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1.   `Drive him fast to his tomb. This, from JACQUES.'CHAPTER XTwo PromisesMORE months, to the number of twelve, had come and gone, and Mr. Charles Darnay was established in England as a higher teacher of the French language who was conversant with French literature. In this age, he would have been a Professor; in that age, he was a Tutor. He read with young men who could find any leisure and interest for the study of a living tongue spoken all over the world, and he cultivated a taste for its stores of knowledge and fancy. He could write of them, besides, in sound English, and render them into sound English. Such masters were not at that time easily found; Princes that had been, and Kings that were to be, were not yet of the Teacher class, and no ruined nobility had dropped out of Tellson's ledgers, to turn cooks and carpenters. As a tutor, whose attainments made the student's way unusually pleasant and profitable, and as an elegant translator who brought something to his work besides mere dictionary knowledge, young Mr. Darnay soon became known and encouraged. He was well acquainted, moreover, with the circumstances of his country, and those were of ever-growing interest. So, with great perseverance and untiring industry, he prospered.
2. 一看别的人工智能公司融钱都那么多,没关系咱们也砸一点钱,然后搞了一个豪华队伍。
3. 事情差不多到这里已经告一段落,但值得我们思考的却远远不止于此。
4. 作为豪门阔太,林宁就算离开王健林也一样是人上人。
5. 10.海湾大桥
6. 当员工拒绝配合提交报时,法律将其定为B级轻罪。


1. adj. 勤奋的,用功的
2. 近日,湖南津市市公安局破获一起非法销售假冒伪劣口罩案,抓获两名犯罪嫌疑人,当场扣押1万多只假冒伪劣口罩。
3. 在疫情蔓延的非常时期,餐厅将自有员工的使用权租赁给盒马鲜生,解决盒马鲜生订单增长期间人员紧缺的现状,同时也缓解了战疫时期餐饮行业的用人成本高的难题,更为员工收入提供了保障。
4.   'Not yet, sir,' I said, flinching with the pain.
5.   On this Eumaeus took his seat again, and when he had finished hisdinner he left the courts and the cloister with the men at table,and went back to his pigs. As for the suitors, they presently began toamuse themselves with singing and dancing, for it was now getting ontowards evening.
6. 我的第一个问题是,在孟女士在加拿大被捕前两年,她就没有去过美国了。


1. 记者现场看到,虽然看起来不正规,这名男子却屡屡得逞,好几位车主离开时都向他付了停车费。
2. 值得注意的是,本次疫情和17年前的非典疫情存在不少相似之处
3. 他们都成为特斯拉国产的受惠者,以及被股市追捧的对象。
4. 先让我们回到我的团队的问题上:我们爱上了我们的第一个想法,这也导致我们没有把想法考虑得够多。
5.   During this conversation, Dantes, after having exchanged acheerful shake of the hand with all his sympathizingfriends, had surrendered himself to the officer sent toarrest him, merely saying, "Make yourselves quite easy, mygood fellows, there is some little mistake to clear up,that's all, depend upon it; and very likely I may not haveto go so far as the prison to effect that."
6.   Irus began to be very uneasy as he heard them, but the servantsgirded him by force, and brought him [into the open part of the court]in such a fright that his limbs were all of a tremble. Antinousscolded him and said, "You swaggering bully, you ought never to havebeen born at all if you are afraid of such an old broken-down creatureas this tramp is. I say, therefore- and it shall surely be- if hebeats you and proves himself the better man, I shall pack you off onboard ship to the mainland and send you to king Echetus, who killsevery one that comes near him. He will cut off your nose and ears, anddraw out your entrails for the dogs to eat."


1.   Mephistopheles
2. 在经历了一个又一个恐慌时刻之后,华尔街权力体系会发生怎样的变化?全球金融市场什么时候能看到希望?动荡的世界经济会走向何方?这些再次成为人们深度关注的问题。
3. 硬币的版别如何定义?对此,中国人民银行介绍,为区分同面额不同版别的硬币,通常以该种硬币发行公告发布的年份作为该种硬币的版别。
4. 1月23日,加州病例确诊前,蒙特雷帕克市两大药房,CVS和Walgreens的口罩都已经卖完。
5.   "My dears, heaven has been pleased to try me with more afflictionthan any other woman of my age and country. First I lost my braveand lion-hearted husband, who had every good quality under heaven, andwhose name was great over all Hellas and middle Argos, and now mydarling son is at the mercy of the winds and waves, without myhaving heard one word about his leaving home. You hussies, there wasnot one of you would so much as think of giving me a call out of mybed, though you all of you very well knew when he was starting. If Ihad known he meant taking this voyage, he would have had to give itup, no matter how much he was bent upon it, or leave me a corpsebehind him- one or other. Now, however, go some of you and call oldDolius, who was given me by my father on my marriage, and who is mygardener. Bid him go at once and tell everything to Laertes, who maybe able to hit on some plan for enlisting public sympathy on our side,as against those who are trying to exterminate his own race and thatof Ulysses."
6. 26日,国家卫健委也在例行发布会上对此事进行了回应。


1.   Out of the disapproving silence came Berry's anxious question:
2. 主持人袭艳春:谢谢姜大明先生的介绍。
3.   "Oh, you are good, you are great, my lord!" said Haidee,kissing the count's hand, "and I am very fortunate inbelonging to such a master!" Albert remained quitebewildered with all that he had seen and heard. "Come,finish your cup of coffee," said Monte Cristo; "the historyis ended."

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      The widdowed Gentlewoman, and all the rest in her company, beingbashfully ashamed of her owne and their folly, presently said.Master Albert, you have both well and worthily chastised our over-boldpresumption, and beleeve me Sir, I repute your love and kindnesse ofno meane merrit, comming from a man so wise and vertuous: Andtherefore (mine honour reserved) commaund my uttermost, as alwayesready to do you any honest service. Master Albert, arising from hisseat, thanking the faire widdow for her gentle offer; tooke leave ofher and all the company, and she blushing, as all the rest weretherein not much behinde her, thinking to checke him, became chiddenher selfe, whereby (if we be wise) let us all take warning.

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      One day Giosefo said to his Wife: Woman, this Gentleman is myintimate friend, and hath borne me company in all my travell: suchdyet therfore as thou wilt welcome him withall, I would have itordered (in dressing) according to his direction. Melisso perceivingthat Giosefo would needs have it to be so; in few words directed hersuch a course, as (for ever) might be to her Husbands contentment. Butshe, not altring a jote from her former disposition, but ratherfarre more froward and tempestuous: delighted to vexe and crossehim, doing every thing quite contrary to the order appointed. WhichGiosefo observing, angerly he said unto her. Was it not tolde you bymy friend, in what manner he would have our Supper drest? Sheturning fiercely to him, replyed. Am I to be directed by him orthee? Supper must and shall bee drest as I will have it: if itpleaseth mee, I care not who doth dislike it; if thou wouldst haveit otherwise, goe seeke both your Suppers where you may have it.

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      `The instruments of torture!'

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    "I'll throw in two for makeweight," said the woman with her good-natured look. "I dare say you can eat them sometime. Aren't you hungry?"

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      The count departed with a sad heart from the house in whichhe had left Mercedes, probably never to behold her again.Since the death of little Edward a great change had takenplace in Monte Cristo. Having reached the summit of hisvengeance by a long and tortuous path, he saw an abyss ofdoubt yawning before him. More than this, the conversationwhich had just taken place between Mercedes and himself hadawakened so many recollections in his heart that he felt itnecessary to combat with them. A man of the count'stemperament could not long indulge in that melancholy whichcan exist in common minds, but which destroys superior ones.He thought he must have made an error in his calculations ifhe now found cause to blame himself.

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      `Yes, sir. We have often times the honour to entertain your gentlemen in their travelling backwards and forwards betwixt London and Paris, sir. A vast deal of travelling, sir, in Tellson and Company's House.'