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1. 邢鑫也建议,遭遇家暴时,要注意搜集、保全证据,拿起法律武器,对家暴坚决说不。
3. "Heigh-ho, little Sara!" he said to himself "I don't believe you know how much your daddy will miss you."
4.   "The last?"
5.   In the case of a gigantic tree covered with innumerable flowers, it may be objected that pollen could seldom be carried from tree to tree, and at most only from flower to flower on the same tree, and that flowers on the same tree can be considered as distinct individuals only in a limited sense. I believe this objection to be valid, but that nature has largely provided against it by giving to trees a strong tendency to bear flowers with separated sexes. When the sexes are separated, although the male and female flowers may be produced on the same tree, we can see that pollen must be regularly carried from flower to flower; and this will give a better chance of pollen being occasionally carried from tree to tree. That trees belonging to all Orders have their sexes more often separated than other plants, I find to be the case in this country; and at my request Dr Hooker tabulated the trees of New Zealand, and Dr Asa Gray those of the United States, and the result was as I anticipated. On the other hand, Dr Hooker has recently informed me that he finds that the rule does not hold in Australia; and I have made these few remarks on the sexes of trees simply to call attention to the subject.Turning for a very brief space to animals: on the land there are some hermaphrodites, as land-mollusca and earth-worms; but these all pair. As yet I have not found a single case of a terrestrial animal which fertilises itself. We can understand this remarkable fact, which offers so strong a contrast with terrestrial plants, on the view of an occasional cross being indispensable, by considering the medium in which terrestrial animals live, and the nature of the fertilising element; for we know of no means, analogous to the action of insects and of the wind in the case of plants, by which an occasional cross could be effected with terrestrial animals without the concurrence of two individuals. Of aquatic animals, there are many self-fertilising hermaphrodites; but here currents in the water offer an obvious means for an occasional cross. And, as in the case of flowers, I have as yet failed, after consultation with one of the highest authorities, namely, Professor Huxley, to discover a single case of an hermaphrodite animal with the organs of reproduction so perfectly enclosed within the body, that access from without and the occasional influence of a distinct individual can be shown to be physically impossible. Cirripedes long appeared to me to present a case of very great difficulty under this point of view; but I have been enabled, by a fortunate chance, elsewhere to prove that two individuals, though both are self-fertilising hermaphrodites, do sometimes cross.It must have struck most naturalists as a strange anomaly that, in the case of both animals and plants, species of the same family and even of the same genus, though agreeing closely with each other in almost their whole organisation, yet are not rarely, some of them hermaphrodites, and some of them unisexual. But if, in fact, all hermaphrodites do occasionally intercross with other individuals, the difference between hermaphrodites and unisexual species, as far as function is concerned, becomes very small.
6.   Effects of Use and Disuse


1. 据悉,之前率先试点接入咪店企业版的同程国旅,原本受到疫情的极大冲击,目前已经依托咪店合作实现了首周营收流水过亿的佳绩,甚至超过了疫情前旅游旺季营收规模。
2. 产业链上的赋能者除了弗吉亚,基于车规级芯片的ADAS解决方案还吸引了福瑞泰克、英博超算、中科慧眼等合作伙伴,还有另外一家匿名的国际顶级Tier1厂商也加入进来,和地平线合作的产品已经在CES亮相。
3. 这里说的是2007年倒闭的那家巨型次贷公司吗?是2008年破产的雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)吗?
4.   "Well, what would you have me do?" said the major.
5. 我花很多时间跟同事聊天,正式的、非正式的,开会是最无效的一种,但没办法,有些形式还是要走。
6. 虽然同时做到这三点确实特别难,但这是决定整个产品的竞争力的关键。


1. 这个观念应当已经被抛弃,现代社会任何一个人都应该有尊严,人与人之间都应该相互尊重。
2. 寒来暑往,沈启华和每个受助孩子的信件往来都从未间断过。
3.   "Probably you have some correspondent in Greece?"
4. (三)若出现可疑症状(包括发热、咳嗽、咽痛、胸闷、呼吸困难、轻度纳差、乏力、精神稍差、恶心呕吐、腹泻、头痛、心慌、结膜炎、轻度四肢或腰背部肌肉酸痛等),应根据病情及时就诊。
5.   When Massetto had heard the words of Lurco, hee was so desirous todwell among the Nunnes, that nothing else now hammered in his head:for he meant more subtilly than poore Lurco did, and made no doubtto please them sufficiently. Then considering with himselfe, howbest he might bring his intent to effect; which appeared not easily tobee done. He could question no further therein with Lurco, but onelydemaunded other matter of him, saying: Introth thou didst wellLurco, to come away from so tedious a dwelling, had he need to be morethen a man that is to live with such women? It were better for himto dwell among so many divels, because they understand not the tenthpart that womens wily wits can dive into.
6. 而自建PaaS平台则需要大量研发投入,短期难见成效。


1. 虽说医疗健康领域的互联网创新还处在不断尝试之中,但未来这一领域必然也会出来相应的标杆企业。
2. 越在这种特殊时期,中层的力量就越容易显现,为此企业需要一些策略将中层力量最大化。
3.   `Why,' he began, in the broad slow dialect. `Your Ladyship's as welcome as Christmas ter th' hut an' th' key an' iverythink as is. On'y this time O' th' year ther's bods ter set, an' Ah've got ter be potterin' abaht a good bit, seein' after 'em, an' a'. Winter time Ah ned 'ardly come nigh th' pleece. But what wi' spring, an' Sir Clifford wantin' ter start th' pheasants...An' your Ladyship'd non want me tinkerin' around an' about when she was 'ere, all the time.'
4.   No one responded. He walked to and fro, looking down for severalminutes, occasionally saying softly: "Eighteen cents." It seemedas if this paltry sum would delay the desired culmination longerthan all the rest had. Hurstwood, buoyed up slightly by the longline of which he was a part, refrained with an effort fromgroaning, he was so weak.
5.   This Troilus, with heart and ears y-sprad,* *all open Heard all this thing devised to and fro, And verily it seemed that he had *The selfe wit;* but yet to let her go *the same opinion* His hearte misforgave* him evermo'; *misgave But, finally, he gan his hearte wrest* *compel To truste her, and took it for the best.
6. 哈尔滨市第六医院副院长那辉3日在记者会上说,这名准妈妈怀孕38周,体温37.3摄氏度。


1. 原标题:徐雷:未来三年,在下沉市场再造一个京东零售PingWest品玩1月12日讯,今日,在2019年度京东零售表彰大会上,京东零售集团CEO徐雷公布了京东零售2020年的目标,并详细阐释了2020年京东零售实现有质量加速增长的发展路径。
2. 我算发现得早,开了奥司他韦、头孢克肟等药,回家吃药观察,保证充足休息多喝水。
3.   On the view here given of the all-important part which selection by man has played, it becomes at once obvious, how it is that our domestic races show adaptation in their structure or in their habits to man's wants or fancies. We can, I think, further understand the frequently abnormal character of our domestic races, and likewise their differences being so great in external characters and relatively so slight in internal parts or organs. Man can hardly select, or only with much difficulty, any deviation of structure excepting such as is externally visible; and indeed he rarely cares for what is internal. He can never act by selection, excepting on variations which are first given to him in some slight degree by nature. No man would ever try to make a fantail, till he saw a pigeon with a tail developed in some slight degree in an unusual manner, or a pouter till he saw a pigeon with a crop of somewhat unusual size; and the more abnormal or unusual any character was when it first appeared, the more likely it would be to catch his attention. But to use such an expression as trying to make a fantail, is, I have no doubt, in most cases, utterly incorrect. The man who first selected a pigeon with a slightly larger tail, never dreamed what the descendants of that pigeon would become through long-continued, partly unconscious and partly methodical selection. Perhaps the parent bird of all fantails had only fourteen tail-feathers somewhat expanded, like the present Java fantail, or like individuals of other and distinct breeds, in which as many as seventeen tail-feathers have been counted. Perhaps the first pouter-pigeon did not inflate its crop much more than the turbit now does the upper part of its oesophagus, a habit which is disregarded by all fanciers, as it is not one of the points of the breed.Nor let it be thought that some great deviation of structure would be necessary to catch the fancier's eye: he perceives extremely small differences, and it is in human nature to value any novelty, however slight, in one's own possession. Nor must the value which would formerly be set on any slight differences in the individuals of the same species, be judged of by the value which would now be set on them, after several breeds have once fairly been established. Many slight differences might, and indeed do now, arise amongst pigeons, which are rejected as faults or deviations from the standard of perfection of each breed. The common goose has not given rise to any marked varieties; hence the Thoulouse and the common breed, which differ only in colour, that most fleeting of characters, have lately been exhibited as distinct at our poultry-shows.

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