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1. 如果真正农业上的资本构成低于社会平均资本的构成,那末,这首先就表示,在生产发达的各国,农业的发展没有达到加工工业那样的程度。撇开其他一切部分地有决定作用的经济情况不说,这个事实已经由下述情况得到说明:机械学,特别是它的应用,同发展较晚而且部分地还十分幼稚的化学、地质学和生理学,特别是同它们在农业上的应用比较起来,发展得比较早,而且比较快。此
2. 取决于互相交换的商品具有同等的价值额。
3.   His wife explained that she had merely `asked a blessing.'
4.   "Well, I don't know as I'd care to change," said Carrie, who wasalready turning over the three-dollar rate in her mind. She wasthinking if she had only herself to support this would leave herseventeen for herself.
5.   'Not particularly so, sir.'
6.   The hour was come, when Saint Antoine was to execute his horrible idea of hoisting up men for lamps to show what he could be and do. Saint Antoine's blood was up, and the blood of tyranny and domination by the iron hand was down--down on the steps of the Hotel de Ville where the governor's body lay--down on the sole of the shoe of Madame Defarge where she had trodden on the body to steady it for mutilation. `Lower the lamp yonder!' cried Saint Antoine, after glaring round for a new means of death; `here is one of his soldiers to be left on guard!' The swinging sentinel was posted, and the sea rushed on.


1.   'You have heard the "counting-house" mentioned, or the business, or the cellars, or the wharf, or something about it.'
2. 我和媳妇结缘于贵广高铁。
3. 这一兴趣转变的一个原因是1894-1895年日本打败了中国,使居统治地位的土大夫阶层的傲慢和自满遭到毁灭性的打击。另一个原因是西方大规模的、似乎不可抗拒的入侵。中日战争以后的几年中,这种入侵在各个领域都达到很大的规模,使中国的生存似乎都受到威胁。结果,愈来愈多的中国领导人被迫得出这样的结论:重大的变革是生存所必不可少的,而且这种变革不能仅限于军事和经济方面。此外,西方在渗透过程中创造了有利于变革的力量和条件。
4.   `If it is--'Defarge began, and stopped.`If it is?' repeated his wife.
5. 酒是陈的香,以生态洞藏系列为代表的生态白酒对基酒酒龄的要求比较高。
6.   'Em'ly, my dear,' cried Mr. Peggotty. 'See here! Here's Mas'r Davy come! What, cheer up, pretty! Not a wured to Mas'r Davy?'


1.   'I think so: he is very changeful and abrupt.'
2.   "Unhappy man," replied the dervish, "it is not my fault that this has befallen you, but it is a just chastisement. The blindness of your heart has wrought the blindness of your body. Yes, I have secrets; that you have seen in the short time that we have known each other. But I have none that will give you back your sight. You have proved yourself unworthy of the riches that were given you. Now they have passed into my hands, whence they will flow into the hands of others less greedy and ungrateful than you."
3. 李姓负责人说,他雇了人白天晚上分别在临时存放点看管,确保快递不会丢失。
4.   At length, seeing that the sun was about to set, Sadia said to the porter, "Rise and go; it is now time for us to separate."
5. 如下图: 将客户详情页抽象下沉建设统一客户视图中台 任何业务系统,既可以调用该模块的成熟接口查询客户数据并自己设计前端页面,也可以直接嵌入统一客户视图提供的现成的客户详情页组件,并且该页面组件还可以进行灵活的权限配置,定义针对不同的业务系统、不同用户角色的数据查看、编辑范围。
6. 裴某某收转账的银行卡。


1. 至案发,已造成广大投资人数亿元财产损失。
2. 原标题:女CEO又融资千万元:她为4亿年轻人造有趣版青旅接待客户超25万ttg创始人兼CEO金海鑫入选了今年的胡润Under30s创业领袖。
3. I've seen managers not hire a woman because the environment is mostly male, and they're worried that no matter how smart or talented she is, she won't fit in.
4.   'Sarah, come and sleep with me in the nursery; I daren't for mylife be alone with that poor child tonight: she might die; it's such astrange thing she should have that fit: I wonder if she sawanything. Missis was rather too hard.'
5. 可是,我看到微信朋友圈里的市民在超市哄抢的图片,我又忧心忡忡,我真的担心这样下去疫情会发展得更快。
6. 电话来得正是时候,唐纳德·纳尔逊签署了文件。格罗夫斯获得了三个“A”级的第一优先地位。


1. 术后初期,他的菜谱上通常只有牛排和花椰菜。
2.   "At first she would have nothing to do with his wicked scheme, forshe was of a good natural disposition; moreover there was a bardwith her, to whom Agamemnon had given strict orders on setting out forTroy, that he was to keep guard over his wife; but when heaven hadcounselled her destruction, Aegisthus thus this bard off to a desertisland and left him there for crows and seagulls to batten upon- afterwhich she went willingly enough to the house of Aegisthus. Then heoffered many burnt sacrifices to the gods, and decorated manytemples with tapestries and gilding, for he had succeeded far beyondhis expectations.
3.   And his plain, rather worn face took on an indefinable look of derision. It was a face that changed all the time, baking.

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