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1.   It was the maid with a telegram. Holmes tore it open and burst outlaughing.
2. 建立转移记录(台帐),并报我局备案。
3. 有些地方,道路越来越堵反而成了我们习以为常的事情了。
4. 她最近一次听到爷爷的消息,是老人家已经被送进了ICU。
5. "Girls!" whispered Jeff, under his breath, as if they might fly if he spoke aloud.
6.   Before the dishes were removed I made signs that writing materials, which stood in one corner of the room, should be laid in front of me. I then took a peach and wrote on it some verses in praise of the Sultan, who was speechless with astonishment; but when I did the same thing on a glass from which I had drunk he murmured to himself, "Why, a man who could do as much would be cleverer than any other man, and this is only a monkey!"


1.   'Good,' said my aunt. 'Should you like to go tomorrow?'
2.   The knock was answered by Sadie, with a taper in her hand, and the vizir, who was surprised at her beauty, bowed low before her, and said respectfully, "Madam, we are three merchants who have lately arrived from Moussoul, and, owing to a misadventure which befel us this very night, only reached our inn to find that the doors were closed to us till to-morrow morning. Not knowing what to do, we wandered in the streets till we happened to pass your house, when, seeing lights and hearing the sound of voices, we resolved to ask you to give us shelter till the dawn. If you will grant us this favour, we will, with your permission, do all in our power to help you spend the time pleasantly."
3. 最能体现朱基“国退”决心的事例发生在中国的胶卷产业。
4. 同样,对于人性中的那些自私而又原始的激情来说,我们自己的毫厘之得失,会显得比另一个和我们没有特殊关系的人的最高利益重要的多,会激起某种更为激昂的高兴或悲伤,会引出某种更为强烈的渴望和嫌恶。(Ⅲ·Ⅰ·45,TMS)
5.   "My friends, this man will give us no quarter. He will stand wherehe is and shoot us down till he has killed every man among us. Letus then show fight; draw your swords, and hold up the tables to shieldyou from his arrows. Let us have at him with a rush, to drive him fromthe pavement and doorway: we can then get through into the town, andraise such an alarm as shall soon stay his shooting."
6. 疫情期间除了医用酒精含氯的84消毒液成为人们的首选使用84消毒液,需要注意什么?1。


1. 真腊自称甘孛智(柬埔寨)。历史上很早就与中国交通。一○○八年,真腊商贾三人到广西高州贸易。一一一六年,真腊国王派遣“进奉使”等到宋,赠送礼物。此后,宋朝、真腊的使臣和商贾,不断往来两国。元成宗初年,周达观曾随元使访问真腊,到达都城吴哥,撰成《真腊风土记》一书。书中描述当时真腊人民在日常生活中普遍使用元朝的货物,以“唐人金银”为第一,其次为五色轻绢帛,再次为真州的锡铁、温州的漆盘、泉州的青瓷器,还有明州的草席以及雨伞、铁锅、铜盘、木梳、针、矮床等。宋、元时期有许多人侨居真腊经商,并娶当地妇女为妻。《真腊风土记》一书的完成,增进了中国人民对真腊的了解,也为真腊保存了可贵的历史纪录。
2. 截至2019年10月底,全省共开设工资专用账户3500余个。
3. 点击进入专题:武汉发生新型冠状病毒肺炎实时更新|武汉新型肺炎全国疫情地图。
4.   "You've seen my wife?" he asked as a precautionary measure as theboy turned to go.
5. 新京报快讯(记者裴剑飞)今天(12月15日)晚上,北京或将一场大雪,新京报记者从京港地铁公司获悉,为确保降雪天气下乘客的顺畅出行,京港地铁做好应对降雪天气的准备,京港地铁各线列车将提前5-10分钟出车,确保列车准时、安全运行,同时,4号线及大兴线、14号线东段也已经做好了延长运营服务的准备。
6. 事发后,现场引来许多业主围观。


1. 就拿互联网医疗来说,2013-14年前后兴起大批公司,2016年后又有大量公司死亡,行业进入寒冬。
2. 顺治初年,清军在各地作战,盛京及其他各城留驻的八旗兵,不断被调遣到山海关内各地,补充军力。明清之际,辽沈地区几经战乱,关内移住的汉民多相继逃回。满人大批入关后,原来被俘的汉人也大量逃亡。一六五三年,牡丹江上游的重镇宁古塔,设昂邦章京(原为驻防章京),以加强对黑龙江和乌苏里江流域的统治。同时,又颁布“辽东招民垦殖条例”,奖励汉人农民去辽东开垦,但并未能收到成效。一六六一年,奉天府尹张尚贤在奏疏中陈述当地的情形说:辽河以东只有奉天、辽阳、海城三处人民凑集。河东和河西所谓“腹里”的广阔地区,竟是“荒城废堡,败瓦颓垣,沃野千里,有土无人”(《圣祖实录》卷二)。
3. 检查点的民警马上赶到车旁和车前,发现车内驾驶室坐着一名女性驾驶员,后排座位坐着一男一女两名乘客。
4. Its Academic Ranking of World Universities is made up of six objective indicators, including the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, the number of highly-cited researchers, the number of articles published in the journals Nature and Science, the number of articles indexed in the "Science Citation Index", and their per capita performance.
5. 区块链一个痛点是存储,每个链的节点都存同样的数据,是重复存储,而中心化存一个点就可以了。
6. 目前市场供应充足,市民没有必要过度囤货。


1. 办案过程存在明显的瑕疵再审判决亦指出,办案过程中的一些程序问题:在案证据证实,张志超被传唤到案时间是2005年2月12日1时30分,同日13时30分解除传唤,2005年2月13日18时被刑事拘留。
2.   Then Pisistratus said, "Menelaus, son of Atreus, you are right inthinking that this young man is Telemachus, but he is very modest, andis ashamed to come here and begin opening up discourse with onewhose conversation is so divinely interesting as your own. Myfather, Nestor, sent me to escort him hither, for he wanted to knowwhether you could give him any counsel or suggestion. A son has alwaystrouble at home when his father has gone away leaving him withoutsupporters; and this is how Telemachus is now placed, for his fatheris absent, and there is no one among his own people to stand by him."
3. 在方云才博士看来,手术室内的医疗器械智能化是一个必然的趋势,拥有极大发展空间——迄今为止,大部分医疗器械没有能量、智能化程度仍很低,几十年来并未有太多改变。

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