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1.   The suitors bit their lips as they heard him, and marvelled at theboldness of his speech. Then, Antinous, son of Eupeithes, said, "Thegods seem to have given you lessons in bluster and tall talking; mayJove never grant you to be chief in Ithaca as your father was beforeyou."
2.   "Yes, I did. I spoke to the station-master and also to the innkeeperin the village. I simply asked if they knew anything of my oldcomrade, Godfrey Emsworth. Both of them assured me that he had gonefor a voyage round the world. He had come home and then had almostat once started off again. The story was evidently universallyaccepted."
3.   Milady became as pale as the sheets in which she was lying, and mistressas she was of herself, could not help uttering a cry, seizing the handof the novice, and devouring her with looks.
4. 上世纪90年代,黄坤就入选了广东省游泳队,在省、市各项游泳比赛中屡创佳绩,后成为国家一级运动员。
5.   "I'd like it ever so much," she replied.
6. 刘鹏警官很快赶到张先生家中,询问张先生的岳母李阿姨遇到什么事了。


1. 据说早在很久以前,一位孝子为了治好母亲的眼疾,走遍了天南地北,终于在神仙的托梦下,这位孝子来到了江布拉克,得到了神仙给予的圣水,因此治好了母亲的眼睛,而相传这位神仙,便是救苦救难的观世音菩萨,圣水之源由此而来。
2.   Carrie heard him, but she could not bring herself to answerreasonably. She felt that the man was gentle, and that hisinterest in her had not abated, and it made her suffer a pang ofregret. She was in a most helpless plight.
3. 律劳卑在广州时已染重病,回至澳门,竟至不起,正监督一职由前任东印度公司大班的中国通、副监督德庇时(JohnF.Davis)接任,改采消极的静默政策,以俟政府的指示。时英国内阁改组,亦主以和协的方式改进对华关系。但是广州的散商不以为然,联名上书,请派遣全权代表,率领炮舰,要求撤惩卢坤,赔偿损失,加开口岸。一八三五年初,德庇时去职,罗宾臣(GeorgeRobinson)继之,态度与前任相同,英商不服。一八三六年巴麦尊重掌外部,副监督义律(CharlesElliot)力请积极行动,巴麦尊即派他为正监督,一称领事。
4. 从社会发展角度来讲,‘996工作制实际上也不利于经济健康发展,劳动者缺少闲暇时间意味着减少了消费时间,不利于第三产业发展。
5.   `Gentlemen,' said her husband, who had kept his bright eye observantly upon her, `good day. The chamber, furnished bachelor-fashion, that you wished to see, and `were inquiring for when I stepped out, is on the fifth floor. The doorway of the staircase gives on the little court-yard close to the left here,' pointing with his hand, `near to the window of my establishment. But, now that I remember, one of you has already been there, and can show the way. Gentlemen, adieu!
6.   The cardinal leaned his elbow on his manuscript, his cheekupon his hand, and looked intently at the young man for amoment. No one had a more searching eye than the Cardinalde Richelieu, and D'Artagnan felt this glance run throughhis veins like a fever.


1. 高校本身当然也需要。
2.   "Then you do not know who it is that attempts your life?"
3. 谢天告诉红星新闻,吴谢宇在重庆某酒吧当服务员一年多,化名张某晋。
4. vt. 使流通
5. BCG的聚会我发自内心的愿意参加,我始终觉得自己没有离开美团外卖太远,每次离开看到大家的祝福,都觉得没有白混这些年。
6. 一般的创业公司能把第一个业务做好就不错了,何况你第一个业务只是刚出来一点起势,你就要做第二个业务,有人就开始提出了置疑,但是我们还是坚定地在做。


1. 自2007年4月以来,全球最具价值品牌100强的品牌价值增长106%。同期标准普尔500指数(S&P 500)和MSCI明晟全球指数(MSCI world index)分别上涨61%和21%。
2. 我们准备今年在香港和内地试行“债券通”,也就是说允许境外资金在境外购买内地的债券,这是第一次。香港是近水楼台先得月。
3. The ranking is based on surveys of the business schools and their graduates of 2013. MBAs are assessed according to the career progression of alumni, the school’s idea generation and the diversity of students and faculty.
4. Ermengarde felt almost inclined to scream on the spot, but managed to control herself. She looked all round the attic and saw no one. And yet Sara had certainly been speaking TO someone. She thought of ghosts.
5.   Are John and I: Go from our dore,
6.   Now, goode men, I pray you hearken all; Lo, how Fortune turneth suddenly The hope and pride eke of her enemy. This cock, that lay upon the fox's back, In all his dread unto the fox he spake, And saide, "Sir, if that I were as ye, Yet would I say (as wisly* God help me), *surely 'Turn ye again, ye proude churles all; A very pestilence upon you fall. Now am I come unto the woode's side, Maugre your head, the cock shall here abide; I will him eat, in faith, and that anon.'" The fox answer'd, "In faith it shall be done:" And, as he spake the word, all suddenly The cock brake from his mouth deliverly,* *nimbly And high upon a tree he flew anon. And when the fox saw that the cock was gone, "Alas!" quoth he, "O Chanticleer, alas! I have," quoth he, "y-done to you trespass,* *offence Inasmuch as I maked you afear'd, When I you hent,* and brought out of your yard; *took But, Sir, I did it in no wick' intent; Come down, and I shall tell you what I meant. I shall say sooth to you, God help me so." "Nay then," quoth he, "I shrew* us both the two, *curse And first I shrew myself, both blood and bones, If thou beguile me oftener than once. Thou shalt no more through thy flattery Do* me to sing and winke with mine eye; *cause For he that winketh when he shoulde see, All wilfully, God let him never the."* *thrive "Nay," quoth the fox; "but God give him mischance That is so indiscreet of governance, That jangleth* when that he should hold his peace." *chatters


1. 原本春节后是我们治疗的一个高峰期,但疫情来了,很多应该治疗的病人包括一些老病号,都没能得到及时的手术,只能在家等待。
2.   As Herculano, his Wife, and I were sitting downe at the Table,very neere unto us wee heard one sneeze, whereof at the first wee madeno reckoning, untill wee heard it againe the second time, yeal athird, fourth, and fifth, and many more after, whereat wee were nota little amazed. Now Wife I must tell you, before wee entred the roomewhere we were to sup, Herculanoes Wife kept the doore fast shutagainst us, and would not let us enter in an indifferent while;which made him then somewhat offended, but now much more, when hee hadheard one to sneeze so often. Demaunded of her a reason for it, andwho it was that thus sneezed in his House: hee started from the Table,and stepping to a little doore neere the staires head, necessarilymade, to set such things in, as otherwise would be troublesome tothe roome, (as in all Houses we commonly see the like) he perceived,that the party was hidden there, which wee had heard so often tosneeze before.
3.  在毕胜抛出那句“垂直电商是骗局”的惊世骇俗观点的4个月后,唯品会美国上市,2014年,垂直电商聚美优品上市。

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