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1.   `Oh, good!'
2. 也只有杜绝了形式主义,无害化公厕才能在无猫腻中增进民众的获得感,而不是没有受益反被折腾。
3.   Then Jove's daughter Minerva came up to them, having assumed theform and voice of Mentor. Ulysses was glad when he saw her, and saidto his son Telemachus, "Telemachus, now that are about to fight inan engagement, which will show every man's mettle, be sure not todisgrace your ancestors, who were eminent for their strength andcourage all the world over."
4.   24. Cockenay: a term of contempt, probably borrowed from the kitchen; a cook, in base Latin, being termed "coquinarius." compare French "coquin," rascal.
5. 当公司老板要给你发37000元年终奖时,一定要好好跟老板沟通,劝他三思而后行,发36000元就可以了。
6. [正统派]正统派即指犹太教正统派,最大特点是坚持“天不变道亦不变”的原则,拒绝犹太教的变革。现在,正统派在美国是少数派,约占600万犹太人口的6%,但在许多欧洲国家例如法国和英国仍然有相当大的影响力。···更多


1.   This, Commander of the Faithful, is my story.
2. 该负责人向记者透露,协会发出去的求援信目前已经取得初步效果,中储粮正帮忙协调物资。
3. 数美科技CEO唐会军表示,本轮融资将主要用于AI技术研发、黑产研究、产品矩阵打造、海外业务拓展、人才招募等方面,加速AI在各行业的拓展和落地应用,为企业的互联网化转型提供业务风险防御能力。
4. 当前中国的消费市场,人、货、场正处于新一轮的重构之中,所有品类都有被重做一遍的机会。
5.   The sorrow that this Alla night and day Made for his wife, and for his child also, There is no tongue that it telle may. But now will I again to Constance go, That floated in the sea in pain and woe Five year and more, as liked Christe's sond,* *decree, command Ere that her ship approached to the lond.* *land
6.   Looking his companion full in the face while he drank the toast, Carton flung his glass over his shoulder against the wall, where it shivered to pieces; then, rang the bell, and ordered in another.


1. "A hundred pounds," Mr. Barrow remarked succinctly. "All expensive material, and made at a Parisian modiste's. He spent money lavishly enough, that young man."
2.   There we found delicious fruits, and having satisfied our hunger we presently lay down to rest upon the shore. Suddenly we were aroused by a loud rustling noise, and starting up, saw that it was caused by an immense snake which was gliding towards us over the sand. So swiftly it came that it had seized one of my comrades before he had time to fly, and in spite of his cries and struggles speedily crushed the life out of him in its mighty coils and proceeded to swallow him. By this time my other companion and I were running for our lives to some place where we might hope to be safe from this new horror, and seeing a tall tree we climbed up into it, having first provided ourselves with a store of fruit off the surrounding bushes. When night came I fell asleep, but only to be awakened once more by the terrible snake, which after hissing horribly round the tree at last reared itself up against it, and finding my sleeping comrade who was perched just below me, it swallowed him also, and crawled away leaving me half dead with terror.
3.   `Blacksmith on the pit-bank, I believe: overhead smith. But he was keeper here for two years before the war...before he joined up. My father always had a good Opinion of him, so when he came back, and went to the pit for a blacksmith's job, I just took him back here as keeper. I was really very glad to get him...its almost impossible to find a good man round here for a gamekeeper...and it needs a man who knows the people.'
4. 这背后,到底是什么在让司机们铤而走险?▲保底项目,每月保底2.8万元应聘货车司机每月保底2.8万元开货车拉货、C1驾照即可、跑成都到重庆专线、每月保底2.8万元。
5. 10年前,当你还是科技圈的无名之辈时,你一手创办的特斯拉和SpaceX游走在破产的边缘,身边只留下两三位并肩作战的兄弟。
6. 在本周达沃斯年会上,政策制定者、政治人士以及商业领袖达成了这种谨慎乐观的共识,这种局面是自2007年以来历届世界经济论坛所不曾看到的。


1. 母亲在世的时候,她带着我们找,母亲去世后,我们两姐妹先后外出打工,也一直记得母亲的意愿,就是要为父亲申冤。
2. 我从重庆到四川成都工作快二十年了,其中在《星星》的十几年,沙河先生已经退休,那些年每个月签发工资单就能看到先生的名字。
3. 12月5日,澎湃新闻就此事联系唯品会,该平台公关人员表示,手表确实具有夜光功能,此前客服两次表示没有夜光功能,是因为对产品不熟悉,回复了错误信息。
4. 但我们姐妹俩始终没有那么去做,我们没有那么大胆,没有那么狠。
5.   'No, ma'am,' returned Mrs. Crupp. 'Cigars and pipes.'
6. 我们也将错误情况反映给公安部了,公安部下属的网站已经删除了错误信息。


1.   He ate in a cheap restaurant in the vicinity, and, being cold andlonely, went straight off to seek the loft in question. Thecompany was not attempting to run cars after nightfall. It wasso advised by the police.
2. K12网校经过两年的发展,模式开始突破。
3. 这家初创企业后被法能收购。

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      "Well, from that time Sarah hated me with her whole heart andsoul, and she is a woman who can hate, too. I was a fool to let her goon biding with us- a besotted fool- but I never said a word to Mary,for I knew it would grieve her. Things went on much as before, butafter a time I began to find that there was a bit of a change inMary herself. She had always been so trusting and so innocent, but nowshe became queer and suspicious, wanting to know where I had beenand what I had been doing, and whom my letters were from, and what Ihad in my pockets, and a thousand such follies. Day by day she grewqueerer and more irritable, and we had ceaseless rows about nothing. Iwas fairly puzzled by it all. Sarah avoided me now, but she and Marywere just inseparable. I can see now how she was plotting and schemingand poisoning my wife's mind against me, but I was such a blind beetlethat I could not understand it at the time. Then I broke my blueribbon and began to drink again, but I think I should not have done itif Mary had been the same as ever. She had some reason to be disgustedwith me now, and the gap between us began to be wider and wider. Andthen this Alec Fairbairn chipped in, and things became a thousandtimes blacker.

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