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1. Jeff's difficulty was his exalted gallantry. He idealized women, and was always looking for a chance to "protect" or to "serve" them. These needed neither protection nor service. They were living in peace and power and plenty; we were their guests, their prisoners, absolutely dependent.
2.   She looked at him, getting his meaning through the fog of the dialect.
3. 随后,有媒体报道称,孙魏氏转往朝阳医院系其家属自主行为,且治疗并非免费,家属每天探视时间为30分钟。
4.   "The king of China was extremely indignant with his daughter and replied: "You have lost your senses and you must be treated accordingly." So he had her shut in one set of rooms in one of her palaces, and only allowed her ten old women, of whom her nurse was the head, to wait on her and keep her company. He next sent letters to all the kings who had sued for the princess's hand, begging they would think of her no longer, as she was quite insane, and he desired his various envoys to make it known that anyone who could cure her should have her to wife.
5.   "Listen," said the young man to the sentinel. "On no pretenseleave the door, for you know that last night my Lord punished asoldier for having quit his post for an instant, although I,during his absence, watched in his place."
6. 暴力伤医事态加剧,医生受够了。


1.   Master Doctor, seeing himselfe to bee in such an abhominablestinking place, laboured with all his utmost endevour, to gethimself released thence: but the more he contended and strove forgetting forth, he plunged himselfe the further in, being mostpitifully myred from head to foot, sighing and sorrowingextraordinarily, because much of the foule water entred in at hismouth. In the end, being forced to leave his hood behinde him,scrambling both with his hands and feet, he got landing out of hisstinking Labyrinth, and having no other means, home he returned to hisown house, where knocking at the door he was at length admittedentrance. The doore being scarse made fast againe after his lettingin, Buffalmaco and Bruno were there arrived, listning how M. Doctorshould bee welcomd home by his angry wife: who scolding and railing athim with wonderfull impatience, gave him most hard and bitterspeeches, terming him the vilest man living.
2.   And he darted out of the room, shut the door, and waited in thecorridor, the soldier's half-pike in his hand, and as if he hadmounted guard in his place.
3. They had kept watch over our hooded machine, taking turns at it; and when our escape was announced, had followed along- side for a day or two, and been there at the last, as described. They felt a special claim on us--called us "their men"--and when we were at liberty to study the land and people, and be studied by them, their claim was recognized by the wise leaders.
4. 据科研人员实地观察得知,4月进入繁殖期,雄鸟发情时,这片肉裙会更鲜艳,还会伸展膨胀。
5.   'How's mama, dear Peggotty? Is she very angry with me?'
6. 据呼兰区卫生健康局相关负责人介绍,死亡的患者为63岁女性,17日8时许,该患者到呼兰区某西医内科诊所就诊,该诊所诊断其为肺心病,11时静点后患者自行回家,13时40分左右出现身体不适,医生上门急救并拨打急救电话,120医护人员到现场后,经检查,确认患者死亡。


1.   41. Citheron: The Isle of Venus, Cythera, in the Aegean Sea; now called Cerigo: not, as Chaucer's form of the word might imply, Mount Cithaeron, in the south-west of Boetia, which was appropriated to other deities than Venus -- to Jupiter, to Bacchus, and the Muses.
2. 化验结果即为疗效明证。
3. 未来六个月内无法到访的游客,可办理退款。
4. 10. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之医学奖
5. 我以前听说这种赠送面积其实都是违规的。
6. 农业原材料,特别是所谓的软性大宗商品,例如糖、咖啡和棉花,今年的表现在最佳之列。


1. 原标题:同居男女弃养亲生女儿近两年,双双获刑并被撤销监护权同居男女未婚生女,因各种原因拒绝抚养,将亲生女儿遗弃在医院内近两年。
2. 但在实际操作中,与平台合作的营销公众号则会在其保险知识普及、测评的内容中,插入各家保险公司的产品链接,从而以游走于规则灰色地带的方式为平台间接倒流实现转化,而平台则通过向公众号采量的方式与公众号进行结算。
3. "Real girls!" Terry agreed, in immense relief. "Glad you mentioned 'em. I declare, if I thought there was nothing in the country but those grenadiers I'd jump out the window."
4. 这一扩张导致俄国与西班牙和美国的不和。实际上,俄国人在太平洋西北部的存在明显地有助于1823年门罗主义的发表。最后,俄国人决定放弃他们在美洲占有的土地。皮毛贸易的衰落使俄美公司濒于破产。俄国人担心阿拉斯加太遥远了,他们无法保护它不受美国扩张主义的侵害。他们预料自己迟早会失去这一地区,就于1867年以700万美元的价格把它卖给了美国,也就是说每英亩土地的价格不到2分钱。
5. 原料被做了替换,一个仓库30多吨价值100多万的货,只得全部废掉,重新来。
6.   Time was, when a poet sat upon a stool in a public place, and mused in the sight of men. Mr. Cruncher, sitting on stool in a public place, but not being a poet, mused as little as possible, and looked about him.


1. 经纬中国创始管理合伙人张颖近期在微博上表示:这段时间,外部融资环境比较恶劣,融资难度无限加大……我们只会继续加码支持那些数据持续给力,创始人明显在快速成长的潜力公司。
2. 正面中部面额数字调整为光彩光变面额数字50。
3. 要通过视频,让大家感受到自己的存在,让大家感受到自己是被需要的,有序地进入到工作状态,找到生活的价值,在工作中找到乐趣,获得成就感。

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