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1.   Reniero, who perfectly knew both the Dairy Farme, and the old smalTurret, not a little joyful, to heare how forward shee was to shameher selfe, answered in this manner. Madame, I was never in those partsof the Country, albeit they are so neere to our City, and therfore Imust needs be ignorant, not onely of your Farme, but the Turretalso. But if they stand in such convenient manner as you havedescribed, all the world could not yeelde the like elsewhere, so aptand sutable to your purpose: wherefore, with such expedition aspossibly can use, I will make the Image, and send it you, as alsothe charme, verie fairely written. But let me entreate you, thatwhen you have obtayned your hearts desire, and are able to Judgetruely of my love and service: not to be unmindfull of me, but (atyour best leysure) to performe what you have with such protestationspromised; which shee gave him her hand and faith to do, without anyimpeach or hinderance: and so parting, she returned home to her house.
2.   Within the cloister of thy blissful sides Took manne's shape th' eternal love and peace, That of *the trine compass* Lord and guide is *the trinity* Whom earth, and sea, and heav'n, *out of release,* *unceasingly *Aye hery;* and thou, Virgin wemmeless,* *forever praise* *immaculate Bare of thy body, and dweltest maiden pure, The Creator of every creature.
3. 接下来,算法开始调整这些歌曲和旋律,为你量身打造。或许某首歌什么都好,只有一个地方让你不喜欢。算法知道这件事,是因为只要一到那个地方,你的心跳就会停一下,催产素水平也会稍微降低。而算法能做的,就是把那个讨厌的地方重写或干脆删去。
5. 很多企业都思考了19年的总结和2020年的规划问题,结果其实很说明问题:无论2019年的挑战如何巨大,该增长的公司还是在增长。
6. 如果是被一些带锈的铁制品刺伤或者是被刀尖扎伤,正确的方法是先止血,然后对伤口进行消毒,及时到医院注射破伤风疫苗。


1.   `No thanks! Sir Clifford wondered if you would and she delivered her message, looking unconsciously into his eyes again. And now his eyes looked warm and kind, particularly to a woman, wonderfully warm, and kind, and at ease.
2. 类似通过品类特性错位而成为网红的还有三顿半咖啡、HFP、半亩花田、三谷等,但当然也有很多短暂即逝的网红产品,比如像答案茶、泡泡面膜、奥雪等等,他们为什么不能持久呢?原因可能有很多,比如有的是收智商税,有的是过度拔高了消费者的预期,有的是偏离了核心的消费动机,用户尝个鲜就够了。
3.   "`The abbe told me it was worth 50,000 francs,' mutteredCaderousse. `Come, come -- give it to me! What a strangefellow you are,' said the jeweller, taking the diamond fromhis hand. `I give you 45,000 francs -- that is, 2,500 livresof income, -- a fortune such as I wish I had myself, and youare not satisfied!' -- `And the five and forty thousandfrancs,' inquired Caderousse in a hoarse voice, `where arethey? Come -- let us see them.' -- `Here they are,' repliedthe jeweller, and he counted out upon the table 15,000francs in gold, and 30,000 francs in bank-notes.
4. 1999年11月,OICQ的注册用户量超过100万,可公司账上就只剩下1万元了。
5. [k?n's?:v?tiv]
6.   48. The shippes hoppesteres: The meaning is dubious. We may understand "the dancing ships," "the ships that hop" on the waves; "steres" being taken as the feminine adjectival termination: or we may, perhaps, read, with one of the manuscripts, "the ships upon the steres" -- that is, even as they are being steered, or on the open sea -- a more picturesque notion.


1.   Master Alexander, after he had laughed heartily at this hottepeece of service, went with him to the Lord of Trevers; prevailingso well with him, that he sent to have Martellino brought beforehim. The Messengers that went for him, found him standing in his shirtbefore the Judge, very shrewdly shaken with the Strappado, tremblingand quaking pitifully. For the Judge would not heare any thing inhis excuse; but hating him (perhaps) because hee was a Florentine:flatly determined to have him hanged by the necke, and would notdeliver him to the Lord, untill in meere despight he was compeld to doit.The Lord of Trevers, when Martellino came before him, and hadacquainted him truly with every particular: Master Alexanderrequested, that he might be dispatched thence for Florence, because hethought the halter to be about his necke, and that there was noother helpe but hanging. The Lord, smiling (a long while) at theaccident, and causing Martellino to be handsomely apparrelled,delivering them also his Passe, they escaped out of further danger,and tarried no where, till they came unto Florence.
2.   "And does my father mean to remain long in Paris?" askedAndrea.
3. 一个理由在于,副总统的投票一般只在决定最重要和最具决定意义的议题时起作用。比如,老乔治·布什(GeorgeBush)作为副总统,曾经投票挽救了政府的化学武器计划(两次)和MX导弹计划。这表明我们应该更仔细地研究一张选票究竟何时才会起作用。
4.   `There might even be real men, in the next phase,' said Tommy. `Real, intelligent, wholesome men, and wholesome nice women! Wouldn't that be a change, an enormous change from us? We're not men, and the women aren't women. We're only cerebrating make-shifts, mechanical and intellectual experiments. There may even come a civilization of genuine men and women, instead of our little lot of clever-jacks, all at the intelligence-age of seven. It would be even more amazing than men of smoke or babies in bottles.'
5. n. 诱惑,引诱
6. 原标题:盒马、七鲜等开店忽大忽小服务有点跟不上中新网客户端北京1月7日电(记者吴涛)2019年,盒马鲜生、七鲜等纷纷进入调整期,部分店铺越开越小,还衍生出多种新业态。


1. 原标题:新版人民币没有5元纸币?央行:被选用于新技术应用研究新京报快讯 据中国人民银行网站消息,中国人民银行就发行2019年版第五套人民币50元、20元、10元、1元纸币及1元、5角、1角硬币事宜答记者问。
2. 但不管多少,基本有口罩他就买下来了,最开始用口袋装,后来量越来越多后,就用箱子装。
3. 荔枝提供的服务也是如此。
4.   "Yes," said Carrie, "he was out here Sunday evening."
5. 平台不但需要消耗大量精力寻找个人买家和卖家,另外还需要和零散车商进行斗智斗勇。
6. 疑犯已被指控一项贩运危险药物罪,案件将于明日(23日)在西九龙裁判法院审理。


1.   "I prefer going, sir."
2. 16万B端渠道全球资产配置平台理享家完成3500万美元D+轮融资全球资产配置平台理享家近期完成3500万美元D+轮融资,由平安旗下基金投资。
3. 一方面大学新生不适应大学的宽松,一方面不少高校管理学生陷入了误区。

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