损失。但就像前面说的,经济上的开创精神必须搭配教育和心理方面的变革。假设新的工作岗位不仅仅是政府部门的职位,那么也就可能需要高水平的专业知识;而且,随着人工智能不断改良,人类劳动者也需要不断学习新技能,改变自己的专业领域。政府必然需要介入,一方面提供终身教育补贴,另一方面提供安全网,协助国民面对无法避免的过渡期。假设一位40岁的前无人机驾驶员需要三年时间才能成功转型为虚拟世界的设计师,在这段时间内,他和他的家人很可能需要很多的政府协助才能维持生活。(目前北欧各国正在试行此类方案,信念在于“保护劳工,而不是保护工作”。)
4.   That evening when she entered the theatre the manager had a mostpleasant greeting for her.
5.   "There! there!" said Holmes soothingly, patting him upon theshoulder. "It was too bad to spring it on you like this, but Watsonhere will tell you that I never can resist a touch of the dramatic."Phelps seized his hand and kissed it. "God bless you!" he cried."You have saved my honour."


1. 张亨伟摄时间到了早晨7点,一辆辆空驶而来的车辆,已准备满载而归。
2.   "He is in the small salon, excellency," returned Bertuccio.
3.   `Yes.'
4. 公司还提供临床科研表单的自动内容录入工具,以减少科研人员进行重复性工作。
5. 他兴奋,但没有讲什么。他想让命运之神自然地做出安排。
6. 2019年5月,蒂姆·库克接受采访时透露,苹果近年来一直保持着对小公司的高频率收购,平均2-3周就会买下一家公司,核心目的就是获取人才与知识产权。


1. 不过这一年对小米来说,也有不少好消息,比如在海外市场的胜利、IoT业务发展强劲等等。
2.   `Doctor Manette,' said Mr. Lorry, touching him affectionately on the arm, `the case is the case of a particularly dear friend of mine. Pray give your mind to it, and advise me well for his sake--and above all, for his daughter's--his daughter's, my dear Manette.'
3. 单词protocol 联想记忆:
4.   I would entreat you longer yet to stay; But 'tis a wicked place, just hereabout; It is as if the folk had nothing else to do, Nothing to think of too, Butgaping watch their neighbours, who goes in and out; And scandal's busy still,do whatsoe'er one may. And our young couple?
5. 对于精装修房内的诸多问题,该负责人称,精装修的装修标准、用材用料和品质规格都是和样板房一致。
6. 你以后也一样无论选择什么职业,记得一定要坚守你的职业责任。


1. 但春节期间,城市的很多基础设施、商业活动都会停摆。
2.   The young man reflected for a moment, then an expression ofsublime resignation appeared in his eyes, and with a slowand sad gesture he took off his two epaulets, the insigniaof his rank. "Be it so, then, my father," he said, extendinghis hand to Morrel, "die in peace, my father; I will live."Morrel was about to cast himself on his knees before hisson, but Maximilian caught him in his arms, and those twonoble hearts were pressed against each other for a moment."You know it is not my fault," said Morrel. Maximiliansmiled. "I know, father, you are the most honorable man Ihave ever known."
3. 16

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    以丹麦为例,如今,88%的丹麦人口都是白人——这样的多数地位很难动摇。但在1980年,也就是上一代人的时候,丹麦有97%的人口是白人。反移民的丹麦人民党(Danish People’s Party)现在是丹麦议会中的第二大党。在德国,从2011年到2015年间,非本土出生人口激增了大约75%,反移民的民粹政党德国另类选择党(Alternative for Germany)如今获得了破纪录的支持率。

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