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1. 星期六中午,格罗夫斯关于“三一计划”试验的目击报告,由哈里森以密电送达。史汀生找到了杜鲁门和贝尔纳斯,他高声朗读了报告。格罗夫斯估计“释放出来的能量超过15000吨梯恩梯,而达到了20000吨”。报告援引他的副手法雷尔对当时场面的描述:“史无前例的、辉煌的、美丽的、惊人的和令人毛骨悚然的。”
2. 定位于一二三线城市所有对外经营的体育运动场馆,包括游泳健身跑步球类跆拳道等。
3.   Wragby was a long low old house in brown stone, begun about the middle of the eighteenth century, and added on to, till it was a warren of a place without much distinction. It stood on an eminence in a rather line old park of oak trees, but alas, one could see in the near distance the chimney of Tevershall pit, with its clouds of steam and smoke, and on the damp, hazy distance of the hill the raw straggle of Tevershall village, a village which began almost at the park gates, and trailed in utter hopeless ugliness for a long and gruesome mile: houses, rows of wretched, small, begrimed, brick houses, with black slate roofs for lids, sharp angles and wilful, blank dreariness.
4. 但在全国范围内,地方有司统征税收,已作为一种制度规定,从而消减了税使横征的弊病。
5.   Chapter 6 - Difficulties on Theory
6. 南阳地主也大多欲推他作皇帝。但绿林军将领却不拥护他,他们推举了一个避吏于平林的刘氏宗室、更始将军刘玄作皇帝。地皇四年(公元23年)


1. But there were hours when her child heart might almost have broken with loneliness but for three people.
2. 要解决因身份证冒用产生的被现象,从法律上讲,要完善居民身份证法和实施细则的有关规定,在身份证申领和发放规定之下,再增加身份证失效的规定,切实堵住违法使用身份证的漏洞。
3. 这种新业态只需人流较多的地方搭个小厅,就抢走了不少发廊、精品理发店的客人。
4. 实际上,上海的公安部门并未以市公安局网络中心的名义,发布过上述消息。
5. 《晋书?地理志》载户口最多的年份是桓帝永寿三年(公元157年),为10677960户,56486856人,但都少于西汉平帝时期的垦田和户口数量。这是因为东汉地主大量隐匿垦田和户口所致,不能据以判断东汉农业的发展水平。
6. 年度最佳歌曲:米兰达·兰伯特&布雷克·谢尔顿《Over You》


1. 厚重的知识和文化素养,总是给人一种不同凡响的感觉。
2. 动做出回应。借助威胁与许诺,你首先设立了一个回应规则,然后,其他人出招,而你按照自己的回应规则采取相应的行动。
3. 今日(12月9日)下午,新京报记者从五泄派出所获知,张勇的遗体告别仪式于今日7时30分在诸暨市殡仪馆(诸暨市暨东路152号)举行。
4. 币和生息资本有关。按照事物的性质来说,这种神秘化在下述场合是被排除的:第一,生产主要是为了使用价值,为了本人的直接需要;第二,例如在古代和中世纪,奴隶制或农奴制形成社会生产的广阔基础,在那里,生产条件对生产者的统治,已经为统治和从属的关系所掩盖,这种关系表现为并且显然是生产过程的直接动力。在原始共产主义占统治地位的原始公社中,甚至在古代的城市公社中,公社本身及其条件表现为生产的基础,而公社的再生产表现为生产的最终目的。甚至在中世纪的行会制度中,无论资本还是劳动都不是不受束缚的。相反,它们的关系由公会制度,由各种与这种制度相联系的关系,各种与这些关系相适应的关于职业义务、师徒制度等等的观念所决定。只有在资本主义生产方式中……{手稿到此中断。}
5. 二、近距离接触发热、咳嗽等症状人员。
6. 2018年11月,广安市协兴镇的王女士接到一个陌生人打来的电话。


1.   And the old woman, as soon as Connie had gone, rushed to the bit of mirror in the scullery, and looked at her face. Seeing it, she stamped her foot with impatience. `Of course she had to catch me in my coarse apron, and a dirty face! Nice idea she'd get of me!'
2. 最不守时奖
3. 每一个方阵带队的人都是将军,将军虽然老了,没有年轻人走得好,但将军要练到这种状态,要比士兵多付出10倍的努力。
4. 随着性骚扰丑闻迫使投资者反思他们支持大多由年轻白人男性所创项目的习惯,新的一年硅谷的女性创始人将筹集更多资金。被不光彩传言缠身的一些男性创始人,其初创企业将无法再拿到融资,即使它们是很好的投资项目。
5.   Mephistopheles
6. 哥伦布和达·伽马的发现引起了关于新发现地区的专有权问题。这一问题以往从未搅乱过中世纪欧洲,因为同其统治者们有任何真正的关系的整个欧洲地区,已为一些在情感和体制方西相象到足以能开始相互交往的国家所占有。当欧洲开始扩张时,欧洲各国彼此心照不宣地采用了一种便利的原则,即基督教国家有权把野蛮人和异教徒的土地占为己有而无须顾及有关的诸土著民族。还有一种至少得到葡萄牙和西班牙承认的原则是,罗马教皇有权分配任何不为基督教统治者所拥有的地区的世俗专有权。早在1454年,教皇尼古拉五世就下过一道训令,授权葡萄牙人占有他们在沿非洲海岸向印度行进时所发现的一些地区。这篇训令的措词和其条款一样是颇能说明一些问题的:


1.   "Alas! I shall either be always feeble and of no prowess, or I amtoo young, and have not yet reached my full strength so as to beable to hold my own if any one attacks me. You others, therefore,who are stronger than I, make trial of the bow and get this contestsettled."
2. adj. 值得(做)的
3.   And hanged was Croesus the proude king; His royal throne might him not avail. Tragedy is none other manner thing, Nor can in singing crien nor bewail, But for that Fortune all day will assail With unware stroke the regnes* that be proud:<27> *kingdoms For when men truste her, then will she fail, And cover her bright face with a cloud.

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      But she could not help feeling how little connexion he really had with people. The miners were, in a sense, his own men; but he saw them as objects rather than men, parts of the pit rather than parts of life, crude raw phenomena rather than human beings along with him. He was in some way afraid of them, he could not bear to have them look at him now he was lame. And their queer, crude life seemed as unnatural as that of hedgehogs.