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1. 二是招生专业不同。
2. "If that is so, then our improvement must be due either to mutation, or solely to education," she gravely pursued. "We certainly have improved. It may be that all these higher qualities were latent in the original mother, that careful education is bringing them out, and that our personal differences depend on slight variations in prenatal condition."
3.   Love, I found such felicity, etc.
4.   Lady! thy bounty, thy magnificence, Thy virtue, and thy great humility, There may no tongue express in no science: For sometimes, Lady! ere men pray to thee, Thou go'st before, of thy benignity, And gettest us the light, through thy prayere, To guiden us unto thy son so dear.
5. 但是中国与日本战尚且打败了,怎能一时与全世界开战呢?顽固分子以为可以靠民众。利用民众或"民心"或"民气"去对外,是林则徐、徐广缙、叶名琛一直到西太后、载漪、刚毅、徐桐传统的法宝。凡是主张剿夷的莫不觉得四万万同胞是有胜无败的。甲午以后,山东正有民间的义和团出现。顽固分子觉得这个义和团正是他们所需要的武力。
6. 一、造船业的发达和指南针的普遍使用


1.   "And your present happiness, has it softened your heart?"
2. 展开全文齐家网的根本问题在于其平台模式导致的频繁质量投诉和消费者糟糕的体验。
3. 那么,反差这么大是什么导致的呢?人们发现RNA的功效被大大低估了,之前被认为只是跑龙套,现在却发现可作为功能分子广泛参与生命过程的调控。
4.   "I want to get some other things," said Carrie.
5.   Should she return and enter now, How wouldst thou rue thy guilty flame!Proud vaunter - thou wouldst hide thy brow, And at her feet sink down withshame.
6. 然后两个月之后就分班了,张志超报的文科班,我当时物理考了全班第一,所以报的理科班。


1. And so when the servants, taking their tone from their mistress, were insolent and ordered her about, she would hold her head erect and reply to them with a quaint civility which often made them stare at her.
2. As to geography, they had the tradition of the Great Sea, beyond the mountains; and they could see for themselves the endless thick-forested plains below them--that was all. But from the few records of their ancient condition--not "before the flood" with them, but before that mighty quake which had cut them off so completely--they were aware that there were other peoples and other countries.
3.   The eyes of moles and of some burrowing rodents are rudimentary in size, and in some cases are quite covered up by skin and fur. This state of the eyes is probably due to gradual reduction from disuse, but aided perhaps by natural selection. In South America, a burrowing rodent, the tuco-tuco, or Ctenomys, is even more subterranean in its habits than the mole; and I was assured by a Spaniard, who had often caught them, that they were frequently blind; one which I kept alive was certainly in this condition, the cause, as appeared on dissection, having been inflammation of the nictitating membrane. As frequent inflammation of the eyes must be injurious to any animal, and as eyes are certainly not indispensable to animals with subterranean habits, a reduction in their size with the adhesion of the eyelids and growth of fur over them, might in such case be an advantage; and if so, natural selection would constantly aid the effects of disuse.
4. 在这部卫生健康领域的基本法里,多款条文对伤医行为做出明确界定和严厉处罚,还特别规定了医疗卫生机构执业场所是公共场所,医疗卫生人员的人身安全、人格尊严不受侵犯。
5. 早上交班快结束的时候,周新教授突然问了我们大家一个问题:你们知道转病人的流程吗?大家面面相觑。


1. 值得注意的是,近年来印度电影也因其对现实议题的反映而备受关注
2.   "Really," said she, "I believe you now begin to hesitate.""No, I do not hesitate; but I really pity this poor Comte deWardes, since you have ceased to love him. I think that aman must be so severely punished by the loss of your lovethat he stands in need of no other chastisement.""Who told you that I loved him?" asked Milady, sharply."At least, I am now at liberty to believe, without too muchfatuity, that you love another," said the young man, in acaressing tone, "and I repeat that I am really interestedfor the count."
3.   Some facts in regard to the colouring of pigeons well deserve consideration. The rock-pigeon is of a slaty-blue, and has a white rump (the Indian sub-species, C. intermedia of Strickland, having it bluish); the tail has a terminal dark bar, with the bases of the outer feathers externally edged with white; the wings have two black bars: some semi-domestic breeds and some apparently truly wild breeds have, besides the two black bars, the wings chequered with black. These several marks do not occur together in any other species of the whole family. Now, in every one of the domestic breeds, taking thoroughly well-bred birds, all the above marks, even to the white edging of the outer tail-feathers, sometimes concur perfectly developed. Moreover, when two birds belonging to two distinct breeds are crossed, neither of which is blue or has any of the above-specified marks, the mongrel offspring are very apt suddenly to acquire these characters; for instance, I crossed some uniformly white fantails with some uniformly black barbs, and they produced mottled brown and black birds; these I again crossed together, and one grandchild of the pure white fantail and pure black barb was of as beautiful a blue colour, with the white rump, double black wing-bar, and barred and white-edged tail-feathers, as any wild rock-pigeon! We can understand these facts, on the well-known principle of reversion to ancestral characters, if all the domestic breeds have descended from the rock-pigeon. But if we deny this, we must make one of the two following highly improbable suppositions. Either, firstly, that all the several imagined aboriginal stocks were coloured and marked like the rock-pigeon, although no other existing species is thus coloured and marked, so that in each separate breed there might be a tendency to revert to the very same colours and markings. Or, secondly, that each breed, even the purest, has within a dozen or, at most, within a score of generations, been crossed by the rock-pigeon: I say within a dozen or twenty generations, for we know of no fact countenancing the belief that the child ever reverts to some one ancestor, removed by a greater number of generations. In a breed which has been crossed only once with some distinct breed, the tendency to reversion to any character derived from such cross will naturally become less and less, as in each succeeding generation there will be less of the foreign blood; but when there has been no cross with a distinct breed, and there is a tendency in both parents to revert to a character, which has been lost during some former generation, this tendency, for all that we can see to the contrary, may be transmitted undiminished for an indefinite number of generations. These two distinct cases are often confounded in treatises on inheritance.Lastly, the hybrids or mongrels from between all the domestic breeds of pigeons are perfectly fertile. I can state this from my own observations, purposely made on the most distinct breeds. Now, it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to bring forward one case of the hybrid offspring of two animals clearly distinct being themselves perfectly fertile. Some authors believe that long-continued domestication eliminates this strong tendency to sterility: from the history of the dog I think there is some probability in this hypothesis, if applied to species closely related together, though it is unsupported by a single experiment. But to extend the hypothesis so far as to suppose that species, aboriginally as distinct as carriers, tumblers, pouters, and fantails now are, should yield offspring perfectly fertile, inter se, seems to me rash in the extreme.
4. 网友们对参赛选手口吐莲花的精彩表现赞叹不已,直呼这简直就是神仙打架。
5. As for the fortunes of the gig economy, the UK will be a key country to watch. The government is due to respond to an independent review into whether British law is keeping up with this new trend. Bold policy action — either in favour or against online labour platforms — now seems less likely given the fragility of the government and the time-consuming nature of Brexit.
6. Type A and Type B personality theory describes Type A individuals as outgoing, ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, sensitive, impatient, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management.


1.   The first was a tall lady with dark hair, dark eyes, and a pale andlarge forehead; her figure was partly enveloped in a shawl, hercountenance was grave, her bearing erect.
2. 当时他就坐在我家沙发上喊,还不如喝乐果死了算了,李婉说,乐果是一种农药。
3.   Each may his own selection make.

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      Though objects of rare workmanship lay heaped around me, I paid them scant attention, so much was I struck by a great black horse which stood in one corner, the handsomest and best-shaped animal I had ever seen. His saddle and bridle were of massive gold, curiously wrought; one side of his trough was filled with clean barley and sesame, and the other with rose water. I led the animal into the open air, and then jumped on his back, shaking the reins as I did so, but as he never stirred, I touched him lightly with a switch I had picked up in his stable. No sooner did he feel the stroke, than he spread his wings (which I had not perceived before), and flew up with me straight into the sky. When he had reached a prodigious height, he next darted back to earth, and alighted on the terrace belonging to a castle, shaking me violently out of the saddle as he did so, and giving me such a blow with his tail, that he knocked out my right eye.