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1. 据报道,去年六月周安员制止了两名学生间的扭打冲突,拉扯过程中不小心在其中一名男生身上留下了印痕,该男生回到家后告诉家里人伤痕是老师打的,导致家人到学校发泄不满,与周安员发生了肢体冲突。
2. The maker of Post-it notes and Scotch tape authorized a $12 billion stock repurchase program in February, replacing its current $7.5 buyback program. 3M's (MMM, Fortune 500) move followed its announcement late last year that it intends to spend $10 billion on acquisitions and repurchase up to $22 billion of shares over the next four years.
3. 马克·吐温在《傻瓜威尔逊》(Pudd’nheadWilson)这篇小说里解释了这一哲学:
4. 金太祖派南路统帅阇毋(太祖弟)自锦州领兵向平州进攻。张觉率军五万驻于润州近郊。润、迁、来、隰四州已先后降金。张觉打算联合四州人民抗金。阇母率军到润州,击走张觉军,又败张觉军于营州东北。金太宗即位后,九月,阇母军屯兵来州,与张觉战于楼峰口,张觉兵败。十月,又战于怀柔兔耳山,张觉战胜金兵,阇母大败。十一月,金太宗命完颜宗望统领阇母军攻张觉,并强迫迁、润、来、隰四川人民迁往沈州。宗望在平州东大败张觉军。张觉逃奔燕京。金军向宋朝索要张觉,王安中杀张觉,把首级送给宗望。都统张敦固等以平州降金,不久,又杀金使者起兵反抗。
5. “母亲抚养着孩子们,并为其付出了她的时间和精力,而这仅仅是为了爱,为了激情,她心甘情愿去做这些事情。”
6. 金融业区块链应用面临三大挑战近年来,我国金融机构紧跟发展趋势,努力探索,勇于实践,取得了一些区块链应用成果


1. She was half laughing, but there was a touch of mysterious hope in her eyes which fascinated Ermengarde, though she had not the remotest idea what it meant, or whom it was she wanted to "catch," or why she wanted to catch her. Whatsoever she meant, Ermengarde was sure it was something delightfully exciting. So, quite thrilled with expectation, she followed her on tiptoe along the passage. They made not the least noise until they reached the door. Then Sara suddenly turned the handle, and threw it wide open. Its opening revealed the room quite neat and quiet, a fire gently burning in the grate, and a wonderful doll sitting in a chair by it, apparently reading a book.
2. 遇害女童父亲和爷爷向新京报记者表示,家属方面收到了犬只主人赔偿的50万元,不再追究对方责任,双方私了。
3. 第一个叫1.60美元的人胜出,因为这一叫价建立了一个承诺,即他一定会坚持到2.50美元。我们在思考的时候,应该将1.60美元和2.50美元的叫价等同起来,视为制胜的叫价。要想击败1.50美元的叫价,只要追叫1.60元就够了,但任何低于这一数目的叫价都无济于事。这意味着1.50美元可以击败60美分或60美分以下的叫价。其实只要70美分就能做到这一点。为什么?一旦有人叫70美分,对他而言,一路坚持到1.60美元而确保取胜是合算的。有了这个承诺,叫价60美分或60美分以下的对手就会觉得继续跟进得不偿失。
4.   `Me! Ah thowt it wor ordinary.'
5.   "What is that?"
6. She looked out across the fields to where some women were working, building a new bit of wall out of large stones; looked back at the nearest town with its woman-built houses; down at the smooth, hard road we were walking on; and then at the little basket he had taken from her.


1. 相关新闻:看中老书,就用低价赔偿,获取大学图书馆的公共资源?据中青报报道,11月23日,有网友发帖称当年做大学生的时候,但凡发现学校图书馆里有爱慕的古书,大多是竖排版繁体出版的,就统统借来不还,直接按图书馆规定赔偿。
2. 签订合同时如果开发商和业主商量好了,他们可以在合同里写明。
3. 2015年7月17日,德国总理默克尔碰上一名来自黎巴嫩的巴勒斯坦难民少女,她的家人正在德国寻求庇护,但即将被驱逐出境。这位名为琳姆(Reem)的少女,以流利的德语对默克尔说:“看到别人能享受生活,自己却不能,真的很痛苦。我不知道我的未来会如何。”默克尔回答“政治有时是很残酷的”,并解释道,目前在黎巴嫩的巴勒斯坦难民多达数十万,德国不可能全部接收。这种直言不讳的回复让琳姆大为惊愕,落下泪来。默克尔拍了拍这位绝望女孩的背,但立场并未动摇。
4.   A drive of an hour brought us to the picture-dealer's establishment.He was a small, stout man with a red face and a peppery manner."Yes, sir. On my very counter, sir," said he. "What we pay rates andtaxes for I don't know, when any ruffian can come in and break one'sgoods. Yes, sir, it was I who sold Dr. Barnicot his two statues.Disgraceful, sir! A Nihilist plot- that's what I make it. No one butan anarchist would go about breaking statues. Red republicans-that's what I call 'em. Who did I get the statues from? I don't seewhat that has to do with it. Well, if you really want to know, I gotthem from Gelder & Co., in Church Street, Stepney. They are awell-known house in the trade, and have been this twenty years. Howmany had I? Three- two and one are three- two of Dr. Barnicot's, andone smashed in broad daylight on my own counter. Do I know thatphotograph? No, I don't. Yes, I do, though. Why, it's Beppo. He wasa kind of Italian piece-work man, who made himself useful in the shop.He could carve a bit, and gild and frame, and do odd jobs. Thefellow left me last week, and I've heard nothing of him since. No, Idon't know where he came from nor where he went to. I had nothingagainst him while he was here. He was gone two days before the bustwas smashed."
5.   "I waited your orders," said D'Artagnan, crossing swords.But scarcely had the two rapiers clashed, when a company of theGuards of his Eminence, commanded by M. de Jussac, turned thecorner of the convent.
6. 叙利亚五年内战使国家分裂,造成20多万人死亡,数百万人流离失所。叙利亚难民就占了报告清点人数的一半,接下来难民人数最多的是同样为战争所困扰的国家阿富汗和伊拉克。


1. 天平街道王萍书记带领志愿者们顶着除夕的寒风在社区值守。
2.   The eunuch, who had expressed many contemptuous doubts as they came along of the newcomer's powers, was much surprised and said:
3. 年卡会员费用为248元,用户可以观看训练课程视频。
4.   `And you think it's a writer of popular plays that you've got to be?' asked Connie.
5. 然而,华尔街和硅谷对库克的态度转为欣赏,不仅仅是因为苹果本季度有望卖出7000万部iPhone,或者上季度销售额达到了420亿美元。
6. 原标题:被陆奇看中他用AI+教练实现在家健身付费用户俩月增7倍完课率92%陈逸非认为,在线运动?户的需求在逐渐升级,但健身的核?始终是?的服务。


1.   Menelaus overheard him and said, "No one, my sons, can hold hisown with Jove, for his house and everything about him is immortal; butamong mortal men- well, there may be another who has as much wealth asI have, or there may not; but at all events I have travelled muchand have undergone much hardship, for it was nearly eight years beforeI could get home with my fleet. I went to Cyprus, Phoenicia and theEgyptians; I went also to the Ethiopians, the Sidonians, and theErembians, and to Libya where the lambs have horns as soon as they areborn, and the sheep lamb down three times a year. Every one in thatcountry, whether master or man, has plenty of cheese, meat, and goodmilk, for the ewes yield all the year round. But while I wastravelling and getting great riches among these people, my brother wassecretly and shockingly murdered through the perfidy of his wickedwife, so that I have no pleasure in being lord of all this wealth.Whoever your parents may be they must have told you about all this,and of my heavy loss in the ruin of a stately mansion fully andmagnificently furnished. Would that I had only a third of what I nowhave so that I had stayed at home, and all those were living whoperished on the plain of Troy, far from Argos. I of grieve, as I sithere in my house, for one and all of them. At times I cry aloud forsorrow, but presently I leave off again, for crying is cold comfortand one soon tires of it. Yet grieve for these as I may, I do so forone man more than for them all. I cannot even think of him withoutloathing both food and sleep, so miserable does he make me, for no oneof all the Achaeans worked so hard or risked so much as he did. Hetook nothing by it, and has left a legacy of sorrow to myself, forhe has been gone a long time, and we know not whether he is alive ordead. His old father, his long-suffering wife Penelope, and his sonTelemachus, whom he left behind him an infant in arms, are plungedin grief on his account."
2. 还有十几天就是农历春节了,对商家来说,自然不会错过春节营销的机会。
3. 记者还原涉事女子或经此路径驾车进入故宫一辆社会车辆,为何能够突破故宫重重关卡,一路从西华门经由宝蕴楼、武英殿,进入太和门广场区域?目前故宫尚未作进一步解释。

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