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1. 人类作为一个物种,在过去的几百年里,也就是大约十几代人的时间,对诸如天花和结核之类的传染病产生了更高的抵抗力。
2.   As soon as they had filled in the grave the two flew off, and ere long returned, bringing with them the murderer, whom they held, one by a wing and the other by a leg, with their beaks, screaming and struggling with rage and terror. But they held tight, and having brought him to his victim's grave, they proceeded to kill him, after which they tore open his body, scattered the inside and once more flew away.
3.   The Sultan was so enchanted with all the talents of which I had given proof that he wished me to exhibit some of them to other people. So turning to the chief of the eunuchs he said, "Go and beg my daughter, Queen of Beauty, to come here. I will show her something she has never seen before."
4. 这个水平如何呢?不妨和越南、中国、美国对比下。
5. 不花钱看病的人身体健康吗?未必。很多穷乡僻壤,几乎没有医生和药物,即使眼睛瞎了,牙齿蛀了,骨头折了,也得不到医治。花钱看病的人就体质孱弱吗?未必,发达国家的医疗费用占国民收入的比重越来越大,那里的人活得越来越健康,越来越长寿。
6. 康熙帝对太子胤礽,两立两废。废后又希冀再立。一七一三年,户部尚书赵申乔疏请再立太子,康熙帝不准。一七一五年,拘禁中的胤礽借治病的机会,以矾水写密信给宗室普奇,要普奇保举他为大将军,亲信数人为将军,托太医传递。事被揭发,康熙帝将普奇治罪。一七一七年,汉人大学士王淡、御史陈嘉猷等相继上疏,请复立胤礽。康熙帝怒加申斥,指为“植党希荣”,充军西北(王掞以子奕清代戍)。一七一八年翰林院检讨朱天保(满人)奏称“储位重大,未可移置如棋”,力言胤礽仁孝,请复立为太子。床熙帝斥责说:“尔云二阿哥仁孝,尔何由知之?”竟将朱天保处斩。朱天保父朱都纳,曾任兵部尚书,年老致仕,因助天保上奏,也被枷示幽禁。朱都纳婿戴保也因参预此事,被处死。


1. 在这样的情况下,一旦行业发展放缓,红利期已过,行业进入者增多,依然停留在使用价值的产品,面对同质化、竞争白热化的市场,不是被替代,就是陷入价格战。
2.   'Then I will drink,' said Mr. Micawber, 'if my friend Copperfield will permit me to take that social liberty, to the days when my friend Copperfield and myself were younger, and fought our way in the world side by side. I may say, of myself and Copperfield, in words we have sung together before now, that
3. 而在赛事方面,Q3期间《梦幻西游》手游相继推出了第十一届X9联赛,第六届情侣PK大赛,以及城市英雄争霸赛等赛事。
4. 对于我们而言,不妨稍安勿躁,等到一切水落石出。
5. Into this quiet lovely land, among these wise, sweet, strong women, we, in our easy assumption of superiority, had suddenly arrived; and now, tamed and trained to a degree they considered safe, we were at last brought out to see the country, to know the people.
6. 到2016年12月,张勇再次变阵。


1. 那么,付费自习室有望成为共享经济的下一个风口吗?张新红分析称,当下的付费自习室还不能完全纳入共享经济的范畴,但其本身具有共享经济的思维和基因。
2.   By judgment of all the honorable assembly, it was reputedwonderfull, that a man should be so bountifull, as to give away hisowne life, and to his hatefull enemy. In which respect, it passed withgenerall affirmation, that Nathan (in the vertue of liberallity) hadexceeded Alphonso, King of Spain, but (especially) the Abbot ofClugny. So, after every one had delivered their opinion, the King,turning himselfe to Madame Lauretta, gave her such a signe, as wellinstructed her understanding, that she should be the next in order,whereto she gladly yeelding, began in this manner.
3. 她一生气就会说,不要爸爸了只要妈妈,哄好了又说,爸爸是世界上最好的爸爸了。
4. 甚至证书都不是小儿推拿机构选择应聘者的硬性条件,在没有证书的情况下,部分小儿推拿机构也能让不具备医学背景的应聘者一边学习一边工作,因为所谓的小儿推拿证书不过是应付工商局检查。
5. 某答题神器APP下载量趋势图。
6.   `My God! "If they be not nice to me What care I how nice they be?"


1.   Margaret
2.   On the road I caused my beard and eyebrows to be shaved, and put on a Calender's habit. I have had a long journey, but arrived this evening in the city, where I met my brother Calenders at the gate, being strangers like myself. We wondered much at one another, to see we were all blind of the same eye, but we had no leisure to discourse at length of our common calamities. We had only so much time as to come hither to implore those favours which you have been generously pleased to grant us.
3.   From these remarks it will be seen that I look at the term species, as one arbitrarily given for the sake of convenience to a set of individuals closely resembling each other, and that it does not essentially differ from the term variety, which is given to less distinct and more fluctuating forms. The term variety, again, in comparison with mere individual differences, is also applied arbitrarily, and for mere convenience sake.
4. 1月23日上午,孙某某病情恶化,其子开车将其送至南充市中心医院嘉陵院区就诊,医生怀疑其疑似新型冠状病毒感染者,让其隔离治疗,孙某某不听劝阻悄悄逃离医院,并乘坐客车返回吉安镇,车上接触多人。
5. 点击进入专题:武汉发生新型冠状病毒肺炎。
6.   "On this Hercules went down again into the house of Hades, but Istayed where I was in case some other of the mighty dead should cometo me. And I should have seen still other of them that are gonebefore, whom I would fain have seen- Theseus and Pirithous gloriouschildren of the gods, but so many thousands of ghosts came round meand uttered such appalling cries, that I was panic stricken lestProserpine should send up from the house of Hades the head of thatawful monster Gorgon. On this I hastened back to my ship and orderedmy men to go on board at once and loose the hawsers; so theyembarked and took their places, whereon the ship went down thestream of the river Oceanus. We had to row at first, but presently afair wind sprang up.


1. 我们综合起来再看很多其他的领域的时候,其实也会按照这个逻辑去看的。
2. (三)有不违反公序良俗的其他正当理由。
3.   'It was Walker, my sweet pet,' replied Miss Mowcher, 'and he came of a long line of Walkers, that I inherit all the Hookey estates from.'

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    The research also suggests there maybe a value in finding a job through an internship. Interns who accepted a job offer had higher salaries than those who had received an offer but refused it. Those interns who did not receive an offer had lower salaries still. The gap between these groups had increased three years after graduation.

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