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1. IFAD的政策顾问、这篇报告的作者佩德罗·德·瓦斯孔塞卢斯称:“这确实是一个全球性的现象,由于缺乏机会,人们不得不背井离乡,出门打工养活家人。”
2.   Notes to the Prologue to the Miller's Tale
3. Wade was probably a little easier to stop back in high school before he had filled into his 6'4'' frame that makes him so unstoppable today.
4.   Ere I had finished this reply, my soul began to expand, to exult,with the strangest sense of freedom, of triumph, I ever felt. Itseemed as if an invisible bond had burst, and that I had struggled outinto unhoped-for liberty. Not without cause was this sentiment: Mrs.Reed looked frightened; her work had slipped from her knee; she waslifting up her hands, rocking herself to and fro, and even twistingher face as if she would cry.
5.   etc., etc. Ha! That represents the last time that the colonel neededto have his machine overhauled, I fancy."
6. 今年1月,复旦大学教授、中国学术英语教学研究会会长蔡基刚曾在媒体发表一篇名为《大学英语四、六级可转向社会化水平考试》的文章。


1. 王女士的父母有一套87平米的旧房,前段时间老人有卖房的打算,就像某中介公司人员打听能卖多少钱,中介告诉他,这片区旧房成交不是很活跃,然而12月16日老人才签委托协议放盘,12月19日中介就说有买家了,并且催着老人当天就签署了房屋买卖合同。
2. 假定A是这种最坏土地。它由50先令的支出,生产了1夸特=60先令;因此利润是10先令,或20%。
3.   With Chaplets of Flowers,
4.   At the end of the evening the princes once more prostrated themselves before the throne and asked leave to return home; and then, encouraged by the gracious words of farewell uttered by the Sultan, Prince Bahman said: "Sire, may we dare to take the liberty of asking whether you would do us and our sister the honour of resting for a few minutes at our house the first time the hunt passes that way?"
5. 原标题:病毒是如何在飞机上传播的?继美联航停飞部分中美航班,英国航空、维珍航空暂停往返中国所有航班,加拿大航空取消部分往返中国航班,荷兰航空暂停、减少部分往返中国航班,汉莎航空、瑞士航空、奥地利航空也在当地时间29日宣布暂停往返中国航班至2月9日。
6.   Belcolore looking on the Cloake, said. How much may this Cloakebee worth? How much? quoth Sir Simon, upon my word Belcolore, it is ofa right fine Flanders Serdge, and not above eight dayes since, Ibought it thus (ready made) of Lotto the Fripperer, and payed for itsixe and twenty Florines, a pledge then sufficient for your ten. Is itpossible, said shee, that it should cost so much? Well, Sir Simon,deliver it me first, I will lay it up safe for you against Saturday,when if you fetch it not; I will redeeme mine owne things with it, andleave you to release it your selfe.


1.   Aramis uttered a cry of joy at the sight of the seal, kissedthe superscription with an almost religious respect, andopened the epistle, which contained what follows:
2. 11月初,他耗时3天,跨越4000多公里,从拉萨到鹤岗买了房。
3. 方山跟我说,知道我是从武汉回来的,差点就把消毒液洒到我身上了。
4.   What will you do?
5. 黄陂区住建局一名工作人员也回应称,该商城日常人口密集,商户云集,不可能用来作为临时医院,网传建议只能代表她个人的观点,无法代表全部业主。
6. 专注于传递区块链行业资讯,挖掘区块链+产业价值,帮助更多的区块链从业者、爱好者等深度理解和认知区块链,为个体从业者进行区块链赋能。


1. 【刷墙广告创造辉煌】1996年,三株口服液,靠着一把刷子和一桶颜料,将三株口服液的广告刷遍中国大江南北,很多乡镇、农村的一扇扇土墙,包括电线杆子、公路围栏和厕所都被这家公司刷屏,而如今频繁的刷墙广告也带来了功勋卓著的荣誉:当年创造的80亿销售额中的六成来自这些农村市场。
2.   `Naturally you don't. I'm afraid you mistake unscrupulousness for generosity.'
3. 没日没夜的工作让她对日期的概念变得模糊,她回忆,大概在一月十几号时,医院收治到一位31岁的男性患者,这个年龄在蔡志芳眼中都是小孩。
4. 同时,请ETC小型客车全程保持ETC卡插入OBU,确保正常享受节假日免费政策。
5. 不过,阿克塞尔罗德并没有按照“赢者通吃”的原则给结对比赛的选手打分,只有比赛结束才算数。以牙还牙策略的一大优点在于它总是可以将比赛引向结束。其最坏的结果是遭到一次背叛,也就是说,让对方占了一次便宜,此后双方打成平局。以牙还牙策略之所以能赢得这次锦标赛,是因为它通常都会竭尽全力促成合作,同时避免相互背叛。其他参赛者则要么太轻信别人,一点也不会防范背叛,要么太咄咄逼人,一心要把对方踢出局。
6. 与此同时,民警经过大数据综合分析,判定刘某某就是在逃长达16年的犯罪嫌疑人陈某某。


1. 因此,请务必仔细选择你的厨师,这是菜品质量的保证。
2.   'All of a sudden, one evening - as it might be tonight - comes little Em'ly from her work, and him with her! There ain't so much in that, you'll say. No, because he takes care on her, like a brother, arter dark, and indeed afore dark, and at all times. But this tarpaulin chap, he takes hold of her hand, and he cries out to me, joyful, "Look here! This is to be my little wife!" And she says, half bold and half shy, and half a laughing and half a crying, "Yes, Uncle! If you please." - If I please!' cried Mr. Peggotty, rolling his head in an ecstasy at the idea; 'Lord, as if I should do anythink else! - "If you please, I am steadier now, and I have thought better of it, and I'll be as good a little wife as I can to him, for he's a dear, good fellow!" Then Missis Gummidge, she claps her hands like a play, and you come in. Theer! the murder's out!' said Mr. Peggotty - 'You come in! It took place this here present hour; and here's the man that'll marry her, the minute she's out of her time.'
3.   'Tis I!

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      In four days he had completed the whole work, and on the fifthCalypso sent him from the island after washing him and giving him someclean clothes. She gave him a goat skin full of black wine, andanother larger one of water; she also gave him a wallet full ofprovisions, and found him in much good meat. Moreover, she made thewind fair and warm for him, and gladly did Ulysses spread his sailbefore it, while he sat and guided the raft skilfully by means ofthe rudder. He never closed his eyes, but kept them fixed on thePleiads, on late-setting Bootes, and on the Bear- which men alsocall the wain, and which turns round and round where it is, facingOrion, and alone never dipping into the stream of Oceanus- for Calypsohad told him to keep this to his left. Days seven and ten did hesail over the sea, and on the eighteenth the dim outlines of themountains on the nearest part of the Phaeacian coast appeared,rising like a shield on the horizon.