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1.   Other in their desire, feele blessednesse,
2. 快手如何避免猫腻?直播带货能量虽大,但隐患也不少。
3. 这一天,成华区保和街道的彭放面对的是两个32层的单元楼,和里面的390多住户。
4.   `You had abandoned all hope of being dug out?'
5. 2017年初,上海率先出台《加快制造业与互联网融合创新发展实施意见》和《工业互联网创新应用三年行动计划》。
6.   With these words Mr. Brocklehurst put into my hand a thinpamphlet sewn in a cover, and having rung for his carriage, hedeparted.


1. 这样,就可以让一家年收为几个亿到十个亿的纯SaaS公司,上升到几十亿的量级。
2. 这样是不是看起来low很多?看上去,法官的独立性差远了。
3. 为什么美国经济一旦转入战争状态,就能不顾日本人的狂热精神而完全压倒日本经济,其原因是显而易见的。例如,战争初期的灾难使美国只剩下3艘第一线的航空母舰,但珍珠港事件后的两年内,航空母舰的数目便猛增到50艘。同样,海军飞机的数量从1941年的3638架上升到
4. 这个办法行之未久,即因“各关奏报盈余较雍正十三年有赢者居多”,于是又回到乾隆六年的办法,“仍与上届相比较”。表面上是防止税吏“从中侵隐”,骨子里是朝廷要尽量搜刮盈余。乾隆四十二年(一七七七),又进一步改为与前三年比较。名义上只要不少于前三年中任何一年,即可核准报销,实际上变成以“上三届征收最多年份”为准,仍是尽量多要。作为对抗之策,关税经征人员则想尽各种办法,拉平各年税收,以尽量少交对付尽量多要。在对外贸易税收中心的粤海关,每当临近向北京解款之时,经常出现装卸船货、稽征钞税一概后延,进出口贸易临时中止的怪现象。其所以如此,就是着眼于拉平各年税收。这种手法,大概也为清廷所察觉。因此,嘉庆四年(一七九九),停止了乾隆四十二年的办法。将所有盈余数目,“酌中定制”,制成新定额,不再与上三届比较,而新定额以上之盈余,仍须据实报出。这分明是以多要对付少交的新手法,但却被说成是防止“司榷各员藉端苛敛”的“体恤”措施。
5.   "Son of Atreus," replied Telemachus, "do not press me to staylonger; I should be contented to remain with you for another twelvemonths; I find your conversation so delightful that I should neveronce wish myself at home with my parents; but my crew whom I have leftat Pylos are already impatient, and you are detaining me from them. Asfor any present you may be disposed to make me, I had rather that itshould he a piece of plate. I will take no horses back with me toIthaca, but will leave them to adorn your own stables, for you havemuch flat ground in your kingdom where lotus thrives, as alsomeadowsweet and wheat and barley, and oats with their white andspreading ears; whereas in Ithaca we have neither open fields norracecourses, and the country is more fit for goats than horses, andI like it the better for that. None of our islands have much levelground, suitable for horses, and Ithaca least of all."
6.   'I recollect talking about it,' said I, 'though I certainly did not think it very likely then.' 'Oh! who would have thought it likely, Mister Copperfield!' returned Uriah, enthusiastically. 'I am sure I didn't myself. I recollect saying with my own lips that I was much too umble. So I considered myself really and truly.'


1.   `Aren't all men wrapped up in themselves?' she asked.
2. 一二一四年四月,成吉思汗统率蒙古军自中都北撤后,又派木华黎和石抹也先(降蒙的契丹人)等去辽东攻下了金东京掳掠去大批粮食、武器。宣宗南迁,成吉思汗在派遣三木合、石抹明安等攻取中都的同时,再派木华黎等去攻掠辽西和辽东。金朝在辽西、辽东的将领和各地地主武装,纷纷投降蒙古,或叛金自立。辽水东西地区陷入一片纷乱之中。
3. 一位参与抢救的医生回忆,当时杨医生满身是血,颈部有多处刀伤,其中一刀砍断了右侧颈全部肌肉,连颈椎骨都断了。
4. 有一年的除夕夜,邻居发觉家里一筐鸡蛋碎了,怀疑是罗妹姑偷的。
5. 宜宾市叙州区救助站站长翁垠出示的救助登记表显示,有几次,罗妹姑被送到救助站,就是因为在医院盗窃。
6.   At the Place Louis XV. the three young people separated --that is to say, Morrel went to the Boulevards,Chateau-Renaud to the Pont de la Revolution, and Debray tothe Quai. Most probably Morrel and Chateau-Renaud returnedto their "domestic hearths," as they say in the gallery ofthe Chamber in well-turned speeches, and in the theatre ofthe Rue Richelieu in well-written pieces; but it was not thecase with Debray. When he reached the wicket of the Louvre,he turned to the left, galloped across the Carrousel, passedthrough the Rue Saint-Roch, and, issuing from the Rue de laMichodiere, he arrived at M. Danglars' door just at the sametime that Villefort's landau, after having deposited him andhis wife at the Faubourg St. Honore, stopped to leave thebaroness at her own house. Debray, with the air of a manfamiliar with the house, entered first into the court, threwhis bridle into the hands of a footman, and returned to thedoor to receive Madame Danglars, to whom he offered his arm,to conduct her to her apartments. The gate once closed, andDebray and the baroness alone in the court, he asked, --"What was the matter with you, Hermine? and why were you soaffected at that story, or rather fable, which the countrelated?"


1.   Doctor Manette received him kindly, and so did Lucie. But, Miss Pross suddenly became afflicted with a twitching in the head and body, and retired into the house. She was not unfrequently the victim of this disorder, and she called it, in familiar conversation, `a fit of the jerks.'
2.   He recovered himself so quickly, however, that Mr. Lorry had doubts of his business eye. The arm of the golden giant in the hall was not more steady than he was, when he stopped under it to remark to them that he was not yet proof against slight surprises (if he ever would be), and that the rain had startled him.
3.   'What is he now?' I asked.
4.   "What can you do? Have you ever worked in a retail store before?Are you experienced?"
5. 针对于此,地平线在技术上确定了软硬结合即算法+芯片的战法。
6.   "Shall I see you?"


1. 巴斯德(LouisPasteur,1822—1895)巴斯德开创人类防治传染病的新时代作为细菌理论的创建者、食物消毒中巴氏加热杀菌法的倡导者以及狂犬病疫苗的发明者,巴斯德的名字家喻户晓。
2. 在弗吉尼亚号航行的途中,在钢琴的弹奏过程里,身在船上的1900透过面前的窗口看到了整个世界。
3.   `Do you suppose,' Mr. Lorry went on, with a laughing twinkle in his bright eye, as it looked kindly at her, `that Doctor Manette has any theory of his own, preserved through all those years, relative to the cause of his being so oppressed; perhaps, even to the name of his oppressor?'

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