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1. 在叮咚买菜新搬的总部大楼里,叮咚买菜创始人兼CEO梁昌霖向包括虎嗅在内的媒体透露了一些基本数据。
2. 李庚希2000年4月22日出生,在今年的热播剧《小欢喜》中饰演英子,从而被人熟知。
3.   The President being desirous to make the boy his, the Count (whosedayly prayers were to the same purpose) frankly gave his Son to theNobleman: albeit naturall and fatherly affection, urged someunwillingnesse to part so with him; yet necessity and discretion,found it best for the benefit of them both. Being thus eased of carefor his Son and Daughter, and they (though in different places) yetunder good and worthy government; the Count would continue no longerin England: but, as best hee could procure the meanes, passed overinto Ireland, and being arrived at a place called Stanford, becameservant to an Earle of that Country, a Gentleman professing Armes,on whom he attended as a serving man, and lived a long while in thatestate very painfully.
4. 随后,公安机关将4人抓获。
5.   Aladdin had won the hearts of the people by his gentle bearing. He was made captain of the Sultan's armies, and won several battles for him, but remained modest and courteous as before, and lived thus in peace and content for several years.
6. "Sara," said Ermengarde, hope gleaming in her round face, "if you'll do that, and make me remember, I'll--I'll give you anything."


1. 而今天,华为带来的MatePadPro终于率先做出了我们能够想象的样子。
2.   He repaired, therefore, immediately to his hotel, and causedhimself to be announced.
3.   The afternoon came on wet and somewhat misty: as it waned intodusk, I began to feel that we were getting very far indeed fromGateshead: we ceased to pass through towns; the country changed; greatgrey hills heaved up round the horizon: as twilight deepened, wedescended a valley, dark with wood, and long after night hadoverclouded the prospect, I heard a wild wind rushing amongst trees.
4.   "I guess you find New York quite a thing to see, don't you?" saidCarrie, venturing something to avoid a possible deadly silence.
5.   N.
6. 比如,互动百科“极藻5s”等内容虚假的医学词条,称含有“真核盐藻、极地蛹虫草”等五大稀缺成分,“被誉为神丹妙药”,不仅能“美容壮阳”,甚至还能“明显抑制肿瘤生长”。


1.   If the room to which my bed was removed were a sentient thing that could give evidence, I might appeal to it at this day - who sleeps there now, I wonder! to bear witness for me what a heavy heart I carried to it. I went up there, hearing the dog in the yard bark after me all the way while I climbed the stairs; and, looking as blank and strange upon the room as the room looked upon me, sat down with my small hands crossed, and thought.
2.   "A girl of strong character."
3.   "Well, never mind," she exclaimed. Her lips tightened. Thefeeling of mutual antagonism was increased.
4. 随着微电脑的出现,各式应用软件层出不穷,优化过程相对简易了。其实,针对几乎所有的技术指标,我们都可以根据不同的市场情况,优选出最佳的时间参数。然而,问题依然棘手,到底我们应该隔多久——按照何种频繁程度——重新优选一次呢?如果我们测试的频繁程度不够,交易者就要冒优选参数过时的风险。如果我们做得太频繁,那又会有新问题。并非所有的分析者都推崇优化方法。有人认为,全部优化过程,不过是把这些参数调整一下,以适应过去的价格资料。这些怀疑论者觉得,既然这些所谓优选参数从没有在真实市场条件下,真刀实枪地检验过,当然就是可疑的了。
5. 但你要持续壮大,必须还有一个能力支撑你,那就是组织的管理能力,毕竟公司的产品服务都是依赖组织去实现的。
6. 近期哪几种电信网络诈骗易发?警方采取了哪些应对措施?老百姓应如何守好钱袋子?诈骗新花样需特别警惕据北京市公安局反诈中心16日提供的统计数据,去年,北京电信网络诈骗案件发案中相对突出手段有:贷款及代办信用卡类诈骗、刷单类诈骗、冒充公检法类诈骗及杀猪盘类诈骗等。


1.   The rider from the chateau, and the horse in a foam, clattered away through the village, and galloped up the stony steep, to the prison on the crag. At the gate, a group of officers were looking at the fire; removed from them, a group of soldiers. `Help, gentlemen-officers! The chateau is on fire; valuable objects may be saved from the flames by timely aid! Help, help!' The officers looked towards the soldiers who looked at the fire; gave no orders; and answered, with shrugs and biting of lips, `It must burn.'
2.   Lucie was to be married to-morrow. She had reserved this last evening for her father, and they sat alone under the plane-tree.
3. 我们要让自己大胆地去尝试一些所谓不可能的事情,古人云:天将降大任于是人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,敢于吃苦,相信自己,才有可能发挥自己的潜能,才能遇见那个不一样的自己,才有可能成为更好的自己。
4.   But we have better evidence on this subject than mere theoretical calculations, namely, the numerous recorded cases of the astonishingly rapid increase of various animals in a state of nature, when circumstances have been favourable to them during two or three following seasons. Still more striking is the evidence from our domestic animals of many kinds which have run wild in several parts of the world: if the statements of the rate of increase of slow-breeding cattle and horses in South America, and latterly in Australia, had not been well authenticated, they would have been quite incredible. So it is with plants: cases could be given of introduced plants which have become common throughout whole islands in a period of less than ten years, Several of the plants now most numerous over the wide plains of La Plata, clothing square leagues of surface almost to the exclusion of all other plants, have been introduced from Europe; and there are plants which now range in India, as I hear from Dr Falconer, from Cape Comorin to the Himalaya, which have been imported from America since its discovery. In such cases, and endless instances could be given, no one supposes that the fertility of these animals or plants has been suddenly and temporarily increased in any sensible degree. The obvious explanation is that the conditions of life have been very favourable, and that there has consequently been less destruction of the old and young, and that nearly all the young have been enabled to breed. In such cases the geometrical ratio of increase, the result of which never fails to be surprising, simply explains the extraordinarily rapid increase and wide diffusion of naturalised productions in their new homes.In a state of nature almost every plant produces seed, and amongst animals there are very few which do not annually pair. Hence we may confidently assert, that all plants and animals are tending to increase at a geometrical ratio, that all would most rapidly stock every station in which they could any how exist, and that the geometrical tendency to increase must be checked by destruction at some period of life. Our familiarity with the larger domestic animals tends, I think, to mislead us: we see no great destruction falling on them, and we forget that thousands are annually slaughtered for food, and that in a state of nature an equal number would have somehow to be disposed of.
5.   Next day, by noon, I was up and dressed, and sat wrapped in a shawlby the nursery hearth. I felt physically weak and broken down: butmy worse ailment was an unutterable wretchedness of mind: awretchedness which kept drawing from me silent tears; no sooner hadI wiped one salt drop from my cheek than another followed. Yet, Ithought, I ought to have been happy, for none of the Reeds were there,they were all gone out in the carriage with their mama. Abbot, too,was sewing in another room, and Bessie, as she moved hither andthither, putting away toys and arranging drawers, addressed to meevery now and then a word of unwonted kindness. This state of thingsshould have been to me a paradise of peace, accustomed as I was to alife of ceaseless reprimand and thankless fagging; but, in fact, myracked nerves were now in such a state that no calm could soothe,and no pleasure excite them agreeably.
6. 一方是海上强国,另一方是陆上强国,战争连绵十年之久。斯巴达军队虽然年年攻掠阿提卡,但未能突破连接雅典和大海的长城,也不能保证后继物资的供给。而雅典人一方,由于公元前429年遭受到祸害严重的大瘟疫,人口死去近一半,连伯里克利也罹疾而死,所以,只能胡乱地攻击伯罗奔尼撒沿岸一带。公元前415年,雅典决定派舰队远征西西里,切断斯巴达的粮食供给,结果以惨败告终。修昔底德写道:“舰队和军队统统从地球表面消灭掉,什么也未能保全下来。”于是,雅典盟邦纷纷叛离,斯巴达人终于击毁长城;而雅典于公元前404年因受到围困、饥饿逼迫,只好宣布投降。雅典仅保留了一个城邦的地位,舰队和帝国统统丧失,甚至连其自我标榜的民主政治也因得胜的斯巴达强加一个短命的贵族寡头政权而失去。


1.   `Stranger things than that will happen when it does come,' answered madame. `I have them both here, of a certainty; and they are both here for their merits; that is enough.'
2.   10. The knights resolved that they would quit their castles and houses of stone for humble huts.
3. 手机市场是一个创新中心转移的典型案例,像vivo这样的中国企业正在成为全球创新的中坚力量,尽管他们选择的创新路径与美国公司明显不同。

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