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1. 在政治上,世界仍完全不是一个单一的整体。震撼欧洲的有名的六年战争未曾影响到密西西比河以西的南北美洲、非洲内地、中东大部分地区和整个东亚。虽然欧洲人已牢固地控制了西伯利亚、南美洲和北美洲东部地区,但到当时为止,他们在非洲、印度和东印度群岛仅拥有少数飞地,而在远东,只能作为商人从事冒险活动,而且,即使以商人身份活动,他们还必须服从最具有限制性、最任意的规章制度。
2.   "There's only one," answered the inspector. "We thought that if wecould only find-Good heavens, Mr. Holmes! what is the matter?"My poor friend's face had suddenly assumed the most dreadfulexpression. His eyes rolled upward, his features writhed in agony, andwith a suppressed groan he dropped on his face upon the ground.Horrified at the suddenness and severity of the attack, we carried himinto the kitchen, where he lay back in a large chair and breathedheavily for some minutes. Finally, with a shamefaced apology for hisweakness, he rose once more.
3.   "Then the guilty person is absolutely in custody?" said themarquise.
4. 他解释称,在提车当日因客户又看中另一型号的黑色内饰轿车,考虑到客户有意购买其他车型,所以没有及时办理退款。
5. 一方面,特朗普在保护主义政策下加征关税,采取的举措比较强硬。
6. 患者1月19日18时乘飞机到达银川,20时就诊自治区人民医院西夏分院急诊科,当时测体温37.2℃,复查血常规:淋巴细胞百分比26%,超敏C反应蛋白17.73mg/L。


1. 目前,中国有5亿多游戏玩家,电子竞技已成为一项大产业。
2. 摄影:曾金秋对于这次肺炎可能给市场带来的影响,一位不愿透露姓名的商户表示,2013年非典发生期间,这个海鲜市场就已经存在,但当时没有受到太大影响。
3. 像这样的吃货群,陈京有几十个,他们是专门以打假为业的团队,只要发现哪家网店有明显的价格漏洞或销售问题产品等,便集体下单向平台投诉并索赔,即便是正规商家,遇到他们集中投诉,也大概率会选择赔偿了事。
4.   To this Ulysses answered, "Amphinomus, you seem to be a man ofgood understanding, as indeed you may well be, seeing whose son youare. I have heard your father well spoken of; he is Nisus ofDulichium, a man both brave and wealthy. They tell me you are his son,and you appear to be a considerable person; listen, therefore, andtake heed to what I am saying. Man is the vainest of all creaturesthat have their being upon earth. As long as heaven vouchsafes himhealth and strength, he thinks that he shall come to no harmhereafter, and even when the blessed gods bring sorrow upon him, hebears it as he needs must, and makes the best of it; for GodAlmighty gives men their daily minds day by day. I know all aboutit, for I was a rich man once, and did much wrong in thestubbornness of my pride, and in the confidence that my father andmy brothers would support me; therefore let a man fear God in allthings always, and take the good that heaven may see fit to send himwithout vainglory. Consider the infamy of what these suitors aredoing; see how they are wasting the estate, and doing dishonour to thewife, of one who is certain to return some day, and that, too, notlong hence. Nay, he will be here soon; may heaven send you homequietly first that you may not meet with him in the day of his coming,for once he is here the suitors and he will not part bloodlessly."
5. 上海援鄂医疗队获赠400支,提高免疫力的药剂日达仙,为一线医务人员提供保障
6. 虽然这种感受像极了在她的伤口上撒盐,但为了能够澄清事实,李宇做了多方努力。


1. 让人生有意义、让人有身份认同的故事,虽然都是虚构的,但人类还是得相信这些故事。那么,怎样才能让人感觉故事是真的呢?我们已经知道人类想要相信故事的原因,现在我们得讨论一下让人相信故事的方法。早在几千年前,祭司和巫师就已经找到了答案:靠各种仪式。“仪式”是一种神奇的行为,能让抽象变得具体、虚构变得真实。至于仪式的精髓,可以说就在于它的咒语,中文念“天灵灵、地灵灵”,在西方则念“Hocuspocus”,似乎念了咒语,就能让A变成B。5
2. 目前,犯罪嫌疑人已被移送起诉。
3.   'Where is God? What is God?'
4. We had room to stretch, if not to turn around; but we could very carefully roll over, one at a time, behind the sheltering foliage.
5. 我们已经更加了解宗教的概念,现在可以回头来审视宗教和科学之间的关系。对于二者的关系,有两种极端的观点。第一种观点认为科学和宗教誓不两立,而现代历史就是科学知识与宗教迷信的斗争史。随着时间的推移,科学的光明驱散了宗教的黑暗,世界越来越世俗、理性和繁荣。然而,虽然某些科学发现肯定侵蚀了宗教的教义,但两者却非必然对立。比如,穆斯林认为伊斯兰教是由先知穆罕默德于公元7世纪在阿拉伯创立,而这点就有充分的科学证据可以证明。
6. 一七二五年(雍正三年),撤消总理事务王大臣制。次年,雍正帝下密旨,在内廷设立军需房,筹办西北用兵的军需。西北准备出兵,是当时的军事机密,朝内外均不得知。一七三○年,在内廷设军机房。由怡亲王允祥和大学士张廷玉、蒋廷锡(雍正六年拜大学士兼领户部)等,参予军机要务。随后改称军机处。一七三二年,铸造“办理军机印信”,成为正式的常设机构。


1. 我们的理想状态是在国内做一个全覆盖,做一个每家都平衡的状态,共同发展产业,做整个产业的支撑。
2.   The water-fowles have their heades laid Together, and *of short advisement,* *after brief deliberation* When evereach his verdict had y-said They saide soothly all by one assent, How that "The goose with the *facond gent,* *refined eloquence* That so desired to pronounce our need,* business Shall tell our tale;" and prayed God her speed.
3. 展开全文除了回力,另一个老牌子南极人同样也被曝出问题不断,根据中新经纬的报道,在电商平台上搜索南极人发现,有南极人官方旗舰店南极人居家日用旗舰店南极人靓派专卖店等数百家店铺。
4. 并定期将样本送第三方检测机构检测。
5. 众所周知,禁用兴奋剂是因为它们可以帮助运动员取得更好的成绩,但是这些兴奋剂是如何做到这一点的呢?首都医科大学附属北京世纪坛医院药剂科副主任药师金锐告诉科技日报记者,兴奋剂有不同种类。
6. 梁乙速在国内专权,贵族间的矛盾日益发展。梁太后亲自出战,不让梁乙通领兵。梁乙通对梁太后逐渐不满,阴谋篡夺。一○九四年十月,夏国大将嵬名阿吴、仁多保忠等率领部众,杀梁乙通,井杀其全家。


1.   Their number was formidable, now that he had begun to fear,and yet these names, powerful though they were, had oftencaused him to smile with the same kind of satisfactionexperienced by a traveller who from the summit of a mountainbeholds at his feet the craggy eminences, the almostimpassable paths, and the fearful chasms, through which hehas so perilously climbed. When he had run over all thesenames in his memory, again read and studied them, commentingmeanwhile upon his lists, he shook his head.
2. 最后一轮进入的投资机构极有可能面对上市就亏损的境地。
3. 这时候,3M抓住了机会,将其他地区工厂的口罩都发往中国。

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