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1. 据这家社区医院的工作人员介绍,他们这个社区经历过03年武汉的非典阻击战,一些亲历过的医务工作者发现情况不对劲,就开始着手准备了。
2.   As to any sense of inequality, or youthfulness, or other difficulty in our way, little Em'ly and I had no such trouble, because we had no future. We made no more provision for growing older, than we did for growing younger. We were the admiration of Mrs. Gummidge and Peggotty, who used to whisper of an evening when we sat, lovingly, on our little locker side by side, 'Lor! wasn't it beautiful!' Mr. Peggotty smiled at us from behind his pipe, and Ham grinned all the evening and did nothing else. They had something of the sort of pleasure in us, I suppose, that they might have had in a pretty toy, or a pocket model of the Colosseum.
3. 1月8日,李文亮在接诊时遇到不明原因的病毒性肺炎患者并受到感染
4.   "'A hundred and six and a quarter to a hundred and five andseven-eighths.'
5. 财报显示,这部分收入增加主要是得益于交互式音频产品的日益普及带来的音频娱乐付费用户的数量增加。
6.   14. Hippocras: spiced wine. Clarre: also a kind of spiced wine. Vernage: a wine believed to have come from Crete, although its name -- Italian, "Vernaccia" -- seems to be derived from Verona.


1. 第3例患者汪某某和第4例患者白某某,均为首例患者张某某的同事。
2. 警方目前正在征集线索中。
3. 王泽霖表示:P3实验室对于河南农大有关学科的发展将具有划时代的性质,我希望尽快将这笔资金用到它需要的地方去,发挥它应有的作用。
4. 例如,美国有近千家保险公司,经历过多次并购重组浪潮。
5. 回到正题。我们其实必须搞清楚,戊戌变法最重要的贡献,不在于百日维新。百日维新真的没什么了不起的变革,它的大多数变革都还停留在传统政治层面,如淘汰冗官、裁撤闲置的衙门等。清朝督抚同城,比如在湖北,湖广总督和湖北巡抚都在武昌开府,那么实际施政时究竟该听谁的?所以提议裁撤一个也是很正常的。还有些衙门,比如漕督,此前漕运改海运已经很长时间了,从江南向北方调集粮食早不走大运河了,那么还要这个衙门干吗呢?还有一些是旗人的特权部门,比如北京的五城公所,就是专门负责打扫卫生、清理阴沟的一个部门,类似现在的环卫局。北京城过去就一条大的下水道,卫生一塌糊涂,每三年正好举人进城会试时来疏浚地沟,但是钱却花得挺多,所以后来百日维新就打算把五城公所裁了。此外还有海关监督,这是个闲差,海关当时是个外包机构,完全由赫德及一帮洋人主持,但是海关监督是由旗人担任的,其实它根本起不到监督的作用。这些旗人机构当时都成了改革的首要处理对象。最激烈的一项,就是科举考试废八股。注意,不是废科举,现在很多人写文章都说百日维新废科举,没这回事,它只是想废八股,就是保留选拔人才的形式,但改变选拔的内容和标准。这已经是最激烈的了,当时也的确让很多读书人不适应。他们读书几十年也就会这个,现在突然宣布不考这个了,考别的他们也不会,那可怎么办?这确实是让一些读书人很痛苦的事情。而别的许多改革,对比中国传统王朝的政治改革,其实都没有什么大的飞跃。比如他们提倡工商业,以前也提倡,只是现在将这一政策明文规定出来而已。说实话,中国传统政治从没禁止民间去搞工商业,谁能拿出证据,告诉我说传统王朝不允许百姓搞工商业呢?没有这样的说法。私人办厂也一直都存在,只不过形式不一样,有集中的也有分散的而已。
6. 我非常高兴地发现,数据表明,在股市大跌时,比如1987年股市崩盘,个人投资者已经学会理性和更加成熟,不再恐慌抛售股票和基金,而是坚定持有甚至继续买入。1989年道琼斯指数大跌200点,1990年曾大跌500点,股市大跌期间引发一片恐慌,但在这两次股市大幅调整行情中,事后统计结果表明,投资大众买入多于卖出。这样看来,投资大众已经开始逐步接受我所宣传的投资理念,股市回调不过是像冬天的暴风雪一样平常罢了,根本不是什么世界末日,因此不必恐慌性抛售股票逃离股市。


1.   'Clara!' said Miss Murdstone, in her warning voice.
2.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3. 由于心中有事心情郁结,便借酒消愁,误点错过了火车,无处发泄,才做出了上述疯狂行为,将拿到手的工资撒在地上,大发酒疯,以此泄愤。
4. 慈善组织DoSomething.org本周发布了最慈善明星前20的名单,这位23岁的乡村歌手因给美国国家名人堂博物馆捐款400万美元被授予此称号。
5. 前院进深较小,后院进深较大。右部前院围墙开一大门,装置栅栏,是入口。
6. Here you have human beings, unquestionably, but what we were slow in understanding was how these ultra-women, inheriting only from women, had eliminated not only certain masculine characteristics, which of course we did not look for, but so much of what we had always thought essentially feminine.


1. 常见行为:以暴力、威胁方法拒不配合疫情防控措施,如检疫、隔离等。
2.   "Caninus surdis," replied the king, continuing theannotations in his Horace.
3. 三台县警方发布通报称,自行车上的一名3岁男孩当场死亡。
4. "By the time it stops blazing," Sara said, "we shall forget about its not being real."
5. 无论从社会环境、技术条件还是公众意识,现在都是天时、地利、人和。
6.   Margaret


1. 对方收款后迅速将黄某某微信拉黑。
2. 该不该给95岁重症老人开中成药注射剂醒脑静。
3. 结束后要先拔下电源线插头,再拔热水袋上的耦合插头。

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      Matters proceeding on in this manner, and continuing longer thentheir love-sick passions easily could permit, yet neither being ableto finde out any other meanes of helpe; it fortuned that the King ofThunis promised his daughter in marriage to the King of Granada,whereat she grew exceedingly sorrowfull, perceiving, that not onelyshe should be sent further off, by a large distance of way from herfriend, but also be deprived utterly, of all hope ever to enjoy him.And if she could have devised any meanes, either by secret flight fromher Father, or any way else to further her intention, she would haveadventured it for the Princes sake. Gerbino in like maner bearing ofthis purposed marriage, lived in a hell of torments, consultingoftentimes with his soule, how he might be possessed of her bypower, when she should be sent by Sea to her husband, or privatestealing her away from her Fathers Court before: with these andinfinite other thoughts, was he incessantly afflicted, both day andnight.

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