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1. 下面这段话便是书的开头,它对当时人们十分惊奇的事物作了介绍:
2.   "I was trying to come on here, but the gods detained me in Egypt,for my hecatombs had not given them full satisfaction, and the godsare very strict about having their dues. Now off Egypt, about as faras a ship can sail in a day with a good stiff breeze behind her, thereis an island called Pharos- it has a good harbour from which vesselscan get out into open sea when they have taken in water- and thegods becalmed me twenty days without so much as a breath of fairwind to help me forward. We should have run clean out of provisionsand my men would have starved, if a goddess had not taken pity upon meand saved me in the person of Idothea, daughter to Proteus, the oldman of the sea, for she had taken a great fancy to me.
3.   'Oh, it is no trouble; I daresay your own hands are almost numbedwith cold. Leah, make a little hot negus and cut a sandwich or two:here are the keys of the storeroom.'
4.   To this you answered, O swineherd Eumaeus, "Stranger, though a stillpoorer man should come here, it would not be right for me to insulthim, for all strangers and beggars are from Jove. You must take whatyou can get and be thankful, for servants live in fear when theyhave young lords for their masters; and this is my misfortune now, forheaven has hindered the return of him who would have been alwaysgood to me and given me something of my own- a house, a piece of land,a good looking wife, and all else that a liberal master allows aservant who has worked hard for him, and whose labour the gods haveprospered as they have mine in the situation which I hold. If mymaster had grown old here he would have done great things by me, buthe is gone, and I wish that Helen's whole race were utterly destroyed,for she has been the death of many a good man. It was this matter thattook my master to Ilius, the land of noble steeds, to fight theTrojans in the cause of kin Agamemnon."
5. "Keep your ears open," he said; and he began to walk slowly and softly round the miserable little room, making rapid notes on his tablet as he looked at things.
6.   "I will wait until you come out."


1. 远程办公的尴尬当你没有选择的时候,你不得不捏着鼻子吃难吃的饭菜,然而,一旦生活条件改善了,你还能持续吗?显然,答案是否定的。
2.   "Have you her photograph?"
3. 据悉,国家体育总局党组专门成立了领导小组,下设应对办公室、治疗办公室、联防联控办公室,督查办公事。
4. 他说自己是名打工者,在QQ群里看到一个手机游戏APP,自当年初以来,在里面输了3万余元。
5. 单词capacity 联想记忆:
6.   `Hark!' he exclaimed. `Whose voice was that?'


1. 被抢救出的文物包括纽约唐人街英文报纸先驱郑玉安(WilliamYukonChang)创办的月报《中美时报》(Chinese-AmericanTimes),这是20世纪五六十年代第一本完全以英文出版的华裔美国报纸。
2. 那么,是谁在夜间潜入把猴子们带走了呢?园长中村智昭表示:监视摄像机在停车场或入口处有很多,但园内全境还无法覆盖。
3. 但与商家宣传形成明显反差的是,在检测机构记者看到,测试过程中,鞋底出现超长裂纹,鞋帮与底墙开胶,这些检验鞋类基本性能的通用指标,却屡屡触碰标准红线。
4. 但是英国只是在它的工业力量已经开始有所发展时,才着手进行这些工作的。从那时起,一切观察者都看得很清楚,一个国家要完成这样的工作,只有在它的工业力量已经开始有大规模发展时,才能办到;只有在国内工业生产与农业资源同时有了发展时,代价这样高的商业设备才能获得补偿;也就是这类设施只有在这样的情况下才能使它们充分完成使命。
5. 当时,德国人已用领导东线部队的兴登堡和鲁登道夫取代了法金汉。在经历了前一年在凡尔登战役和索姆河战役中的毁灭性打击之后,他们决定在西线继续采取守势,而在海上展开无限制的潜艇战。他们希望由此迫使英国因饥饿而投降,使法国孤立在欧洲大陆上。德国人十分清楚,潜艇战将冒美国参战的危险,但他们孤注一掷,以为英国将在美国的援助起作用之前被打败。
6. 零工经济(gig economy)


1. 所以易到在C轮融资的时候,只拿了1亿美金。
2. 今年7月,公开报道称吴秀波诉陈昱琳案两度延期将于国庆节后提交公诉,女方仍在看守所中。
3. 而据荆州市中心医院的一位医生介绍,年后他所在的科室也可能转为发热病房。
4.   This priest took up this silver teine anon; And thenne said the canon, "Let us gon, With these three teines which that we have wrought, To some goldsmith, and *weet if they be aught:* *find out if they are For, by my faith, I would not for my hood worth anything* *But if* they were silver fine and good, *unless And that as swithe* well proved shall it be." *quickly Unto the goldsmith with these teines three They went anon, and put them in assay* *proof To fire and hammer; might no man say nay, But that they weren as they ought to be. This sotted* priest, who gladder was than he? *stupid, besotted Was never bird gladder against the day; Nor nightingale in the season of May Was never none, that better list to sing; Nor lady lustier in carolling, Or for to speak of love and womanhead; Nor knight in arms to do a hardy deed, To standen in grace of his lady dear, Than had this priest this crafte for to lear; And to the canon thus he spake and said; "For love of God, that for us alle died, And as I may deserve it unto you, What shall this receipt coste? tell me now." "By our Lady," quoth this canon, "it is dear. I warn you well, that, save I and a frere, In Engleland there can no man it make." *"No force,"* quoth he; "now, Sir, for Godde's sake, *no matter What shall I pay? telle me, I you pray." "Y-wis,"* quoth he, "it is full dear, I say. *certainly Sir, at one word, if that you list it have, Ye shall pay forty pound, so God me save; And n'ere* the friendship that ye did ere this *were it not for To me, ye shoulde paye more, y-wis." This priest the sum of forty pound anon Of nobles fet,* and took them every one *fetched To this canon, for this ilke receipt. All his working was but fraud and deceit. "Sir Priest," he said, "I keep* to have no los** *care **praise <16> Of my craft, for I would it were kept close; And as ye love me, keep it secre: For if men knewen all my subtlety, By God, they woulde have so great envy To me, because of my philosophy, I should be dead, there were no other way." "God it forbid," quoth the priest, "what ye say. Yet had I lever* spenden all the good *rather Which that I have (and elles were I wood*), *mad Than that ye shoulde fall in such mischief." "For your good will, Sir, have ye right good prefe,"* *results of your Quoth the canon; "and farewell, grand mercy." *experiments* He went his way, and never the priest him sey * *saw After that day; and when that this priest should Maken assay, at such time as he would, Of this receipt, farewell! it would not be. Lo, thus bejaped* and beguil'd was he; *tricked Thus made he his introduction To bringe folk to their destruction.
5.   Anyhow everything was terribly silly, and she was exasperatedly bored by it all, by Clifford, by Aunt Eva, by Olive and Jack, and Winterslow, and even by Dukes. Talk, talk, talk! What hell it was, the continual rattle of it!
6. 烧钱背后肯定离不开资本的注入。


1.   He wrote to Connie with the same plaintive melancholy note as ever, sometimes witty, and touched with a queer, sexless affection. A kind of hopeless affection he seemed to feel for her, and the essential remoteness remained the same. He was hopeless at the very core of him, and he wanted to be hopeless. He rather hated hope. `Une immense espérance a traversé la terre', he read somewhere, and his comment was:`---and it's darned-well drowned everything worth having.'
2. 在这样的压力下,原本在玩耍中就能学会的跳绳,变成了短时间内必须学会的目标。
3. 在深圳南山区工作的李小姐就表示,这几天在家办公,透过摄像头才发现同事中不乏铲屎官,好几位都是在群里半炫耀半展示着自己家的狗子或者猫咪,甚至还有养宠物猪和玉米蛇的,真是千奇百怪无奇不有。

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