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1. 中小机构觉醒的需求是一线教育资源能够以ToB之路下探的根源之一。
2. 单词protocol 联想记忆:
3. 当然最终的结局我们已经看到了,有人有钱的eBay在淘宝的攻势下一败涂地。
4.   Mr. Lorry was so exceedingly disconcerted by a question so hard to answer, that he could only look on, at a distance, with much feebler sympathy and humility, while the strong woman, having banished the inn servants under the mysterious penalty of `letting them know' something not mentioned if they stayed there, staring, recovered her charge by a regular series of gradations, and coaxed her to lay her drooping head upon her shoulder.
5. 埃斯珀在演讲中还批评中国单方面宣称的非法海上主权声索,危及其他国家获取重要的自然资源,破坏区域能源市场的稳定,增加冲突的风险。
6.   96. Explicit Liber Troili et Cresseidis: "The end of the book of Troilus and Cressida."


1.   `Where?'
2.   Till I came to a laund* of white and green, *lawn So fair a one had I never in been; The ground was green, *y-powder'd with daisy,* *strewn with daisies* The flowers and the *greves like high,* *bushes of the same height* All green and white; was nothing elles seen.
3. 展开全文很难想象,有着如此凶狠战绩的张一鸣,会是个保守、不善言辞的人。
4. 一二五四年(蒙哥四年),忽必烈自大理北返,留大将兀良合台戍守云南,并任命刘时中为宣抚使,与大理原来的统治者段氏共同治理云南地区。随后,蒙哥根据兀良合台的建议,按蒙古军政合一的制度,将原有的三十七部并成十九个万户府,任命土人和蒙古官员为万户长和达鲁花赤,兀良合台任都元帅总镇其地。一二六○年,忽必烈即位后,在一二六三年至一二七一年间先后派遣昔撤昔、也先、宝合丁、阿鲁帖木儿担任此职。在云南设省以前,他们是云南地区的军政首领。
5. 许多技术人员相信,本世纪的智能机器人很有可能和人类进行比赛,并取得胜利。
6. 老师们会提前发给他高中学习资料,西蒙斯在家里自学这些内容。


1. 给120、社区居委会打电话,都需要打很长一段时间才能拨通,他们确实很忙。
2.   Then Ulysses answered, "Madam, wife of Ulysses, do not disfigureyourself further by grieving thus bitterly for your loss, though I canhardly blame you for doing so. A woman who has loved her husband andborne him children, would naturally be grieved at losing him, eventhough he were a worse man than Ulysses, who they say was like agod. Still, cease your tears and listen to what I can tell I will hidenothing from you, and can say with perfect truth that I have latelyheard of Ulysses as being alive and on his way home; he is among theThesprotians, and is bringing back much valuable treasure that hehas begged from one and another of them; but his ship and all his crewwere lost as they were leaving the Thrinacian island, for Jove and thesun-god were angry with him because his men had slaughtered thesun-god's cattle, and they were all drowned to a man. But Ulyssesstuck to the keel of the ship and was drifted on to the land of thePhaecians, who are near of kin to the immortals, and who treated himas though he had been a god, giving him many presents, and wishingto escort him home safe and sound. In fact Ulysses would have beenhere long ago, had he not thought better to go from land to landgathering wealth; for there is no man living who is so wily as heis; there is no one can compare with him. Pheidon king of theThesprotians told me all this, and he swore to me- makingdrink-offerings in his house as he did so- that the ship was by thewater side and the crew found who would take Ulysses to his owncountry. He sent me off first, for there happened to be aThesprotian ship sailing for the wheat-growing island of Dulichium,but he showed me all treasure Ulysses had got together, and he hadenough lying in the house of king Pheidon to keep his family for tengenerations; but the king said Ulysses had gone to Dodona that hemight learn Jove's mind from the high oak tree, and know whether afterso long an absence he should return to Ithaca openly or in secret.So you may know he is safe and will be here shortly; he is close athand and cannot remain away from home much longer; nevertheless I willconfirm my words with an oath, and call Jove who is the first andmightiest of all gods to witness, as also that hearth of Ulysses towhich I have now come, that all I have spoken shall surely come topass. Ulysses will return in this self same year; with the end of thismoon and the beginning of the next he will be here."
3.   Observe me then Madame, replied the Countesse. It is most convenientfor my purpose, that by some trusty and faithfull messenger, youshould advertise the Count my husband, that your daughter is, andshall be at his command: but that she may remaine absolutelyassured, that his love is constant to her, and above all other: sheemust entreat him, to send her (as a testimony thereof) the Ringwhich he weareth upon his little finger, albeit shee hath heard,that he loveth it deerly. If he send the Ring, you shall give it me,and afterward send him word, that your daughter is ready to accomplishhis pleasure; but, for the more safety and secrecie, he must repairehither to your house, where I being in bed insteed of your daughter,faire Fortune may so favour mee, that (unknowne to him) I may conceivewith childe. Upon which good successe, when time shall serve, havingthe Ring on my finger, and a childe in my armes begotten by him, hislove and liking may be recovered, and (by your meanes) I continue withmy Husband, as every vertuous Wife ought to doe.
4. We were to leave the yacht at the nearest safe port and go up that endless river in our motorboat, just the three of us and a pilot; then drop the pilot when we got to that last stopping place of the previous party, and hunt up that clear water stream ourselves.
5.   On this the old woman went out of the room to bid the maids go totheir mistress. In the meantime Minerva bethought her of anothermatter, and sent Penelope off into a sweet slumber; so she lay down onher couch and her limbs became heavy with sleep. Then the goddess shedgrace and beauty over her that all the Achaeans might admire her.She washed her face with the ambrosial loveliness that Venus wearswhen she goes dancing with the Graces; she made her taller and of amore commanding figure, while as for her complexion it was whiter thansawn ivory. When Minerva had done all this she went away, whereonthe maids came in from the women's room and woke Penelope with thesound of their talking.
6.   Thus did they converse in the house of Hades deep down within thebowels of the earth. Meanwhile Ulysses and the others passed out ofthe town and soon reached the fair and well-tilled farm of Laertes,which he had reclaimed with infinite labour. Here was his house,with a lean-to running all round it, where the slaves who worked forhim slept and sat and ate, while inside the house there was an oldSicel woman, who looked after him in this his country-farm. WhenUlysses got there, he said to his son and to the other two:


1.   When the Ladies heard this, they made answer, that all should beeanswerable to his minde. Whereupon, the King gave them all leave todispose of themselves till supper time. And because the Sun was yetvery high, in regard all the re-counted Novels had bin so short:Dioneus went to play at the Tables with another of the yong Gentlemen,and Madame Eliza, having withdrawne the Ladies aside, thus spakeunto them. During the time of our being heere, I have often benedesirous to let you see a place somwhat neere at hand, and which Isuppose you have never seene, it being called The Valley of Ladies.Till now, I could not finde any convenient time to bring youthither, the Sunne continuing still aloft, which fitteth you withthe apter leysure, and the sight (I am sure) can no way discontentyou.
2. 因此,人人都与慈善事业有关,也都有资格关心和监督慈善组织的运行状况。
3. 58岁民警刘大庆的追悼会从简举行
4.   There was a blank silence.
5.   Driven to desperation, she asked at dinner:
6. 原料可以构成产品的主要实体,也可以只是作为辅助材料参加产品的形成。辅助材料或者被劳动资料消费,例如煤被蒸汽机消费,机油被轮子消费,干草被挽马消费;或者加在原料上,使原料发生物质变化,例如氯加在未经漂白的麻布上,煤加在铁上,颜料加在羊毛上;或者帮助劳动本身的进行,例如用于劳动场所的照明和取暖的材料。在真正的化学工业中,主要材料和辅助材料之间的区别就消失了,因为在所用的原料中没有一种会作为产品的实体重新出现。


1. 老板自己做,自己了解重视了,不管是招人还是内部调动人员都不是问题。
2. "There!" triumphed Alima. "One or two or no children, and three or four servants. Now what do those women DO?"
3. The Internet users posted screenshots from social networking apps showing questions and answers that were going to be on the exam.

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      So soone as the Tables were withdrawne, Thorello knowing theymight be weary, brought them againe to their Chambers, wherecommitting them to their good rest, himselfe went to bed sooneafter. The Servant sent to Pavia, delivered the message to his Lady;who, not like a woman of ordinary disposition, but rather truelyRoyall, sent Thorelloes servants into the City, to make preparationfor a Feast indeed, and with lighted Torches (because it wassomewhat late) they invited the very greatest and noblest persons ofthe Citie, all the roomes being hanged with the richest Arras, Clothesand Golde worke, Velvets, Silkes, and all other rich adornments, insuch manner as her husband had commanded, and answerable to her owneworthy mind, being no way to learne, in what manner to entertainestrangers.

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