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1. 我发现,他们的收银柜,每次结账都要开一次,如果找错零钱,就要找钥匙来开,而钥匙很容易丢,对店主来说是一个困扰。
2. 而启信宝信息显示,车置宝的社保人数仅为448人。
3.   The others all agreed, but Ulysses, to throw them off the scent,said, "Sirs, an old man like myself, worn out with suffering, cannothold his own against a young one; but my irrepressible belly urgesme on, though I know it can only end in my getting a drubbing. Youmust swear, however that none of you will give me a foul blow tofavour Irus and secure him the victory."
4. 如果条件允许的话,可以用喷医药酒精消毒后,进行紫外线消毒,这样可以灭掉99%的DNA和RNA病毒,但这些做法都属于买不到口罩下的无奈之举,原则上是不建议口罩二次利用。
5. 黄峥表示,这部分的数据有望在下季度公开。
6.   At the word treasure, Aladdin forgot his fears, and grasped the ring as he was told, saying the names of his father and grandfather. The stone came up quite easily and some steps appeared.


1. 此外,它使外科医生能够从网页端或APP端来查看失效和可用的时间块,并按照自己的需求,从调度系统里申请这些时间块。
2. v. 强调,着重
3.   So once more I was quite alone, and for a whole month I walked daily over the island, seeking for some chance of escape. At length one day it struck me that my prison had grown much larger, and that the mainland seemed to be nearer. My heart beat at this thought, which was almost too good to be true. I watched a little longer: there was no doubt about it, and soon there was only a tiny stream for me to cross.
4. The wall at that point was singularly uninviting. It rose so straight that we had to put our heads over to see the base, and the country below seemed to be a far-off marshy tangle of rank vegetation. We did not have to risk our necks to that extent, however, for at last, stealing along among the rocks and trees like so many creeping savages, we came to that flat space where we had landed; and there, in unbelievable good fortune, we found our machine.
5. 由于每次绿灯之间间隔较长,许多路人会在四个方向都是红灯时伺机闯过马路。
6.   "Looks quite an affair, doesn't it?"


1. ①十月二日,阎部师长傅作义袭占北京西南的涿州,坚守两个月余。
2.   "Ah, you see how it is," said Athos, becoming still paler, butyet attempting to laugh; "I was sure it was so--the hanging ofpeople is my nightmare."
3. 36氪获悉,由支付宝、蚂蚁金服和阿里巴巴集团主办的的金融科技大会外滩大会将永久落户上海。
4. 绝大多数人选择了后者,结果滑向更深渊。
5.   In this disguise she looked so like the prince that when she gave orders next morning to break up the camp and continue the journey no one suspected the change. She made one of her women enter her litter, whilst she herself mounted on horseback and the march began.
6. 想一想再看


1. 还有韩国和日本的朋友,沉迷视频,对美食赞不绝口。
2.   He resorted to his pint of wine for consolation, drank it all in a few minutes, and fell asleep on his arms, with his hair straggling over the table, and a long winding-sheet in the candle dripping down upon him.CHAPTER VThe JackalTHOSE were drinking days, and moot men drank hard. So very great is the improvement Time has brought about in such habits, that a moderate statement of the quantity of wine and punch which one man would swallow in the course of a night, without any detriment to his reputation as a perfect gentleman, would seem, in these days, a ridiculous exaggeration. The learned profession of the law was certainly not behind any other learned profession in its Bacchanalian Propensities; neither was Mr. Stryver, already fast shouldering his way to a large and lucrative practice, behind his compeers in this particular, any more than in the drier parts of the legal race.
3. 在记者的建议下,她打开从来没用过的直播软件,观看了一段包子面条的短视频,很快就笑到脖子发红。
4.   Carrie had thought of going for a walk, and had put on a lightgrey woollen dress with a jaunty double-breasted jacket. She hadout her hat and gloves, and was fastening a white lace tie abouther throat when the housemaid brought up the information that Mr.Hurstwood wished to see her.
5.   Master Chappelet replyed; Say not so good Father, for albeit Ihave bene so oftentimes confessed, yet am I willing now to make agenerall confession, even of all sinnes comming to my remembrance,from the very day of my birth, until this instant houre of myshrift. And therefore I entreat you (holy Father) to make a particulardemand of everie thing, even as if I had never bene confessed atall, and to make no respect of my sicknesse: for I had rather beoffensive to mine owne flesh, then by favoring or allowing it ease, tohazard the perdition of my soule, which my Redeemer bought with soprecious a price.
6. 东京电力公司也表示,到2022年,储水空间将用尽。


1.   The Benedetto affair, as it was called at the Palais, and bypeople in general, had produced a tremendous sensation.Frequenting the Cafe de Paris, the Boulevard de Gand, andthe Bois de Boulogne, during his brief career of splendor,the false Cavalcanti had formed a host of acquaintances. Thepapers had related his various adventures, both as the manof fashion and the galley-slave; and as every one who hadbeen personally acquainted with Prince Andrea Cavalcantiexperienced a lively curiosity in his fate, they alldetermined to spare no trouble in endeavoring to witness thetrial of M. Benedetto for the murder of his comrade inchains. In the eyes of many, Benedetto appeared, if not avictim to, at least an instance of, the fallibility of thelaw. M. Cavalcanti, his father, had been seen in Paris, andit was expected that he would re-appear to claim theillustrious outcast. Many, also, who were not aware of thecircumstances attending his withdrawal from Paris, werestruck with the worthy appearance, the gentlemanly bearing,and the knowledge of the world displayed by the oldpatrician, who certainly played the nobleman very well, solong as he said nothing, and made no arithmeticalcalculations. As for the accused himself, many rememberedhim as being so amiable, so handsome, and so liberal, thatthey chose to think him the victim of some conspiracy, sincein this world large fortunes frequently excite themalevolence and jealousy of some unknown enemy. Every one,therefore, ran to the court; some to witness the sight,others to comment upon it. From seven o'clock in the morninga crowd was stationed at the iron gates, and an hour beforethe trial commenced the hall was full of the privileged.Before the entrance of the magistrates, and indeedfrequently afterwards, a court of justice, on days when someespecial trial is to take place, resembles a drawing-roomwhere many persons recognize each other and converse if theycan do so without losing their seats; or, if they areseparated by too great a number of lawyers, communicate bysigns.
2. 十年寓意为一次成功的创业至少需要10年,十年铅笔会的愿景是沉淀一批中国最具成长价值的创新企业:用十年的坚持换取一次创业成功。
3. 而且广告位需要提前预定,这个月交钱,下个月才能用。

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