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1. 安倍这一招学自他的外祖父、曾为战犯的日本前首相岸信介。
2. 他们两个都是佛教徒,认为佛经能让自己的内心获得平静。
3. 2019年11月24日,此案在新疆生产建设兵团第二师中院再审开庭。
4. But a few weeks later, on another foggy afternoon, when she entered her sitting room she found herself confronting a rather pathetic picture. In her own special and pet easy-chair before the bright fire, Becky--with a coal smudge on her nose and several on her apron, with her poor little cap hanging half off her head, and an empty coal box on the floor near her--sat fast asleep, tired out beyond even the endurance of her hard-working young body. She had been sent up to put the bedrooms in order for the evening. There were a great many of them, and she had been running about all day. Sara's rooms she had saved until the last. They were not like the other rooms, which were plain and bare. Ordinary pupils were expected to be satisfied with mere necessaries. Sara's comfortable sitting room seemed a bower of luxury to the scullery maid, though it was, in fact, merely a nice, bright little room. But there were pictures and books in it, and curious things from India; there was a sofa and the low, soft chair; Emily sat in a chair of her own, with the air of a presiding goddess, and there was always a glowing fire and a polished grate. Becky saved it until the end of her afternoon's work, because it rested her to go into it, and she always hoped to snatch a few minutes to sit down in the soft chair and look about her, and think about the wonderful good fortune of the child who owned such surroundings and who went out on the cold days in beautiful hats and coats one tried to catch a glimpse of through the area railing.
5.   Titus, if thou hadst not neede of comfort, as plainly I see thouhast, I would justly complaine of thee to my selfe, as of the manwho hath violated our friendship, in keeping thine extreamitie so longtime concealed from mee, which hath beene overtedious for thee toendure. And although it might seeme to thee a dishonest case, andtherefore kept from the knowledge of thy friend, yet I plainly tellthee, that dishonest courses (in the league of amitie) deserve no moreconcealment, then those of the honestest nature. But leaving theseimpertinent wandrings, let us come to them of much greater necessitie.
6. 但是,工人不能用他的劳动的“价格”,即作为他的工资支付给他的货币来过活;他要使这个货币得到实现,即用这个货币来购买消费资料。这种消费资料,有一部分可能是由他自己生产的商品构成。另一方面,他自己的产品,也可能是只供剥削劳动的人消费的产品。


1. 边界保障教师的专业自主性,让专业的人去做专业的事。
2. 随着日本的投降,美国和苏联军队源源不断地开入朝鲜。为了军事上的方便起见,他们将北纬38度线定为其军事行动的分界线。同在德国一样,冷战的到来使分割朝鲜的这一临时分界线牢牢地固定下来。苏联人在他们的占领区建立了一个由共产主义新人民党控制的政权,美国人则在南方依赖说英语的朝鲜人,这些人通常都是保守的上层阶级的成员。1948年8月,“大韩民国”在南方宣告成立,由李承晚博士任总统。一个月后,北朝鲜人也成立了“朝鲜民主主义人民共和国”,金日成任首相。
3.   Mr. Brocklehurst resumed.
4. 目前,犯罪嫌疑人李某、万某已被依法逮捕。
5.   A figure appeared in the distance before long, and I soon knew it to be Em'ly, who was a little creature still in stature, though she was grown. But when she drew nearer, and I saw her blue eyes looking bluer, and her dimpled face looking brighter, and her whole self prettier and gayer, a curious feeling came over me that made me pretend not to know her, and pass by as if I were looking at something a long way off. I have done such a thing since in later life, or I am mistaken.
6. 当用户预约了一个稍后的充电时间时,蓝绿色光束会以节拍器式的效果在整个阵列上摆动。


1. "We'd better import some of these ladies and set 'em to parking the United States," I suggested. "Mighty nice place they've got here." We rested a few moments by one of the fountains, tested the fruit that looked ripe, and went on, impressed, for all our gay bravado by the sense of quiet potency which lay about us.
2.   Chapter 3 - Struggle for Existence
3. 公司的PHA产品已经能够实现小规模量产,并且成本比国外量产的PHA材料低30%。
4. 不同于基金投顾的收费模式,基金代销机构卖基金赚的是申赎费,非常依赖销售规模。
5. 找钱的方式很多,我多次脱离险境后,发现了一个找钱的基本原则:不是越多越好,适合的才是最好的。
6. 5Japan


1.   Nevertheless, Connie had the child at the back of her mind. Wait! wait! She would sift the generations of men through her sieve, and see if she couldn't find one who would do.---`Go ye into the streets and by ways of Jerusalem, and see if you can find a man.' It had been impossible to find a man in the Jerusalem of the prophet, though there were thousands of male humans. But a man! C'est une autre chose!
2.   Brander (to Siebel)
3. 截至2月6日24时,青岛市累计确诊43例新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎病例,其中重症4例,危重症1例,治愈出院4例,患者均在定点医院接受隔离治疗。
4. ['s?:kjuleit]
5.   "And has he conformed to all that the letter specified?"
6. (上海证券报)欧洲目前超过20个国家或地区选择华为的5G设备近日Michael统计了选择华为5G设备的欧洲国家,信息显示目前数量已经达到21个国家或地区,该信息也得到了华为欧洲的确认。


1. 群众举报反映后,当地政府部门和环保执法人员沿河排查,在秦安县上游的张家川县龙山镇发现排污口。
2. 同时,还要建立健全公众参与制度,营造有利于依法依规开发利用国土空间的良好氛围。
3. 对于服务商来说,一次批量拿货1000台,成本还能直接便宜2、3百元。

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      Already, by the generall rumour dispersed abroad, Phineo hadunderstood the occasion, why Pedro was thus punished, and sentenced tobee hanged: wherefore, accompanied with his fellow Ambassadors, andall their attending traine, he went to Signior Conrado, and spake thusto him. My Lord, he whom you have sent to death as a slave, is afree Gentleman borne, and my Sonne, able to make her amends whom hehath dishonoured, by taking her in marriage as his lawfull Wife. Letme therefore entreat you, to make stay of the execution, ill it may beknowne, whether she will accept him as her Husband, or no; least (ifshe be so pleased) you offend directly against your owne Law. WhenSignior Conrado heard, that Pedro was Sonne to the Lord Ambassador, hewondred thereat not a little, and being somewhat ashamed of hisfortunes errour, confessed, that the claime of Phineo wascomformable to Law, and ought not to be denied him; going presently tothe Counsell Chamber, sending for Signior Amarigo immediately thither,and acquainting him fully with the case.

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