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1. 作为一个时代的见证,也是一份重要的历史文本。
2. 这让一些员工甚至旁观者都受不了,但已经80多岁的张忠谋并没有丝毫手软的意思。
3. 快手,需要更多的三号人物。
4.   It was pleasant to Dr. Watson to find himself once more in theuntidy room of the first floor in Baker Street which had been thestarting-point of so many remarkable adventures. He looked round himat the scientific charts upon the wall, the acid-charred bench ofchemicals, the violin-case leaning in the corner, the coal-scuttle,which contained of old the pipes and tobacco. Finally, his eyes cameround to the fresh and smiling face of Billy, the young but verywise and tactful page, who had helped a little to fill up the gap ofloneliness and isolation which surrounded the saturnine figure ofthe great detective.
5. 在清除了附着在戒指上的绿色生长物后,波普看到上面似乎刻着字母H或R,最后一个大写字母则是B。
6. 我如实把情况向院士讲了,并自我解嘲地讲了句:“竟孤陋寡闻如此!”


1. 于木汁在自媒体上下了很多功夫,这不光是她收入的来源,也是她重拾骄傲的支点。
2. 2019年10月,一个包装盒背面印着AssembledinIndia(印度组装)的iPhoneXR终于出现,富士康成功在印度造出了苹果手机。
3. Of course we could promise whatsoever we might of advantages, if they would come to our country; but the more we knew of theirs, the less we boasted.
4.   8. Gardebrace: French, "garde-bras," an arm-shield; probably resembling the "gay bracer" which the Yeoman, in the Prologue to The Canterbury Tales, wears on his arm.
5. 久而久之,找他看病的人越来越多。
6.   `I stand corrected,; do you suppose--you go so far as to Suppose, sometimes?


1. 愿女儿的新年祝福带给你快乐。
2.   Although the young man was brave, as we know, he wasterrified at that wild countenance, those terribly dilatedpupils, those pale cheeks, and those bleeding lips. Herecoiled to the other side of the room as he would have donefrom a serpent which was crawling toward him, and his swordcoming in contact with his nervous hand, he drew it almostunconsciously from the scabbard. But without taking anyheed of the sword, Milady endeavored to get near enough tohim to stab him, and did not stop till she felt the sharppoint at her throat.
3. 原标题:在线办公的高光时刻全民抗击疫情,在家办公兴起。
4. 范辰说,其实像这种例子有很多,有的是企业法人被羁押但取保候审未获批,这样一来整个企业可能就完了。
5. 上海迪士尼度假区目前正常运营,我们欢迎您的到访。
6. 大家争相吐槽自己远程办公的心路历程,不仅软件崩了,人也跟着疯了。


1. 其次,我们知道(见第1卷第7章),新形成的产品的价值600镑由两部分构成:1、在生产资料上耗费的400镑不变资本的再现价值;2、新生产的200镑价值。商品的成本价格=500镑,包含再现的400c和新生产的200镑价值的一半(=100v),也就是包含两个来源完全不同的商品价值要素。
2. "The Princess Sara, indeed!" she said. "The child has been pampered as if she were a QUEEN>." She was sweeping angrily past the corner table as she said it, and the next moment she started at the sound of a loud, sobbing sniff which issued from under the cover.
3. 怪兽充电是一家提供共享充电宝的科技公司,于2017年5月在上海正式成立。
4. 记者注意到,受到武汉新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情的影响,公众的防护意识有了明显提高,超过一半的进出京旅客都佩戴了口罩。
5. 不过,我儿子第二天就来,说这是好事,跟我保证将来他一定会照料扬扬。
6. 产品质量水平高,就会使消费者乐于选择这种商品。


1.   It is well known that several animals, belonging to the most different classes, which inhabit the caves of Styria and of Kentucky, are blind. In some of the crabs the foot-stalk for the eye remains, though the eye is gone; the stand for the telescope is there, though the telescope with its glasses has been lost. As it is difficult to imagine that eyes, though useless, could be in any way injurious to animals living in darkness, I attribute their loss wholly to disuse. In one of the blind animals, namely, the cave-rat, the eyes are of immense size; and Professor Silliman thought that it regained, after living some days in the light, some slight power of vision. In the same manner as in Madeira the wings of some of the insects have been enlarged, and the wings of others have been reduced by natural selection aided by use and disuse, so in the case of the cave-rat natural selection seems to have struggled with the loss of light and to have increased the size of the eyes; whereas with all the other inhabitants of the caves, disuse by itself seems to have done its work.It is difficult to imagine conditions of life more similar than deep limestone caverns under a nearly similar climate; so that on the common view of the blind animals having been separately created for the American and European caverns, close similarity in their organisation and affinities might have been expected; but, as Schi?dte and others have remarked, this is not the case, and the cave-insects of the two continents are not more closely allied than might have been anticipated from the general resemblance of the other inhabitants of North America and Europe. On my view we must suppose that American animals, having ordinary powers of vision, slowly migrated by successive generations from the outer world into the deeper and deeper recesses of the Kentucky caves, as did European animals into the caves of Europe. We have some evidence of this gradation of habit; for, as Schi?dte remarks, 'animals not far remote from ordinary forms, prepare the transition from light to darkness. Next follow those that are constructed for twilight; and, last of all, those destined for total darkness.' By the time that an animal had reached, after numberless generations, the deepest recesses, disuse will on this view have more or less perfectly obliterated its eyes, and natural selection will often have effected other changes, such as an increase in the length of the antennae or palpi, as a compensation for blindness. Notwithstanding such modifications, we might expect still to see in the cave-animals of America, affinities to the other inhabitants of that continent, and in those of Europe, to the inhabitants of the European continent. And this is the case with some of the American cave-animals, as I hear from Professor Dana; and some of the European cave-insects are very closely allied to those of the surrounding country. It would be most difficult to give any rational explanation of the affinities of the blind cave-animals to the other inhabitants of the two continents on the ordinary view of their independent creation. That several of the inhabitants of the caves of the Old and New Worlds should be closely related, we might expect from the well-known relationship of most of their other productions. Far from feeling any surprise that some of the cave-animals should be very anomalous, as Agassiz has remarked in regard to the blind fish, the Amblyopsis, and as is the case with the blind Proteus with reference to the reptiles of Europe, I am only surprised that more wrecks of ancient life have not been preserved, owing to the less severe competition to which the inhabitants of these dark abodes will probably have been exposed.Acclimatisation
2.   This king Alla had such compassioun, As gentle heart is full filled of pity, That from his eyen ran the water down "Now hastily do fetch a book," quoth he; "And if this knight will sweare, how that she This woman slew, yet will we us advise* *consider Whom that we will that shall be our justice."
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      A servant presently led in the famous bard Demodocus, whom themuse had dearly loved, but to whom she had given both good and evil,for though she had endowed him with a divine gift of song, she hadrobbed him of his eyesight. Pontonous set a seat for him among theguests, leaning it up against a bearing-post. He hung the lyre for himon a peg over his head, and showed him where he was to feel for itwith his hands. He also set a fair table with a basket of victualsby his side, and a cup of wine from which he might drink whenever hewas so disposed.

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      Guided by theoretical considerations, I thought that some interesting results might be obtained in regard to the nature and relations of the species which vary most, by tabulating all the varieties in several well-worked floras. At first this seemed a simple task; but Mr H. C. Watson, to whom I am much indebted for valuable advice and assistance on this subject, soon convinced me that there were many difficulties, as did subsequently Dr Hooker, even in stronger terms. I shall reserve for my future work the discussion of these difficulties, and the tables themselves of the proportional numbers of the varying species. Dr Hooker permits me to add, that after having carefully read my manuscript, and examined the tables, he thinks that the following statements are fairly well established. The whole subject, however, treated as it necessarily here is with much brevity, is rather perplexing, and allusions cannot be avoided to the 'struggle for existence,' 'divergence of character,' and other questions, hereafter to be discussed.

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      "Aeolus entertained me for a whole month asking me questions all thetime about Troy, the Argive fleet, and the return of the Achaeans. Itold him exactly how everything had happened, and when I said I mustgo, and asked him to further me on my way, he made no sort ofdifficulty, but set about doing so at once. Moreover, he flayed me aprime ox-hide to hold the ways of the roaring winds, which he shutup in the hide as in a sack- for Jove had made him captain over thewinds, and he could stir or still each one of them according to hisown pleasure. He put the sack in the ship and bound the mouth sotightly with a silver thread that not even a breath of a side-windcould blow from any quarter. The West wind which was fair for us didhe alone let blow as it chose; but it all came to nothing, for we werelost through our own folly.