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1. 这些公司都拥有超过1千名的员工。
2.   Ruggiero having this benefite of the Maides kinde love to him,made it an hopefull mounting Ladder, whereby to derive some goodliking from the Mistresse, presuming rather on his outward comelyparts, then any other honest qualitie that might commend him. TheMistresse knowing what choise her Maide had made, and unable by anyperswasions to remoove her, tooke knowledge of Ruggieroes privateresorting to her house, and in meere love to her Maide (who had verymany especiall deservings in her) oftentimes she would (in kindemanner) rebuke him, and advise him to a more settled course of life;which counsell, that it might take the better effect; she gracedwith liberall gifts: one while with Golde, others with Silver, andoften with garments, for his comelier accesse thither; which bounty,he (like a lewde mistaker) interpreted as assurances of heraffection to him, and that he was more gracefull in her eye, thenany man else could be.
3. 会场里,一身正装的副省长坐在第一排,身后就是知名网红嘉宾区。
4.   'A long time,' said I.
5.   That winter Michaelis came for a few days. He was a young Irishman who had already made a large fortune by his plays in America. He had been taken up quite enthusiastically for a time by smart society in London, for he wrote smart society plays. Then gradually smart society realized that it had been made ridiculous at the hands of a down-at-heel Dublin street-rat, and revulsion came. Michaelis was the last word in what was caddish and bounderish. He was discovered to be anti-English, and to the class that made this discovery this was worse than the dirtiest crime. He was cut dead, and his corpse thrown into the refuse can.
6. "Ermie!" she said. "Let us PRETEND>! Let us pretend it's a party! And oh, won't you invite the prisoner in the next cell?"


1. 有耐心、心如止水,是不可或缺的条件。
2.   "Nor dread them not, nor do them reverence; For though thine husband armed be in mail, The arrows of thy crabbed eloquence Shall pierce his breast, and eke his aventail;<18> In jealousy I rede* eke thou him bind, *advise And thou shalt make him couch* as doth a quail. *submit, shrink
3. 这办法很简单:新注册X.com的用户,奖励20美元。
4.   66. Guido de Colonna, or de Colempnis, was a native of Messina, who lived about the end of the thirteenth century, and wrote in Latin prose a history including the war of Troy.
5. 第三节:价格分歧相对保养合约
6. 涨价风并没有消停,而是越刮越猛烈。


1.   And the vision said, "I shall not tell you for certain whether he isalive or dead, and there is no use in idle conversation."
2.   "Be it as you will," said Patton.
3. 我本身就是做技术出身,对技术方面有比较扎实的知识,所以我希望能加入到一加拥有技术背景的投资公司。
4. 而南航在国际业务上的拓展需求也使得其需要美航这样一个强大的合作伙伴给予支持。
5. "That's different," he said, annoyed; and when she said, "Why is it?" he quite sulked, referring her to me, saying, "Van's the philosopher."
6. ac+cur关心+ate→一再关心,弄精确为止→准确的,精确的


1. 他同时指出,任何药都是有毒性的,在体外可以很容易把病毒杀死了,体外实验不代表人体试验有效。
2. 拍起戏来大手大脚、几个亿成本的戏两句话就拍了、一部戏好的时候每个人都说有功劳,但一到不好的时候,错误在谁就根本找不到了。
3. Sara took out three more buns and put them down.
4. 按水滴筹的说法,平台为有需要的困难患者提供免费的服务,但平台并非公益组织,而是一家商业公司,也在积极承担社会责任。
5. 相关法律链接对妨害新型冠状病毒感染肺炎防控,不服从、不配合或者拒绝执行有关政府决定、命令或者措施等行为,有哪些法律责任?《突发事件应对法》第六十六条规定:单位或者个人违反本法规定,不服从所在地人民政府及其有关部门发布的决定、命令或者不配合其依法采取的措施,构成违反治安管理行为的,由公安机关依法给予处罚。
6. 这种消费特征对中国的出海商家来说既是机遇、也是挑战。


1.   "I'll ask her. She won't refuse me a few dollars."
2. 但是很清楚,不经过斗争,就不可能发生旧资本这种实际上的贬值,不经过斗争,追加资本△C也不可能作为资本执行职能。利润率不是由于资本的生产过剩所引起的竞争而下降。而是相反,因为利润率的下降和资本的生产过剩产生于同一些情况,所以现在才会发生竞争斗争。原来执行职能的资本家会把他们手中的△C部分或多或少地闲置下来,以便使他们的原资本不致贬值,使它在生产领域中占有的地位不致缩小,或者,他们会使用△C,以使即使自己遭受暂时的损失,也能把追加资本的闲置转嫁给新的侵入者,转嫁给他们的竞争者。
3.   Bold is the venture, Costly the pay! Gaily the soldier Marches away.Faust and Wagner - Peasant Dances

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      "He took care not to do so, monsieur; on the contrary, he came upto me and said, 'It is your master that needs his liberty at thismoment and not I, since he knows everything and I know nothing.They will believe he is arrested, and that will give him time; inthree days I will tell them who I am, and they cannot fail to letme go.'"

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