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1. 如何让另一半水更有用?如果能将一瓶矿水泉一分为二,一半留给消费者,一半由消费者赠与缺水地区,那简直棒呆!可是,如若以同样的价格,却只售出一半容量的矿泉水,消费者愿意买单吗?LifeWater公司决定,必须为节省水资源做点什么,于是有了半瓶水概念。
2.   5. Calliope is the epic muse -- "sister" to the other eight.
3.   Nor how some cast their shield, and some their spear, And of their vestiments, which that they wear, And cuppes full of wine, and milk, and blood, Into the fire, that burnt as it were wood*; *mad Nor how the Greekes with a huge rout* *procession Three times riden all the fire about <89> Upon the left hand, with a loud shouting, And thries with their speares clattering; And thries how the ladies gan to cry; Nor how that led was homeward Emily; Nor how Arcite is burnt to ashes cold; Nor how the lyke-wake* was y-hold *wake <90> All thilke* night, nor how the Greekes play *that The wake-plays*, ne keep** I not to say: *funeral games **care Who wrestled best naked, with oil anoint, Nor who that bare him best *in no disjoint*. *in any contest* I will not tell eke how they all are gone Home to Athenes when the play is done; But shortly to the point now will I wend*, *come And maken of my longe tale an end.
4. 文/北京青年报记者戴幼卿。
5. 我向社区工作者小王求助,请他们帮忙买药。
6.   `No, I don't hate you,' she said. `I think you're nice.'


1. 实际上,王朝只是被王莽暂时地篡位(公元9-25年)。王莽原是很有权势的大臣,已控制朝廷约30年。他大胆处理根本的经济问题,下令将私有大地产收归国有,重新分配给纳税的农民。这一改革和其他一些改革使富裕家族疏远了他,他们激烈地反对这位篡位者。在这同时,黄河下游的灾变使数百万人无家可归,驱使破产的农民加入盗匪和叛乱活动。游牧部落也趁机利用这种混乱局面入侵中国,洗劫首都,并于公元23年在首都杀死王莽。继承王莽王位的是前汉朝皇帝的一位远亲。
2.   Francesco Fortarigo, played away all that he had at Buonconvento,and likewise the money of Francesco Aniolliero, being his Master. Thenrunning after him in his shirt, and avouching that hee had robbed him:he caused him to be taken by Pezants of the Country, clothedhimselfe in his Masters wearing garments, and (mounted on his horse)rode thence to Sienna, leaving Aniolliero in his shirt, and walkedbarefooted.
3. 乐山市人民医院官网信息显示,其专业门类和科室设置齐备,技术力量雄厚,是乐山市医教研中心。
4. 一张表覆盖20多项登记数据,维护跟踪从跑断腿变为刷手机即可。
5. 从2015年起,中国健身产业市场规模保持着30%以上的增速,但在急速催熟的市场背后,相应的基础设施建设、人才培养与观念转变并未真正完成
6. 第二天早上,一阵由B-29洒下的传单雨迫使日本人的最后表态。传单把贝尔纳斯答复的译文倾洒在东京还剩下的街道上。枢密掌玺大臣知道这样的公开揭示会使军方反对投降的态度强硬化。他拿着那个传单立即去见天皇。裕仁在8月14日那天早上1l时前在皇宫的避弹所召开了大臣和顾问的会议。他对大臣们说:我不能忍受让我的臣民再受难的想法了。战火的持续将带来上万人、甚至几十万人的死亡。整个国家将化为灰烬。在那样的一种情况之下,我怎么能够把先皇的意愿贯彻下去呢?他要他的大臣们起草一份天皇的诏书——一个正式的公告——以便他亲自在电台上向全国广播。


1. "Becky!" she exclaimed. "My dearest Sara!"
2. 因此,故宫自古在中国人心中便充满强烈的民族和文化认同感,这便是今天故宫能成为文化领域超级IP的重要基础。
3. 华为更是开出200万年薪招聘应届毕业生,其专业均为最前沿的人工智能领域目前互联网公司都在积极布局人工智能,让这个行业充满了机遇,对我们来说,就是相关从业人员的待遇更是直线上升。
4. 实际上,据海淀法院少年法庭统计,近五年来,性侵犯未成年人案件每年均占到侵犯未成年人人身权利犯罪案件的50%以上。
5. 洗金船江中采砂炼金大量水银废料直排长江万里长江,险在荆江。
6. 公司依据规定和合同约定要求相关责任单位予以整改,现已整改完毕,并通过公司内部及政府相关部门验收。


1. 2月9日晚,小琪接到电话被要求集中隔离,尽管有些不情愿,但小琪觉得疫情防控严一些对大家都是好事,应该配合。
2.   `Why,' he began, in the broad slow dialect. `Your Ladyship's as welcome as Christmas ter th' hut an' th' key an' iverythink as is. On'y this time O' th' year ther's bods ter set, an' Ah've got ter be potterin' abaht a good bit, seein' after 'em, an' a'. Winter time Ah ned 'ardly come nigh th' pleece. But what wi' spring, an' Sir Clifford wantin' ter start th' pheasants...An' your Ladyship'd non want me tinkerin' around an' about when she was 'ere, all the time.'
3. 主管CSAA业务再造的副总裁葛瑞格.塔克(GregTucker)领导一个小组进行研究,发现了组织在治理和专长上有所不足,特别是在流程主事人的训练方面,导致流程的运作无法持续维持P-2水准。
4.   Thirdly, can instincts be acquired and modified through natural selection? What shall we say to so marvellous an instinct as that which leads the bee to make cells, which have practically anticipated the discoveries of profound mathematicians?
5.   At the close of the afternoon service we returned by an exposed andhilly road, where the bitter winter wind, blowing over a range ofsnowy summits to the north, almost flayed the skin from our faces.
6.   "There is little I can tell you, sir. He has been working at acase down at Rotherhithe, in an alley near the river, and he hasbrought this illness back with him. He took to his bed on Wednesdayafternoon and has never moved since. For these three days neither foodnor drink has passed his lips."


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2.   "When we had passed the [Wandering] rocks, with Scylla andterrible Charybdis, we reached the noble island of the sun-god,where were the goodly cattle and sheep belonging to the sunHyperion. While still at sea in my ship I could bear the cattle lowingas they came home to the yards, and the sheep bleating. Then Iremembered what the blind Theban prophet Teiresias had told me, andhow carefully Aeaean Circe had warned me to shun the island of theblessed sun-god. So being much troubled I said to the men, 'My men,I know you are hard pressed, but listen while I tell you theprophecy that Teiresias made me, and how carefully Aeaean Circe warnedme to shun the island of the blessed sun-god, for it was here, shesaid, that our worst danger would lie. Head the ship, therefore,away from the island.'
3. 当然,在合作过程中,菲亚特克莱斯勒需要确保富士康不要把事情搞砸。

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      Now be there three manners [kinds] of humility; as humility in heart, and another in the mouth, and the third in works. The humility in the heart is in four manners: the one is, when a man holdeth himself as nought worth before God of heaven; the second is, when he despiseth no other man; the third is, when he recketh not though men hold him nought worth; the fourth is, when he is not sorry of his humiliation. Also the humility of mouth is in four things: in temperate speech; in humility of speech; and when he confesseth with his own mouth that he is such as he thinketh that he is in his heart; another is, when he praiseth the bounte [goodness] of another man and nothing thereof diminisheth. Humility eke in works is in four manners: the first is, when he putteth other men before him; the second is, to choose the lowest place of all; the third is, gladly to assent to good counsel; the fourth is, to stand gladly by the award [judgment] of his sovereign, or of him that is higher in degree: certain this is a great work of humility.

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