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1.   His eyes came to hers in an instant, as if wakened up. He was aware of her.
2.   `Oh only Sir Clifford was waiting for his tea.'
3. 在应用商店搜索直播相亲,可以检索到相亲宝、小红绳等多个软件。
4.   Traversing the long and matted gallery, I descended the slipperysteps of oak; then I gained the hall: I halted there a minute; Ilooked at some pictures on the walls (one, I remember, represented agrim man in a cuirass, and one a lady with powdered hair and a pearlnecklace), at a bronze lamp pendent from the ceiling, at a great clockwhose case was of oak curiously carved, and ebon black with time andrubbing. Everything appeared very stately and imposing to me; but thenI was so little accustomed to grandeur. The hall-door, which washalf of glass, stood open; I stepped over the threshold. It was a fineautumn morning; the early sun shone serenely on embrowned groves andstill green fields; advancing on to the lawn, I looked up and surveyedthe front of the mansion. It was three storeys high, of proportionsnot vast, though considerable: a gentleman's manor-house, not anobleman's seat: battlements round the top gave it a picturesque look.Its grey front stood out well from the background of a rookery,whose cawing tenants were now on the wing: they flew over the lawn andgrounds to alight in a great meadow, from which these were separatedby a sunk fence, and where an array of mighty old thorn trees, strong,knotty, and broad as oaks, at once explained the etymology of themansion's designation. Farther off were hills: not so lofty as thoseround Lowood, nor so craggy, nor so like barriers of separation fromthe living world; but yet quiet and lonely hills enough, and seemingto embrace Thornfield with a seclusion I had not expected to findexistent so near the stirring locality of Millcote. A little hamlet,whose roofs were blent with trees, straggled up the side of one ofthese hills; the church of the district stood nearer Thornfield: itsold tower-top looked over a knoll between the house and gates.
5. 对此,成都市郫都区教育局11月25日作出回应,称该机构因存在违规经营办学行为,已被责令其停止一切教育教学活动。
6.   Such was the apprehension of this witty Lady, that these wordsseemed to taxe her honour, or else to contaminate the hearersunderstanding, whereof there were great plenty about her, whosejudgement might be as vile, as the speeches were scandalous.Wherefore, never seeking for any further purgation of her cleareconscience, but onely to retort taunt for taunt, presently thus shereplied. My Lord, if I should make such a vile adventure, I wouldlooke to bee payde with better money.


1. 绍兴今年关于人才延揽的兑现资金超过了4.4亿元,形式包括房票、创业资助等
2. 我们的产品品牌有梧桐公寓,还有疗愈系酒店等,我们根据不同的产品起了个名字「牌」,「品」和「牌」要一致。
3.   "No-o," said Mrs. Vance, realising the change of it all. "I'mreally very much in a hurry. I thought I'd just run up and lookin, but I couldn't stay. Just tell your wife she must come andsee me."
4.   `Story!'
5. 洛杉矶警察局表示,当天下午8点40分左右,穆罕默德最初站在亚当斯的人行横道外,第一辆白色的车撞上了他。
6. 对于下面这位朋友来说,既然软件已崩,干脆佛系的带薪打个坐吧,反正没人管,不如修生养性。


1. 意思是一只木桶到底能装多少水,不是看最长的那一块木板,而是取决于最短的那一块木板。
2. 韩红基金会捐赠的物资包括医用外科口罩、医用检查手套、防护服等。
3. 想一想再看
4. 供需关系转变精细化差异化运营成为趋势还有一个值得关注的问题在于,相比前两年,目前长租行业的供需关系是否发生了变化?对此,赵庆祥表示,随着住房存量的不断增加,长期来看,租赁住房的供应量一定会持续增加。
5. 不过@中国消防随后补充,如果手指被卡得太紧,垫片就会放不进去,还是得想其他办法。
6. 三是坚持科学精神、求真务实,鼓励大胆探索。


1.   'I like it,' she answered, after a pause of a second or two, duringwhich she examined me.
2. 事实上,2008年奥运会将是中国改革和民主进程的催化剂。中国加入世贸组织有深远影响,中国的经济将更进一步与国际接轨。很明显,这个作用将超越地区的局限性,将成为世界历史的里程碑。1964年在东京举办的奥运会标志着日本经济的起飞,并改变了世界经济格局。1988年在汉城举办的奥运会标志着韩国经济进入世界经济舞台。2008年北京奥运会必将有助于社会进步,并为中国的社会开放提供更好的环境。
3.   They're in their glory, mark their elevation!
4. 她告诉记者,自己每次去图书馆总是直奔需要类型的书架,对其他类型的书一直没有很深的了解,前段时间偶然看到舍友借阅的漫画,发现其他类型的书也十分有趣。
5.   相关部门应加强监管,及时出台分期消费指导性利率或手续费率,维护消费者权益。
6. 大约凌晨2点,节目组要求现场人员签订保密协议,如若不签不可以离开。


1.   "We shall wait for you, D'Artagnan," said Athos, loud enough for thecardinal to hear him.
2. n. 综合症,典型表现
3. 此外,还应当结合自己的特点来推动在饲料中全面禁止添加抗生素。

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