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1. 10多分钟后,医生赶到现场,发现电梯关停,于是从1楼爬楼梯到9楼。
2. 居民每次正确投放垃圾可以积分,用于兑换生活用品。
3. 查看全部解释
4.   'I am not deceitful: if I were, I should say I loved you; but Ideclare I do not love you: I dislike you the worst of anybody in theworld except John Reed; and this book about the liar, you may giveto your girl, Georgiana, for it is she who tells lies, and not I.'
5. 其中,由于IT/互联网/通讯/电子行业迅猛发展,吸纳了近三成的2016年应届毕业生。
6. 据了解,双流区彭镇政府工作人员目前正通过村(社区)寻找捐款老人。


1. 左侧增加装饰纹样,调整横号码、胶印对印图案的样式。
2.   "About the same as usual," said Hurstwood, smiling genially.
3. 大女儿今年13岁,刚上初一,电视上疫情扩散的新闻让她很担心。
4. 地铁扫码是一种线下获取用户的低成本方式,这两年来,地铁扫码也不算一种新鲜事了。
5. 一套流程下来,足足花了半小时。
6.   little lesse then an Ideot; Hee was many times made Captain of theWoollen Weavers, in the quarters belonging to Santa Maria Novella, andhis house was the Schoole or receptacle, for all their meetings andassemblies. He had divers other petty Offices beside, by the gnity andauthority whereof, hee supposed himselfe much exalted or elevated,above the common pitch of other men. And this humour became the moretractable to him, because he addicted himselfe oftentimes (as beinga man of an easie inclination) to be a benefactor to the holyFathers of Santa Maria Novella, giving (beside his other charitableAlmes) to some one a paire of Breeches, to another a Hood, and toanother a whole habit. In reward whereof, they taught him (by heart)many wholsome prayers, as the Pater noster in the vulgar tongue; theSong of Saint Alexis; the Lamentations of Saint Bernard, the Hymneof Madame Matilda, and many other such like matters, which he keptcharily, and repeated usually, as tending to the salvation of hissoule.


1.   'Oh, but do tell me, though, somebody, because I have been thinking about it all day, and I want to know.'
2. 这幅肖像画长和宽均为3米,是这家名为芝士派先生的餐馆委托这名匿名艺术家创作的
3. "My dear fellow," broke forth Carrisford, with restless bitterness, "I am SURE of nothing. I never saw either the child or her mother. Ralph Crewe and I loved each other as boys, but we had not met since our school days, until we met in India. I was absorbed in the magnificent promise of the mines. He became absorbed, too. The whole thing was so huge and glittering that we half lost our heads. When we met we scarcely spoke of anything else. I only knew that the child had been sent to school somewhere. I do not even remember, now, HOW I knew it."
4. 在我们讨论其中部分问题时,参考了美林公司研究部门的工作。他们在弗兰克‘霍克海默领导下,从1978年到1982年,发表了一系列有关计算机交易系统的研究报告。这些成果引人注目,是期货行业中迄今对移动平均线应用最深入的研究。为了发现表现最佳的移动平均线组合,他们进行了大量的移动平均线技术的试验。他们还把这些移动平均线的组合,同其它各种技巧,诸如周价格管道(即周规则)、日内和日间价格管道、线性回归、以及韦尔斯·王尔德的方向性运动系统等作了比较。
5.   'In what way is he peculiar?'
6. 问题恰恰在于,要有效规制这些小事,还非得耗费极多的治理资源。


1.   "That tall, harsh-looking man is very learned, hediscovered, in the neighborhood of Rome, a kind of lizardwith a vertebra more than lizards usually have, and heimmediately laid his discovery before the Institute. Thething was discussed for a long time, but finally decided inhis favor. I can assure you the vertebra made a great noisein the learned world, and the gentleman, who was only aknight of the Legion of Honor, was made an officer."
2. For five or ten years they worked together, growing stronger and wiser and more and more mutually attached, and then the miracle happened--one of these young women bore a child. Of course they all thought there must be a man somewhere, but none was found. Then they decided it must be a direct gift from the gods, and placed the proud mother in the Temple of Maaia --their Goddess of Motherhood--under strict watch. And there, as years passed, this wonder-woman bore child after child, five of them--all girls.
3.   Ere long to meet again! (Exeunt Faust and Mephistopheles.)Margaret
4. 此项目是根据有关文件,其以长发改审批字[2016]289号文对项目建设内容进行了核准批复。
5. 这样一整个连环套下来,客人少则消费几百,多则上千。
6. 相关法律链接对妨害新型冠状病毒感染肺炎防控,不服从、不配合或者拒绝执行有关政府决定、命令或者措施等行为,有哪些法律责任?《突发事件应对法》第六十六条规定:单位或者个人违反本法规定,不服从所在地人民政府及其有关部门发布的决定、命令或者不配合其依法采取的措施,构成违反治安管理行为的,由公安机关依法给予处罚。


1.   "Master, I obey," said the genie.
2. 学霸们坦言,一是因为觉得教师是个有意思也有意义的职业,能改变许多人的人生甚至家族命运。
3. 我们投资看重企业家综合素质,我认为科大同学去企业工作做高管都行,但做企业家还有欠缺。

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      Certes, all the sorrow that a man might make from the beginning of the world, is but a little thing, at retard of [in comparison with] the sorrow of hell. The cause why that Job calleth hell the land of darkness; <4> understand, that he calleth it land or earth, for it is stable and never shall fail, and dark, for he that is in hell hath default [is devoid] of light natural; for certes the dark light, that shall come out of the fire that ever shall burn, shall turn them all to pain that be in hell, for it sheweth them the horrible devils that them torment. Covered with the darkness of death; that is to say, that he that is in hell shall have default of the sight of God; for certes the sight of God is the life perdurable [everlasting]. The darkness of death, be the sins that the wretched man hath done, which that disturb [prevent] him to see the face of God, right as a dark cloud doth between us and the sun. Land of misease, because there be three manner of defaults against three things that folk of this world have in this present life; that is to say, honours, delights, and riches. Against honour have they in hell shame and confusion: for well ye wot, that men call honour the reverence that man doth to man; but in hell is no honour nor reverence; for certes no more reverence shall be done there to a king than to a knave [servant]. For which God saith by the prophet Jeremiah; "The folk that me despise shall be in despite." Honour is also called great lordship. There shall no wight serve other, but of harm and torment. Honour is also called great dignity and highness; but in hell shall they be all fortrodden [trampled under foot] of devils. As God saith, "The horrible devils shall go and come upon the heads of damned folk;" and this is, forasmuch as the higher that they were in this present life, the more shall they be abated [abased] and defouled in hell. Against the riches of this world shall they have misease [trouble, torment] of poverty, and this poverty shall be in four things: in default [want] of treasure; of which David saith, "The rich folk that embraced and oned [united] all their heart to treasure of this world, shall sleep in the sleeping of death, and nothing shall they find in their hands of all their treasure." And moreover, the misease of hell shall be in default of meat and drink. For God saith thus by Moses, "They shall be wasted with hunger, and the birds of hell shall devour them with bitter death, and the gall of the dragon shall be their drink, and the venom of the dragon their morsels." And furthermore, their misease shall be in default of clothing, for they shall be naked in body, as of clothing, save the fire in which they burn, and other filths; and naked shall they be in soul, of all manner virtues, which that is the clothing of the soul. Where be then the gay robes, and the soft sheets, and the fine shirts? Lo, what saith of them the prophet Isaiah, that under them shall be strewed moths, and their covertures shall be of worms of hell. And furthermore, their misease shall be in default of friends, for he is not poor that hath good friends: but there is no friend; for neither God nor any good creature shall be friend to them, and evereach of them shall hate other with deadly hate. The Sons and the daughters shall rebel against father and mother, and kindred against kindred, and chide and despise each other, both day and night, as God saith by the prophet Micah. And the loving children, that whom loved so fleshly each other, would each of them eat the other if they might. For how should they love together in the pains of hell, when they hated each other in the prosperity of this life? For trust well, their fleshly love was deadly hate; as saith the prophet David; "Whoso loveth wickedness, he hateth his own soul:" and whoso hateth his own soul, certes he may love none other wight in no manner: and therefore in hell is no solace nor no friendship, but ever the more kindreds that be in hell, the more cursing, the more chiding, and the more deadly hate there is among them. And furtherover, they shall have default of all manner delights; for certes delights be after the appetites of the five wits [senses]; as sight, hearing, smelling, savouring [tasting], and touching. But in hell their sight shall be full of darkness and of smoke, and their eyes full of tears; and their hearing full of waimenting [lamenting] and grinting [gnashing] of teeth, as saith Jesus Christ; their nostrils shall be full of stinking; and, as saith Isaiah the prophet, their savouring [tasting] shall be full of bitter gall; and touching of all their body shall be covered with fire that never shall quench, and with worms that never shall die, as God saith by the mouth of Isaiah. And forasmuch as they shall not ween that they may die for pain, and by death flee from pain, that may they understand in the word of Job, that saith, "There is the shadow of death." Certes a shadow hath the likeness of the thing of which it is shadowed, but the shadow is not the same thing of which it is shadowed: right so fareth the pain of hell; it is like death, for the horrible anguish; and why? for it paineth them ever as though they should die anon; but certes they shall not die. For, as saith Saint Gregory, "To wretched caitiffs shall be given death without death, and end without end, and default without failing; for their death shall always live, and their end shall evermore begin, and their default shall never fail." And therefore saith Saint John the Evangelist, "They shall follow death, and they shall not find him, and they shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them." And eke Job saith, that in hell is no order of rule. And albeit that God hath created all things in right order, and nothing without order, but all things be ordered and numbered, yet nevertheless they that be damned be not in order, nor hold no order. For the earth shall bear them no fruit (for, as the prophet David saith, "God shall destroy the fruit of the earth, as for them"); nor water shall give them no moisture, nor the air no refreshing, nor the fire no light. For as saith Saint Basil, "The burning of the fire of this world shall God give in hell to them that be damned, but the light and the clearness shall be given in heaven to his children; right as the good man giveth flesh to his children, and bones to his hounds." And for they shall have no hope to escape, saith Job at last, that there shall horror and grisly dread dwell without end. Horror is always dread of harm that is to come, and this dread shall ever dwell in the hearts of them that be damned. And therefore have they lost all their hope for seven causes. First, for God that is their judge shall be without mercy to them; nor they may not please him; nor none of his hallows [saints]; nor they may give nothing for their ransom; nor they have no voice to speak to him; nor they may not flee from pain; nor they have no goodness in them that they may shew to deliver them from pain.

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      The baron drew out his watch. "It wants ten minutes to nine," said he.Milady had hastened her departure by an hour and a half. As soon as sheheard the cannon which announced the fatal event, she had ordered theanchor to be weighed. The vessel was making way under a blue sky, atgreat distance from the coast.

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