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1. 但是当你打开niconico,你会发现远远不止如此。
2.   Peradventure you thinke, it will be a sufficient excuse for you,to say: I did it, in regard hee was a Ghibelline. Can you imagine thisto be justice in a King, that such as get into their possession inthis manner (whatsoever it be) ought to use it in this sort? Let metell you Sir, it was a most worthy victory for you, to conquer KingManfred: but it is farre more famous victory, for a man to conquerhimselfe. You therfore, who are ordained to correct vices in othermen, learne first to subdue them in your selfe, and (by brideling thisinordinate appetite) set not a foule blemish on so faire a fame, aswill be honour to you to preserve spotlesse.
3. 报道指出,这家航空巨头的现金并没有用尽。
4. 2017年起,头部P2P靠现金贷扭亏为盈。
5.   `Yes,' said the Marquis. `You are fatigued. Good-night!'
6. 23日下午,龙靖潮在医护人员的安排下,即将转往与中南医院对口帮扶的武汉市第七人民医院。


1. 火山喷发难以预测?可以推测,但具体时间难保每次准确刘嘉麒说,火山喷发具有继承性和连续性,一般没有火山的地方很难发生新的火山喷发。
2. 经卫健部门工作人员劝说后,罗某仍拒绝返回医院配合开展治疗及防控工作。
3. 多吃一些富含优质蛋白质比较丰富的蛋类奶类瘦肉类以及鱼类等来增强免疫系统。
4.   "You keep the registers of entries and departures?"
5.   Margaret
6. 过渡期,所暴露出的问题,似乎得到了及时的修正。


1. 这涉及犹太人。记者提出了问题:“犹太人呢?那些有才干的人民,他们之中有战争英雄,有爱因斯坦……”
2. 学术论文从科学的角度称,煤与瓦斯突出发生之前均有预兆,但预兆出现的时间和种类各有不同,因此难以预测突出发生的具体时间。
3.   12. Orleans: Where there was a celebrated and very famous university, afterwards eclipsed by that of Paris. It was founded by Philip le Bel in 1312.
4. 河南、陕西地的争议宗翰死后,三公中,宗磐与宗干成为两大对立势力的首领。宗磐、挞懒和新任左丞相宗隽等主张把河南、陕西地归还宋朝,要宋朝象刘豫那样向金称臣。保守派的这一主张,显然旨在发展以上京为中心的女真奴隶制。宗干、希尹一派反对。宗磐与宗干争议,宗磐甚至在金熙宗面前持刀刺向宗干,被人呵止。一一三八年八月金熙宗在颁行官制之后,下诏把河南地还给宋朝。宋向金纳币称臣。金朝原在汴京设立的行台尚书省撤销,改在燕京设立。金朝尚书省的直接统治区,又限于以上京为中心的“内地”。
5. 在供应链全球化的世界里,公司有(很多)选择,其中一个就是搬到国外去,曾任美国商务部副部长的WilliamReinsch如此评价道。
6. 昆山龙哥做梦也没有想到,对方居然敢捡自己掉在地上的砍刀,他更没有想到,对方居然有砍自己的勇气。


1. 除夕夜,阖家团圆的日子,汪俊接受采访的画面登上春晚的背景墙。
2. 我们再拿两种商品例如小麦和铁来说。不管二者的交换比例怎样,总是可以用一个等式来表示:一定量的小麦等于若干量的铁,如1夸特小麦=a吨(这里原是一个英制单位,打印不出来,故用“吨”代替,以下同。)铁。这个等式说明什么呢?它说明在两种不同的物里面,即在1夸特小麦和a吨铁里面,有一种等量的共同
3. 我自己是80后,我们这代人认为麦片属于老年人和婴儿,受众是那些牙口不好或者对健康有特殊需求的人。
4. 二是畅通成长发展通道。
5. v. 强调,着重
6. 警方表示,儿玉身高156厘米、体形偏瘦、长发、佩戴黑框眼镜,失踪时身穿粉色上衣、黑色裤子,没有携带手机和现金。


1. 东汉北军不属光禄勋,而直隶皇帝,以北军中候掌监,秩六百石;由五校尉即屯骑校尉、越骑校尉、步兵校尉、长水校尉、射声校尉分统。五校尉均为比二千石吏,互不相属,共同担负京城守备及车驾扈从的任务。
2. 目前,淳安县检察院已批准逮捕
3.   It is a commendable thing (faire Ladies) to hit a But that neverstirreth out of his place: but it is a matter much more admirable,to see a thing suddainely appearing, and sildome or never frequentedbefore, to bee as suddenly hit by an ordinary Archer. The viciousand polluted lives of Priests, yeeldeth matter of it selfe in manythings, deserving speech and reprehension, as a true But of wickednes,and well worthy to be sharply shot at. And therefore, though thathonest meaning man did wisely, in touching Master Inquisitor to thequicke, with the hypocriticall charity of Monkes and Friars, in givingsuch things to the poore, as were more meete for Swine, or to be worsethrowne away, yet I hold him more to be commended, who (by occasion ofa former tale, and which I purpose to relate) pleasantly reproovedMaster Can de la Scala, a Magnifico and mighty Lord, for a suddenand unaccustomed covetousnesse appearing in him, figuring by othermen, that which hee intended to say of him, in manner following.

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