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1. 对临汾而言,地方的经济水平、民众的收入水平摆在那里,实现能源升级,普及清洁能源,自然也得基于长期算法,政策设计也应更加成熟。
2.   This room was chill, because it seldom had a fire; it was silent,because remote from the nursery and kitchen; solemn, because it wasknown to be so seldom entered. The housemaid alone came here onSaturdays, to wipe from the mirrors and the furniture a week's quietdust: and Mrs. Reed herself, at far intervals, visited it to reviewthe contents of a certain secret drawer in the wardrobe, where werestored divers parchments, her jewel-casket, and a miniature of herdeceased husband; and in those last words lies the secret of thered-room- the spell which kept it so lonely in spite of its grandeur.
3. 特约专栏作家安东尼·盖尔恩是Paragon欧洲合作伙伴的常务董事。目前位于伦敦。
4. 因为骗保未遂,王杨二人被处以行政拘留7天的处罚。
5. 拜占廷文化从未解决它在自己的古典遗产和宗教倾向之间所存在的矛盾心理。拜占廷帝国灭亡的前夕,柏拉图主义者吉米斯图斯·普莱桑(约1355—1450年),对一个深受基督教及其组织约束的国家的前景公开表示怀疑。普莱桑作为一名著名的教师,在伯罗奔尼撤半岛的拜占廷的省府密斯特拉度过了他的大半生。他梦想在伯罗奔尼撒半岛上恢复古希腊社会;这一社会按照经过修改的柏拉图式的乌托邦组成,以异教信仰而不是基督教信仰为基础。但在拜占廷人的思想中,这种古典的、现世主义的倾向从来没有盛行过。拜占廷社会仍以宗教信仰为主要倾向。在这个社会中,比普莱桑更有代表性的是传教土约瑟夫·布莱尼斯,他的布道为当时的种种罪恶提供了宗教上的解释:
6.   Connie was accustomed to Kensington or the Scotch hills or the Sussex downs: that was her England. With the stoicism of the young she took in the utter, soulless ugliness of the coal-and-iron Midlands at a glance, and left it at what it was: unbelievable and not to be thought about. From the rather dismal rooms at Wragby she heard the rattle-rattle of the screens at the pit, the puff of the winding-engine, the clink-clink of shunting trucks, and the hoarse little whistle of the colliery locomotives. Tevershall pit-bank was burning, had been burning for years, and it would cost thousands to put it out. So it had to burn. And when the wind was that way, which was often, the house was full of the stench of this sulphurous combustion of the earth's excrement. But even on windless days the air always smelt of something under-earth: sulphur, iron, coal, or acid. And even on the Christmas roses the smuts settled persistently, incredible, like black manna from the skies of doom.


1. 疫情会造成经济伤害,而后续心理创伤也许难以估量。
2. │C│1│6│51/2│31/2│191/4│311/14│131/4│
3.   As yet I had spoken to no one, nor did anybody seem to takenotice of me; I stood lonely enough: but to that feeling ofisolation I was accustomed; it did not oppress me much. I leantagainst a pillar of the verandah, drew my grey mantle close aboutme, and, trying to forget the cold which nipped me without, and theunsatisfied hunger which gnawed me within, delivered myself up tothe employment of watching and thinking. My reflections were tooundefined and fragmentary to merit record: I hardly yet knew where Iwas; Gateshead and my past life seemed floated away to an immeasurabledistance; the present was vague and strange, and of the future I couldform no conjecture. I looked round the convent-like garden, and thenup at the house- a large building, half of which seemed grey andold, the other half quite new. The new part, containing the schoolroomand dormitory, was lit by mullioned and latticed windows, which gaveit a church-like aspect; a stone tablet over the door bore thisinscription-Brocklehurst, of Brocklehurst Hall, in this county.' 'Let your lightso shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorifyyour Father which is in heaven.'- St. Matt. v. 16.
4. "Is it true," Ermengarde whispered, as they went through the hall--"is it true that you have a playroom all to yourself?"
5.   "Is a very simple one. I shall go down with Hill to the ItalianQuarter, find the man whose photograph we have got, and arrest himon the charge of murder. Will you come with us?"
6. 不但如此,Tony还在各种线上社交App、游戏中撩妹,广撒网,和不同的女孩处对象。


1. Managers are able to reward their subordinates in unique, personalized ways thanks to the budget they receive from corporate. Two examples of past bonuses: free trail rides at an equestrian stadium and a barbeque with lassoing and horseshow throwing lessons.
2. 今天的武汉和过去的武汉很不一样,今天的湖北大有可为。
3. Coca-Cola is in the middle of transforming its business as it sells off its bottling operations in the US and across the globe to focus on producing the concentrate that makes many of its drinks as well as research and development. Those sales will allow the company to focus more of its resources on innovation and acquisitions.
4.   The principal thing for her, then, was, as we have said, to keep Mme.Bonacieux in her power. Mme. Bonacieux was the very life of D'Artagnan.This was more than his life, the life of the woman he loved; this was,in case of ill fortune, a means of temporizing and obtaining goodconditions.
5. 这种中台+前台的模式既获得了平台化的成本优势,又提供了面向业务的灵活度,可谓一举两得。
6. 曾经有人问马云人生最大的错误是什么。


1.   It was easier for Mr. Lorry to look in at Tellson's, than to look out of Tellson's. He was detained two hours. When he came back, he ascended the old staircase alone, having asked no question of the servant; going thus into the Doctors rooms, he was stopped by a low sound of knocking.
2. 在印度早期的民族主义领袖当中,有三个人尤其值得注意。第一个是印度商人达达布黑·挪罗齐(1825-1917年),他在伦敦住过多年,事实上,1892年时,还经自由党提名当选为下议院议员。挪罗齐强调了印度的财富外流到英国这一情况,设法任命国会的一个委员会去调查英属印度的财政管理。另一个杰出的领袖是血G.拉那德(1842-1901年),他因为担任法官而被取消进入政界的资格,所以,他倾全力于社会、经济改革。在仔细研究了印度的问题之后,他下结论说,最大的需要是在英国的赞助下达到迅速的工业化,他致力于实现这一目标。拉那德的信徒是G·K·戈卡莱(1866—1915年),他也主要对经济问题感兴趣。作为立法会议的成员,他提出了“没有代表席位就不纳税”的口号,他每年关于帝国预算的演说迫使当局多次减税和进行财政改革。
3.   Meantime the young woman continued to advance, counting thehouses and windows. This was neither long nor difficult. Therewere but three hotels in this part of the street; and only twowindows looking toward the road, one of which was in a pavilionparallel to that which Aramis occupied, the other belonging toAramis himself.
4. 中国人关于不发达世界的理论同样是好战的,在不发达世界中,他们与美国人和苏联人相反,有着作为非白种人和不富裕人的优势。中国人告诫说,不发达国家受到了帝国主义强国的统治和剥削,这些帝国主义强国既包括美国也包括苏联。这种不平等的关系只有通过革命才能结束,但革命不能出口;被压迫民族必须依靠自己。毛泽东的当然继承人林彪元帅的一篇著名文章引起了西方的恐慌,因为林彪在这篇文章中把当时的世界形势看作是“农村包围城市”。他说这些城市是北美和西欧,这些农村是亚洲、非洲和拉丁美洲。中国农民曾在共产党人的领导下占领了他们的城市;林彪预言,不发达世界的人民大众将打败进行剥削的帝国主义国家,取得类似的胜利。但林彪也强调,胜利只有通过自力更生才能取得,不能依靠中国或其他国家的大量援助。他警告说,那些主要依靠外国人的革命者必将失去同本国人民的联系,变得十分无能。因此,中国的革命学说不是为中国在世界范围内的征服规定行动计划的“我的奋斗”,而是一套指导外国共产主义革命者的“自制工具”。
5.   "When had he a letter before that?"
6. 医生,你要吃好一点,保重好自己,在疲倦忙碌的之外,患者的关心与叮嘱,让我们都感觉到特别的温暖,希望所有的病人都早日康复。


1. 宿华曾在公开场合提到:快手用户的地域分布结构和中国移动互联网的人群分布结构基本一致。
2.   A suspended interest and a prevalent absence of mind, were perhaps observed by the spies who looked in at the wine-shop, as they looked in at every place, high and low, from the king's palace to the criminal's gaol. Games at cards languished, players at dominoes musingly built towers with them, drinkers drew figures on the tables with spilt drops of wine, Madame Defarge herself picked out the pattern on her sleeve with her toothpick, and saw and heard something inaudible and invisible a long way off.
3. 这一课程正在或即将在北大、中国科大、天大、北航、南开、北理工、华科开设。

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