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1.   "He served in India, discovered a mine in Thessaly, andcomes to Paris to establish a mineral water-cure atAuteuil."
2. 今年10月,江苏省消费者权益保护委员会就智能电视开机广告问题,约谈了海尔、创维、长虹、夏普、小米、海信、乐视7家厂商。
3.   He had lapsed into the vernacular. Connie hesitated; he was putting up an opposition. Was it his hut, after all?
4. 他会在自己的独唱专辑中尝试什么样的歌曲呢:《Sweet Creature》(《可爱的人儿》)和《Ever Since New York》(《自从来到纽约》)是温馨的原声抒情歌曲;而在《Kiwi》(《奇异果》)这首歌中,他大声地炫耀着自己的欢乐;《Two Ghosts》(《两只幽灵》)则是一首为分手而惋惜的歌曲。
5. 二、拥堵会造成经济浪费
6.   The He - Monkey


1. "I--haven't--any--ma--ma--ma-a!" she announced; but her voice was not so strong.
2.   Athos had invented the phrase, family affair. A familyaffair was not subject to the investigation of the cardinal;a family affair concerned nobody. People might employthemselves in a family affair before all the world.Therefore Athos had invented the phrase, family affair.Aramis had discovered the idea, the lackeys.
3. 这样的选择有些另类,有别于目前市面上常见的通过智能音箱、手机等操控家电的做法。
4. 总结:微信指数不过刚刚正式上线几天,相关的分析研究都还在初步阶段。
5.   It is well known that several animals, belonging to the most different classes, which inhabit the caves of Styria and of Kentucky, are blind. In some of the crabs the foot-stalk for the eye remains, though the eye is gone; the stand for the telescope is there, though the telescope with its glasses has been lost. As it is difficult to imagine that eyes, though useless, could be in any way injurious to animals living in darkness, I attribute their loss wholly to disuse. In one of the blind animals, namely, the cave-rat, the eyes are of immense size; and Professor Silliman thought that it regained, after living some days in the light, some slight power of vision. In the same manner as in Madeira the wings of some of the insects have been enlarged, and the wings of others have been reduced by natural selection aided by use and disuse, so in the case of the cave-rat natural selection seems to have struggled with the loss of light and to have increased the size of the eyes; whereas with all the other inhabitants of the caves, disuse by itself seems to have done its work.It is difficult to imagine conditions of life more similar than deep limestone caverns under a nearly similar climate; so that on the common view of the blind animals having been separately created for the American and European caverns, close similarity in their organisation and affinities might have been expected; but, as Schi?dte and others have remarked, this is not the case, and the cave-insects of the two continents are not more closely allied than might have been anticipated from the general resemblance of the other inhabitants of North America and Europe. On my view we must suppose that American animals, having ordinary powers of vision, slowly migrated by successive generations from the outer world into the deeper and deeper recesses of the Kentucky caves, as did European animals into the caves of Europe. We have some evidence of this gradation of habit; for, as Schi?dte remarks, 'animals not far remote from ordinary forms, prepare the transition from light to darkness. Next follow those that are constructed for twilight; and, last of all, those destined for total darkness.' By the time that an animal had reached, after numberless generations, the deepest recesses, disuse will on this view have more or less perfectly obliterated its eyes, and natural selection will often have effected other changes, such as an increase in the length of the antennae or palpi, as a compensation for blindness. Notwithstanding such modifications, we might expect still to see in the cave-animals of America, affinities to the other inhabitants of that continent, and in those of Europe, to the inhabitants of the European continent. And this is the case with some of the American cave-animals, as I hear from Professor Dana; and some of the European cave-insects are very closely allied to those of the surrounding country. It would be most difficult to give any rational explanation of the affinities of the blind cave-animals to the other inhabitants of the two continents on the ordinary view of their independent creation. That several of the inhabitants of the caves of the Old and New Worlds should be closely related, we might expect from the well-known relationship of most of their other productions. Far from feeling any surprise that some of the cave-animals should be very anomalous, as Agassiz has remarked in regard to the blind fish, the Amblyopsis, and as is the case with the blind Proteus with reference to the reptiles of Europe, I am only surprised that more wrecks of ancient life have not been preserved, owing to the less severe competition to which the inhabitants of these dark abodes will probably have been exposed.Acclimatisation
6. 特别是一些职业性用嗓者,要格外注意用嗓,除了借助麦克风等辅助设备外,在不需要用嗓的时候多喝水、少说话、多休息,清淡饮食,有条件的可以进行嗓音训练。


1.   Upon that other side, Palamon, When that he wist Arcita was agone, Much sorrow maketh, that the greate tower Resounded of his yelling and clamour The pure* fetters on his shinnes great *very <17> Were of his bitter salte teares wet.
2. 27年的暗战随即开幕,无声的较量一直在进行。
3. n. 诱惑,引诱
4. 这些商家是否可以线上售卖香烟?根据国家烟草专卖局、工业和信息化部、公安部等部门2009年联合发布的《关于严厉打击利用互联网等信息网络非法经营烟草专卖品的通告》规定,除烟草专卖行政管理部门指定的网络交易平台之外,其他互联网信息服务提供者都不得为经营烟草专卖品提供互联网信息服务。
5. They jumped down from the window-seat together, and went upstairs.
6. 9日,长江日报记者探访发现,空中课堂正式开课的各项准备已经就绪,教师们均已接受了集中网络教学培训,学生们也已领到了个人学习账户,收到了各自学校发来的课程表。


1.   `And just take those old papers out, will you?'
2. 安保负责人介绍,这个停车场和商业区相连,是对外开放的收费停车场,所以停放的并非都是业主的车。
3. 如果想死得再快一些,就做低频加非标,近乎是互联网创业的死穴。
4. 以陈海带过3届高中生的经验为例,他觉得,现在是一届比一届难带。
5.   Clifford was almost morbidly sensitive about these stories. He wanted everyone to think them good, of the best, ne plus ultra. They appeared in the most modern magazines, and were praised and blamed as usual. But to Clifford the blame was torture, like knives goading him. It was as if the whole of his being were in his stories.
6. 我从没想过事情会发生得这么快,而且它真的发生了。


1. 那一天,詹开豹的哥哥从早上6点事发,一直到晚上11点才漂到了湖对岸。
2. ①关于这个问题,很重要的一点在于,你完成7无将定约的概率应该与戈伦和泽克的概率无关,哪怕两队玩的是同一副牌。如果你只在梅花首攻的时候能完成7无将定约,否则只能完成6无将定约,那么这种情形就会出现。就这副牌而言,梅花或方片首攻的概率相同;因此,你完成7无将定约的概率与戈伦和泽克的概率无关。
3. 据称,巴尔东在听到审判结果后的几秒钟之内便吞下了杀虫剂,但毒药的来源仍然不明确。

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