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1.   In this manner, Bruno and Buffalmaco (who had the managing of thisamorous businesse) made a meere Gregory of poore Calandrino, causinghim somtimes to send her, one while a pretty peece of Ivory, then afaire wrought purse, and a costly paire of knives, with other suchlike friendly tokens: bringing him backe againe, as in requital ofthem, counterfetted Rings of no valew, Bugles and bables, which heesteemed as matters of great moment. Moreover, at divers close andsodain meetings, they made him pay for many dinners and suppers,amounting to indifferent charges, onely to be careful in thefurtherance of his lovesuit, and to conceale it from his wife.Having worne out three or foure months space in this fond andfrivolous manner, without any other successe then as hath benedeclared; and Calandrino perceiving, that the worke undertaken byhim and his fellowes, grew very neere uppon the finishing, which wouldbarre him of any longer resorting thither: hee began to solicite Brunomore importunately, then all the while before he hadde done. In regardwhereof Nicholetta being one day come thither, and Bruno havingconferred both with her and Phillippo, with ful determination what wasto be done, he began with Calandrino, saying. My honest Neighbourand Friend, this Woman hath made a thousand promises, to graunt whatthou art so desirous to have, and I plainly perceive that she hathno such meaning, but meerely plaies with both our noses. In whichrespect, seeing she is so perfidious, and will not perfourme one ofall her faithfull-made promises: if thou wilt consent to have it so,she shall be compelled to do it whether she will or no. Yea marryBruno, answered Calandrino, that were an excellent course indeede,if it could be done, and with expedition.
2.   "'Garrideb, N.,'" he read, 136 Little Ryder Street, W.' Sorry todisappoint you, my dear Watson, but this is the man himself. That isthe address upon his letter. We want another to match him."Mrs. Hudson had come in with a card upon a tray. I took it up andglanced at it.
3. 窝在北大资源宾馆的李彦宏,偶然看到辛弃疾的《青玉案》:众里寻他。
4. 这个春节,普通人都尽量留在家中,避免感染病毒,尤其是在疫情最严重的武汉。
5.   "The leave of absence Monsieur has asked for," replied thelackey.
6. It did not occur to her to feel cross at finding her pet chair occupied by the small, dingy figure. To tell the truth, she was quite glad to find it there. When the ill-used heroine of her story wakened, she could talk to her. She crept toward her quietly, and stood looking at her. Becky gave a little snore.


2. But before I start on that subject I must finish up that little analysis I was trying to make.
3. n. 妥协,折衷,折衷案
4. 她说:“我实在太惊讶了,简直是受宠若惊。我想说的是这一年对于影坛女性是极不平凡的一年。各个奖项的角逐者的品格和演技都是那么出众,能够入选让我倍感骄傲。”
5. 副总裁胡建东负责的HBG投放运营与数据分析工作,转向联席总裁何明科汇报,其在HBG的其他管理工作及汇报线不变。
6. 机器里的莫扎特


1. 现在各大互联网企业都在沉淀自己的技术能力,打造技术中台,在服务好自身业务的同时,向外输出是个必然的趋势,这个时候再去强调传统这个角色价值已经不再重要,所以才会去成立技术委员会,通过一种更开放的决策机构,来协调内外部更好的技术的对外开放。
2. 视频中该女子住处一片狼藉,摔碎的镜子碎片散落一地。
3. “只有立法机关应受谴责,因为它颁布了一个骗人的法令,这个法令表面上关心儿童的教育,但没有一条规定能够保证达到这个口头上的目的。它只是规定儿童每天必须有若干小时<3小时>被关在叫做学校的地方的四壁之内,规定儿童的雇主每周必须从一个以男教师或女教师身分签字的人那里得到证明书。”
4. 即使相对于市场有20%的折价,对于早期投资者而言,仅涉及公司hc的资金量就已经太大了,而那些试图通过聘用不合格的工程师来节省资金的初创公司总是在技术执行的节骨眼上失败。
5. 起诉书显示,原告作为年满30岁的成年女性,有把自己现阶段最适合生育时期的卵子取出并冷冻保存的意愿。
6. 许杰照看着孩子,每天给岳母、老婆通视频,彼此感受到各自的生活状态。


1.   The sev'nth statute was, To be patient, Whether my lady joyful were or wroth; For wordes glad or heavy, diligent, Whether that she me helde *lefe or loth:* *in love or loathing* And hereupon I put was to mine oath, Her for to serve, and lowly to obey, And show my cheer,* yea, twenty times a day. *countenance
2.   I seated myself in his armchair and warmed my hands before hiscrackling fire, for a sharp frost had set in, and the windows werethick with the ice crystals. "I suppose," I remarked, "that,homely as it looks, this thing has some deadly story linked on toit--that it is the clue which will guide you in the solution ofsome mystery and the punishment of some crime."
3.   "Ah!" cried he, on perceiving D'Artagnan, "ah! this isfrightful! You pretend to pardon me, and you poison me!""I!" cried D'Artagnan. "I, wretch? What do you say?""I say that it was you who gave me the wine; I say that itwas you who desired me to drink it. I say you wished toavenge yourself on me, and I say that it is horrible!""Do not think so, Brisemont," said D'Artagnan; "do not thinkso. I swear to you, I protest--"
4. 在门口,记者询问了多个学生,均表示:前几天,他们学校女生宿舍确实有发生欺凌事件,该女生是2019届的学生。
5. 9月贷款加权利率下行主要受票据融资利率下行驱动,一般贷款加权甚至出现小幅上升,表明受经济下行影响,风险溢价攀升,且LPR降息幅度和影响范围小(仅针对新增信贷合约),实体经济融资成本并未大幅降低。
6. 在促进成交方面,易小店提供单个门店的线上商城小程序,帮助门店建立专属的店铺,线上商品与该门店的库存系统打通,便于门店管理和完成交易。


1. 正面来看,网络易容术既可以满足大众的娱乐需求,也可以起到教育作用。
2.   "My lord," he said, "you behold in me a poor man who only lives by the help of persons as rich and as generous as you."
3. 英帝国主义的侵略基因在它身上阴魂不散。

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