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1. 11月19日上午,西安市曲江文化产业发展中心表示,已将此公司网络质疑等情况通报有关部门。
2.   She was quite appalled at the man's audacity. This was somethingwhich had never for a moment entered her head. Her one thoughtnow was to get off and away. If only the flying train could bestopped, the terrible trick would be amended.
3. 不论是理财顾问、保险代理、销售代表、客户经理、二手车房中介、二手车中间服务商,任何行业中都有匠心做事,有专业能力也有道德底线的中流砥柱。
4.   Delighted with this assurance the governor countersigned thepassport and delivered it to D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan lost no timein useless compliments. He thanked the governor, bowed, anddeparted. Once outside, he and Planchet set off as fast as theycould; and by making a long detour avoided the wood and reenteredthe city by another gate.
5. "They are kept shut up, or chained." She paused again, and asked, "Is not a dog fond of running? Are they not built for speed?" That we admitted, too, and Jeff, still malicious, enlightened them further.
6. 在当时的蒙古社会里,勇于为部落复仇,勇于作战的人是受到敬重的。忽图刺以他的英勇行动博得了广泛的称誉,草原上流传着对他的赞颂:“他的洪亮的声音,好象空谷的雷鸣,强劲的双手,好象厚重的熊爪;把人来折成两截,就好象折筋一般”(拉施德《集史》第一卷第二册)。一一六二年,忽图刺兄把儿坛之子也速该,随从忽图刺去和塔塔儿作战,俘虏了一个叫做帖木真的塔塔儿人。为了纪念这次战斗的胜利,也速该为他刚出生的儿子取名叫帖木真(或译铁木真)。他就是后来刨建了蒙古国家的成吉思汗。


1. "Confound the thing!" Terry cried in desperate impatience. "They've got it sewed up in a bag! And we've not a knife among us!"
2. 而另一家互联网巨头腾讯则用一桩投资旗帜鲜明的表达了对这个赛道的看好。
3.   Sending presently abroad, and buying all the Hennes that the Countryaffoorded, shee commaunded her Cookes, that onely of them (without anyother provision beside) they should prepare all the services that theycould devise. On the morrow, the King came according to his promise,and was most honourably welcomed by the Lady, who seemed in his eye(far beyond the Knights speeches of her) the fairest creature thatever he had seene before; whereat he mervailed not a little, extollingher perfections to be peerelesse, which much the more enflamed hisaffections, and (almost) made his desires impatient. The King beeingwithdrawne into such Chambers, as orderly were prepared for him, andas beseemed so great a Prince: the houre of dinner drawing on, theKing and the Lady Marquesse were seated at one Table, and hisattendants placed at other tables, answerable to their degrees ofhonour.
4. Somehow the sight of the dear little sixpence was good for both of them. It made them laugh a little, though they both had tears in their eyes.
5.   `Well! At any rate you know me as a dissolute dog who has never done any good, and never will.'
6. 原标题:开除收黑钱交警,不轻纵更能挽回公信|新京报快评针对近日网上出现的张家口市沽源县交警收黑钱视频,当地有了处理结果。


1. 很明显,它是一个从未被发现过的反应,这一发现具有极为重要的意义。而眼下,当务之急,不管如何来解释它,是把结果公布出去。
2.   When he was in this plight, Ino daughter of Cadmus, also calledLeucothea, saw him. She had formerly been a mere mortal, but hadbeen since raised to the rank of a marine goddess. Seeing in whatgreat distress Ulysses now was, she had compassion upon him, and,rising like a sea-gull from the waves, took her seat upon the raft.
3. 党内“反朴槿惠”一派于去年12月底退党出走,另外成立新党派“正党”
4. 巴伦的同名投资公司持有近163万股特斯拉股票
5. 第二,纵向来看,公司要在广告内容制作、品牌承接、电商转化等方面有综合把控的能力。
6. 如何遏制少数国家贸易保护主义冲动,降低国际投资面临的有形无形壁垒,通过制度创新与政策调整为贸易投资注入更大活力,是推进结构性改革与提振经济增长的重要途径。


1. 《意见》指出,套路贷是对以非法占有为目的,假借民间借贷之名,诱使或迫使被害人签订借贷或变相借贷抵押担保等相关协议,通过虚增借贷金额、恶意制造违约、肆意认定违约、毁匿还款证据等方式形成虚假债权债务,并借助诉讼、仲裁、公证或者采用暴力、威胁以及其他手段非法占有被害人财物的相关违法犯罪活动的概括性称谓。
2.   I could not tell: nothing answered me; I then ordered my brain tofind a response, and quickly. It worked and worked faster: I feltthe pulses throb in my head and temples; but for nearly an hour itworked in chaos; and no result came of its efforts. Feverish with vainlabour, I got up and took a turn in the room; undrew the curtain,noted a star or two, shivered with cold, and again crept to bed.
3. 常见行为:拒不配合卫生防疫机构提出的预防、控制措施,如个别确诊或疑似病例拒绝隔离,个别医院的承包商拒绝撤出,断水断电,阻碍救援医疗队伍入驻等行为。
4. 想增强类似的推理能力,大家不妨找美国“教育考试机构”(ETS)设计的GRE或GMAT作文题来练练手。在美国,不管你想读哪一科的研究生,从数理化到文史哲,从工商管理到宗教神学,都得考个GRE或GMAT成绩。做那些题目不算掉架子。练过的朋友可能比较容易明白:为什么单纯从“破案数字上升”来推断“治安情况好转”或“治安情况恶化”都是武断的。
5. 以法、因果报应和再生为基本原则的种姓制度是印度宗教制度的组成部分。最初,雅利安人信奉的典型的部落神都是自然力的化身,如因陀罗为雷和战争之神,阿耆尼为火神,苏摩为神圣的令人致醉的苏摩液之神。这些自然之神对畜牧者是很适合的,但是,当雅利安人定居下来改营农业时,他们就不得不转向新的神。因而,出现了印度教的“三大神”——造物主梵天、仁慈的保护神毗湿奴、强大的毁灭之神湿婆。这些新神,尤其是湿婆,与在印度河流域的遗址中的发现物惊人地相似,并不是偶然的。园为那时,雅利安人自然会占用当地古代农业文明在数千年中形成发展起来的一些宗教思想和习俗。
6.   When the hounds saw Ulysses they set up a furious barking and flewat him, but Ulysses was cunning enough to sit down and loose hishold of the stick that he had in his hand: still, he would have beentorn by them in his own homestead had not the swineherd dropped his oxhide, rushed full speed through the gate of the yard and driven thedogs off by shouting and throwing stones at them. Then he said toUlysses, "Old man, the dogs were likely to have made short work ofyou, and then you would have got me into trouble. The gods havegiven me quite enough worries without that, for I have lost the bestof masters, and am in continual grief on his account. I have to attendswine for other people to eat, while he, if he yet lives to see thelight of day, is starving in some distant land. But come inside, andwhen you have had your fill of bread and wine, tell me where youcome from, and all about your misfortunes."


1. 此外,变暖还会改变洋流,从而改变气候系统,导致相应区域的野生动物无法适应生存
2.   'It is not my house, sir; and Abbot says I have less right to behere than a servant.'
3. 通常会有两种情况–要么在早期阶段就失去一切,要么当业务开始扩大时,他们意识到外包只是短期存在,而他们真正需要的是一个专注的人。

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