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1. 我俩的身体都挺好的,有些虚弱,慢慢休养即可。
2. 本文图片受访者提供在昆明街头救下一名中学生的护士杨昆娥,在昆明市民的朋友圈刷屏了,当地媒体和网友称她是云南最美的护士。
3.   Taking an order, his whole self had changed, glazed over with a sort of hardness and distance. Connie hesitated, she ought to go. But she looked round the clean, tidy, rather dreary little sitting-room with something like dismay.
4.   "First of all, Mr. Holmes, I think that my employer, Si Robert,has gone mad."
5. 中国无人驾驶独角兽Roadstar.ai的倒闭,就是一个很好的例子。
6.   Distrust did never enter in my thoughts.


1. 速感科技与SharkNinja公司的整合将于未来3年内逐步完成。
2.   We can clearly see this in the case of animals with simple habits. Take the case of a carnivorous quadruped, of which the number that can be supported in any country has long ago arrived at its full average. If its natural powers of increase be allowed to act, it can succeed in increasing (the country not undergoing any change in its conditions) only by its varying descendants seizing on places at present occupied by other animals: some of them, for instance, being enabled to feed on new kinds of prey, either dead or alive; some inhabiting new stations, climbing trees, frequenting water, and some perhaps becoming less carnivorous. The more diversified in habits and structure the descendants of our carnivorous animal became, the more places they would be enabled to occupy. What applies to one animal will apply throughout all time to all animals that is, if they vary for otherwise natural selection can do nothing. So it will be with plants. It has been experimentally proved, that if a plot of ground be sown with several distinct genera of grasses, a greater number of plants and a greater weight of dry herbage can thus be raised. The same has been found to hold good when first one variety and then several mixed varieties of wheat have been sown on equal spaces of ground. Hence, if any one species of grass were to go on varying, and those varieties were continually selected which differed from each other in at all the same manner as distinct species and genera of grasses differ from each other, a greater number of individual plants of this species of grass, including its modified descendants, would succeed in living on the same piece of ground. And we well know that each species and each variety of grass is annually sowing almost countless seeds; and thus, as it may be said, is striving its utmost to increase its numbers. Consequently, I cannot doubt that in the course of many thousands of generations, the most distinct varieties of any one species of grass would always have the best chance of succeeding and of increasing in numbers, and thus of supplanting the less distinct varieties; and varieties, when rendered very distinct from each other, take the rank of species.The truth of the principle, that the greatest amount of life can be supported by great diversification of structure, is seen under many natural circumstances. In an extremely small area, especially if freely open to immigration, and where the contest between individual and individual must be severe, we always find great diversity in its inhabitants. For instance, I found that a piece of turf, three feet by four in size, which had been exposed for many years to exactly the same conditions, supported twenty species of plants, and these belonged to eighteen genera and to eight orders, which shows how much these plants differed from each other. So it is with the plants and insects on small and uniform islets; and so in small ponds of fresh water. Farmers find that they can raise most food by a rotation of plants belonging to the most different orders: nature follows what may be called a simultaneous rotation. Most of the animals and plants which live close round any small piece of ground, could live on it (supposing it not to be in any way peculiar in its nature), and may be said to be striving to the utmost to live there; but, it is seen, that where they come into the closest competition with each other, the advantages of diversification of structure, with the accompanying differences of habit and constitution, determine that the inhabitants, which thus jostle each other most closely, shall, as a general rule, belong to what we call different genera and orders.The same principle is seen in the naturalisation of plants through man's agency in foreign lands. It might have been expected that the plants which have succeeded in becoming naturalised in any land would generally have been closely allied to the indigenes; for these are commonly looked at as specially created and adapted for their own country. It might, also, perhaps have been expected that naturalised plants would have belonged to a few groups more especially adapted to certain stations in their new homes. But the case is very different; and Alph. De Candolle has well remarked in his great and admirable work, that floras gain by naturalisation, proportionally with the number of the native genera and species, far more in new genera than in new species. To give a single instance: in the last edition of Dr Asa Gray's 'Manual of the Flora of the Northern United States,' 260 naturalised plants are enumerated, and these belong to 162 genera. We thus see that these naturalised plants are of a highly diversified nature. They differ, moreover, to a large extent from the indigenes, for out of the 162 genera, no less than 100 genera are not there indigenous, and thus a large proportional addition is made to the genera of these States.By considering the nature of the plants or animals which have struggled successfully with the indigenes of any country, and have there become naturalised, we can gain some crude idea in what manner some of the natives would have had to be modified, in order to have gained an advantage over the other natives; and we may, I think, at least safely infer that diversification of structure, amounting to new generic differences, would have been profitable to them.
3. 卸任董事长后,郭台铭也不再是榜单第一。
4. 11月22日,新京报记者从李铁华处获知,此案已于今日作出二审判决。
5.   "Will you?" he repeated.
6.   9. Threpe: name; from Anglo-Saxon, "threapian."


1. She was so bewitched by this odd, new companion that she actually stared at Sara instead of at Emily--notwithstanding that Emily was the most attractive doll person she had ever seen.
2. The other two manufacturers, OPPO and vivo, both achieved growth of over 100 percent, shipping 99.4 million and 77.3 million units respectively in 2016.
3.   As I was getting on the stool opposite, to talk to him more conveniently, I observed that he had not such a thing as a smile about him, and that he could only widen his mouth and make two hard creases down his cheeks, one on each side, to stand for one.
4. "And do no men wear feathers in their hats?"
5. 不会。华尔街策略师预测美国政府的10年期借贷成本将在未来一年攀升至3%以上,这话就像尴尬的办公室聚会一样是圣诞节那段时间的固定节目。鉴于美联储退出量化宽松和美国减税,今年的预测看起来更有可能实现。然而,压低通胀和长期债券收益率的长期重大因素依然存在,并且仍然被低估。2018年美联储将至少加息三次,但10年期收益率不会突破3%。
6. 这里小明支付的钱和收到的货及货对应的相关服务并没有变化,是什么导致了小明满意度的变化?根据相互依赖理论,满意度=结果-期望值。


1. 但是,在坏消息中有几个相对比较积极的因素:一是虽然线下服务业损失惨重,但是线上的服务还不错。
2. "Are you very poor now, Sara?" she had asked confidentially the first morning her friend took charge of the small French class. "Are you as poor as a beggar?" She thrust a fat hand into the slim one and opened round, tearful eyes. "I don't want you to be as poor as a beggar."
3. 广州市广州市场监管局2日对外通报,佛山合谊肉联有限公司屠宰病死猪的事情被曝光后,广州已对全市农贸市场、超市和肉品经营店等经营场所全面开展核查,一旦发现该公司生产的猪肉食品,全部下架、停止销售。
4. 据国家卫健委通报,截至2月5日24时,31个省(自治区、直辖市)和新疆生产建设兵团累计报告确诊病例28018例,累计治愈出院1153例,隔离治疗26302例(其中重症病例3859例),累计死亡病例563例,疑似病例24702例。
5. 我们已经说过(第2卷第1章),并且在这里还可以简单地回顾一下,流通过程中的资本,是作为商品资本和货币资本执行职能的。但是,在这两种形式上,资本不是作为资本变成商品的。
6. Trainiac官网截至目前为止,Trainaic平台上有50位经过认证的私人教练,客户数量同比增长了600%。


1. 所以,苹果该着急吗?咋回事?据彭博社报道,iPhone和iPad微处理器的前首席架构师威廉姆斯(GerardWilliamsIII),于今年二月从苹果离职,创建了一家新的芯片设计公司NUVIA,在此之前,他已经从事这个岗位达九年。
2. 所以这是我们当时一个思考。
3. 预计到2025年,中国将成长为1万亿元的巨型咖啡消费帝国。

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