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1.   "It is," they all replied, except Giafar, who was silent.
2. 母亲去世后,我们到舅舅家生活。
3. 仅是在北京地区铺设网点的项目,就达到了19家。
4.   Miss Temple, through all changes, had thus far continuedsuperintendent of the seminary: to her instruction I owed the bestpart of my acquirements; her friendship and society had been mycontinual solace; she had stood me in the stead of mother,governess, and, latterly, companion. At this period she married,removed with her husband (a clergyman, an excellent man, almost worthyof such a wife) to a distant county, and consequently was lost to me.
5. 因为餐厅能接待的人数有限,在家吃年夜饭成了部分人过年的惯例。
6.   For the first week or so, Mrs Bolton, however, was very quiet at Wragby, her assured, bossy manner left her, and she was nervous. With Clifford she was shy, almost frightened, and silent. He liked that, and soon recovered his self-possession, letting her do things for him without even noticing her.


1. 全国具有大学教育程度的人口达17093万人,每10万人中受过高等教育的人口已由2010年的8930人上升至2015年的12445人。此外,我国上过高中的人数也有所增长,而只完成低水平教育的人数则有所下降。
2.   "And he comes from Marseilles?"
3. 以抗生素的替代品而言,现在有抗菌肽、噬菌体、抗体、微生态制剂、植物提取物、酸化剂、酶制剂、寡糖、酵母培养物和发酵饲料等,都有一定的抗生素替代效果。
4. 这是她最常跟孩子说的话。
5. 西安市公交六公司:已对当事驾驶员和售票员均已接受处罚再次向乘客致歉今日(26日),华商报记者从公交六公司了解到,目前当事驾驶员和售票员均已停工。
6. 而从北侧看,其地上建筑3层,地下含2层。


1.   'Oh! I daresay she is crying because she could not go out withMissis in the carriage,' interposed Bessie.
2. 经过近4个小时的扑救,明火全部熄灭,没有造成人员伤亡。
3. 无线电干扰是断断续续的,有时候排查到一半可能就消失了,信号消失了就没办法再追查,而这个信号出现又毫无规律,无线电设备非常隐蔽,而且还经常进行伪装,所以排查工作非常困难。
4.   "My friend," replied Ulysses, "you are very positive, and veryhard of belief about your master's coming home again, nevertheless Iwill not merely say, but will swear, that he is coming. Do not give meanything for my news till he has actually come, you may then give me ashirt and cloak of good wear if you will. I am in great want, but Iwill not take anything at all till then, for I hate a man, even as Ihate hell fire, who lets his poverty tempt him into lying. I swearby king Jove, by the rites of hospitality, and by that hearth ofUlysses to which I have now come, that all will surely happen as Ihave said it will. Ulysses will return in this self same year; withthe end of this moon and the beginning of the next he will be hereto do vengeance on all those who are ill treating his wife and son."
5. 据悉,高以翔的告别式订于12月15日上午8点举行。
6.   `Who is your game-keeper?' Connie asked at lunch.


1.   By this time, Nello being come againe unto them, they all returnedhome with Calandrino unto his owne house, whereinto he entering veryfaintly, hee saide to his Wife: Woman, make my Bed presently ready,for I feele my selfe to be growne extreamely sicke, and see thatthou layest cloathes enow upon me. Being thus laide in his Bedde, theyleft him for that night, and returned to visite him againe the verienext morning, by which time, he had made a reservation of his Water,and sent it by a young Damosell unto Maister Doctor, who dwelt then inthe olde market place, at the signe of the Muske Mellone. Then saideBruno unto his Companions; Abide you heere to keepe him company, and Iwill walke along to the Physitian, to understand what he will say: andif neede be, I can procure him to come hither with me. Calandrino verykindely accepted his offer, saying withall. Well Bruno, thou shewstthy selfe a friend in the time of necessity, I pray thee know ofhim, how the case stands with me, for I feele a very strangealteration within mee, far beyond all compasse of my conceite.
2.   "Yet I must know his name."
3. 对比上述数据,此后的招募计划至少还有57个带头人名额。
4.   All this time, her daughter Annie never once spoke, or lifted up her eyes. All this time, Mr. Wickfield had his glance upon her as she sat by his own daughter's side. It appeared to me that he never thought of being observed by anyone; but was so intent upon her, and upon his own thoughts in connexion with her, as to be quite absorbed. He now asked what Mr. Jack Maldon had actually written in reference to himself, and to whom he had written?
5.   "'Where was the shadow?'
6. 因为会很多人付不上给你的账款,你的资金周转吃紧了以后,你也会尽量地拖着别人的钱不付,整个经济循环就难以完成。


1. 南宋袁枢撰《通鉴纪事本末》,共四十二卷,一一七三年稍后成书。宋代以前,史体只有编年、纪传两种。袁枢喜读《通鉴》,但《通鉴》卷帙较多,一件事或者隔越几卷,翻检不易。袁枢自出新意,把《通鉴》中的重要事件,区别门目,以类排纂,每件事各详始终,自列标题,每篇又按时间顺序自为头尾。从三家分晋到周世宗征淮南,经纬清晰,节目详具,前后始未一目了然。从而使纪传、编年贯通为一,创立了新的史体——纪事本末体。
2. Nothing could induce him to stay out, however, so we walked on.
3. 微软也不再在已经输掉的战役上过分纠结,虽然2013年斥71.7亿美元巨资收购了诺基亚手机部门,微软终极还是放弃再造一个移动系统的幻想。

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    A lot of the best James Bond theme songs sound like they belong in a lounge act. That's not a complaint, just an observation. For whatever reason, the English new wave act Duran Duran was given free reign to provide A View to a Kill with a new and exciting sound all its own. "A View to a Kill" was a hit song, and it probably would have been a success even without the James Bond connection. It's entertaining and cool and energetic, and it promises one hell of a good time. (Whether or not the movie actually lives up to that promise is a matter of some debate.)

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      "'My dear nurse," said Penelope, "do not exult too confidentlyover all this. You know how delighted every one would be to seeUlysses come home- more particularly myself, and the son who hasbeen born to both of us; but what you tell me cannot be really true.It is some god who is angry with the suitors for their greatwickedness, and has made an end of them; for they respected no manin the whole world, neither rich nor poor, who came near them, whocame near them, and they have come to a bad end in consequence oftheir iniquity. Ulysses is dead far away from the Achaean land; hewill never return home again."

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