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1.   "I think that I may go so far as to say, Watson, that I have notlived wholly in vain," he remarked. "If my record were closed to-nightI could still survey it with equanimity. The air of London is thesweeter for my presence. In over a thousand cases I am not awarethat I have ever used my powers upon the wrong side. Of late I havebeen tempted to look into the problems furnished by nature rather thanthose more superficial ones for which our artificial state ofsociety is responsible. Your memoirs will draw to an end, Watson, uponthe day that I crown my career by the capture or extinction of themost dangerous and capable criminal in Europe."
2. 科学家说,目前发现的化石印证了这样一种观点,即企鹅在恐龙灭绝以后迅速进化。
3.   `I think they ought to.'
4. 事发地点一楼门外没有禁止人员进出和通行的标识,原告按照快递面单上的地址递送包裹,经被告前台人员告知收件人在隔壁后,从事发地点进入,并不构成擅自闯入。
5.   "This outburst rather astonished me, as you can think. 'Well,'said I, 'other people don't think quite so much of me as you seem todo, Mr. Pinner. I had a hard enough fight to get this berth, and Iam very glad to have it.'
6.   "I can't help it, Mr. Kent. Our hands have been forced. Can Mr.Godfrey see us?"


1. "I am," said Sara, promptly, when she heard of this. "That's what I look at some people for. I like to know about them. I think them over afterward."
2. 建议资产上有房产和土地的企业,应该让财务人员和税务所主动沟通,看这两种税是否能减免。
3. 我们的核心研发团队来自于南加州大学快速成型实验室,芯片技术则和美国德州仪器(TI)签订了相关协议。
4. 见我也有喜欢的样子,就送了一张给我,可谓挥金如土。
5.   "And you are going alone?"
6. 在信息技术迅速发展的今天,以网络为主要载体的媒体宣传虽然具有及时迅速和低成本动员的特点,但也有信息爆炸可能带来心态恐慌的弊端。


1. 投资对于中国互联网公司而言,除了CVC本身的各种应有之意,还担负结盟与制衡、建帝国、拓疆土的抱负与野心。
2. n. 紧张,拉紧,血统
3. 另外,冬季外出一定要做好防寒保暖,户外活动时不能衣着过于单薄,更不宜在户外逗留过久,以免寒邪损伤阳气、伤害肾脏。
4. 做的不好,整天怪创业者。
5. 三是智库专业化评估与社会多元主体评价相结合。
6. 在商品上,24季私享家想寻找坚持传统工艺的制造者。


1. 同时,此事不仅与中药协一家有关,各类行业协会,也应引以为戒。
2. 2017年10月,义乌城区出现不少龙在义乌群星演唱会的广告,称举办日期为11月12日。
3. 互联网医疗市场行业趋势2015年中国互联网医疗市场规模超过170亿元,相比2014年增长超过70%。
4. 此前由于溴吡斯的明片价格便宜、药效不错,很多患者为它取了一个亲民的名字叫小明。
5. 拍完这部戏后,不到30岁的李现落下了腰肌劳损的毛病。
6.   `Oh, when people begin to talk about real women, I give up,' said Olive.


1. Sara stood quite still, her eyes growing larger, her face paler. Ermengarde burst into tears.
3. 织密扎牢民生保障网。

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      Now have I told you of very [true] confession, that is the second part of penitence: The third part of penitence is satisfaction, and that standeth generally in almsdeed and bodily pain. Now be there three manner of almsdeed: contrition of heart, where a man offereth himself to God; the second is, to have pity of the default of his neighbour; the third is, in giving of good counsel and comfort, ghostly and bodily, where men have need, and namely [specially] sustenance of man's food. And take keep [heed] that a man hath need of these things generally; he hath need of food, of clothing, and of herberow [lodging], he hath need of charitable counsel and visiting in prison and malady, and sepulture of his dead body. And if thou mayest not visit the needful with thy person, visit them by thy message and by thy gifts. These be generally alms or works of charity of them that have temporal riches or discretion in counselling. Of these works shalt thou hear at the day of doom. This alms shouldest thou do of thine own proper things, and hastily [promptly], and privily [secretly] if thou mayest; but nevertheless, if thou mayest not do it privily, thou shalt not forbear to do alms, though men see it, so that it be not done for thank of the world, but only for thank of Jesus Christ. For, as witnesseth Saint Matthew, chap. v., "A city may not be hid that is set on a mountain, nor men light not a lantern and put it under a bushel, but men set it on a candlestick, to light the men in the house; right so shall your light lighten before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father that is in heaven."

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